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Ken Berwitz

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a strong supporter of same sex unions with exactly the same rights as heterosexual unions.

They know that I have no problem calling them "marriages", because that is what they are.

They also know that I believe a lot of the opposition to this concept is semantics-driven (i.e. many people who are against, even repulsed by, homosexuality would grudgingly agree to equal rights as long as the term "civil union" was used instead of "marriage").

Ok, that's me, Ken Berwitz, private citizen.  But what about when a public utility sticks its nose into the issue?

If PG&E were strictly a public utlity this would be a no-brainer.  Stay out of it, the money is not yours to spend on social causes.

But PG&E is an "investor-owned utility".  And that status muddies the waters, to say the least.

Here are the specifics, from Aurelio Rojas, writing for the Sacramento Bee:

PG&E backs gay marriage rights

By Aurelio Rojas -

Published 12:00 am PDT Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., California's largest investor-owned utility, has contributed $250,000 to defeat a ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage in the state, it was announced Tuesday.

Businesses often steer clear of ballot measures that deal with social issues for fear of alienating customers.

But PG&E officials said the San Francisco-based company's effort to defeat Proposition 8 on the Nov. 4 ballot is consistent with its long-time advocacy of equality for all.

Darlene Chiu, a PG&E spokeswoman, said in the 1990s the company contributed to efforts to defeat initiatives that curtailed affirmative action and attempted to crack down on illegal immigration.

"PG&E was also the first utility in the nation that sponsored a (lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender) association in the '80s," Chiu said.

PG&E serves more than 15 million Californians in Northern and Central California.

Chiu said the money for the campaign will come not from ratepayers, but from shareholder-funded political contribution accounts.

PG&E's contribution is the largest corporate and only utility donation received by the No on 8 campaign.

Geoff Kors, a member of the No on 8 campaign committee, said the campaign is "thrilled to partner with PG&E to ensure that the laws of our state are not used to treat people unfairly."

Jennifer Kerns, a spokeswoman for the Yes on 8 campaign, said campaign officials were not surprised by PG&E's announcement.

"As a heavily regulated monopoly in California, PG&E can make decisions such as this without regard to their customers or fear of boycott," Kerns said.

Kerns said "this is in sharp contrast" to businesses that have "bravely" contributed to Proposition 8 "even in light of recent threats of protests and boycotts."

An anti-Proposition 8 group, called Californians Against Hate, has launched an effort to boycott businesses that contribute to passage of the measure, including Terry Caster, owner of A-1 Self Storage Company of San Diego, and Doug Manchester, owner of two San Diego hotels.

This investor-owned element greatly confuses things, doesn't it?  If PG&E were entirely a private business then, sure, go right ahead and spend the money on any cause you care to.  If it were entirely a public utility, stay out of it; you have no right to contribute your customers' money this way.

What we have here is a hybrid.  Like the Toyota Prius.  Call it a PG&Eus.

Personally, though it pains me to say so given my attitude about same sex marriages, I think PG&E is acting improperly to funnel money to this or any other social cause.  Even if there are private investors, the revenues come from utility customers.  Has the company ever asked them whether they are ok with said revenues being spent on social advocacy? 

What do you think?


Ken Berwitz

It's a new day.  The sun rises in the east, there is dew on the grass, the coffee is brewing.....and Barack Obama is flip-flopping on a position he previously took

Today the flip-flop is on using our strategic oil reserves.  Here are the particulars, courtesy of John Hinderaker at

The Dishonesty of Barack Obama

Barack Obama gave a major speech on energy in Michigan today, in which he offered a number of new proposals to try to bring down the cost of gasoline. Over the next day or so, I intend to take a careful look at Obama's new energy strategy. For now, though, a quick comment about Obama's proposal to sell a portion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Obama said:

We should sell 70 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve for less expensive crude, which in the past has lowered gas prices within two weeks.

This is, of course, another policy reversal on Obama's part. Until now, he has opposed selling gasoline from the Reserve. His spokeswoman acknowledged as much:

Previously, Obama opposed tapping into the reserve, but campaign spokeswoman Heather Zichal said he reconsidered because "Americans are suffering."

Now, I have no problem with a politician changing his mind when conditions change. Thus, I'd be delighted to see John McCain reverse himself on ANWR, on the ground that $4 gasoline demands measures that $2 gasoline doesn't. This is the sort of rationale implied by Ms. Zichal.

But Obama's opposition to selling petroleum from the Reserve is not some relic of the days of cheap oil. It was reiterated on July 7, in St. Louis:

I do not believe that we should use the strategic oil reserves at this point. I have said and, in fact, supported a congressional resolution that said that we should suspend putting more oil into the strategic oil reserve, but the strategic oil reserve, I think, has to be reserved for a genuine emergency. You have a situation, let's say, where there was a major oil facility in Saudi Arabia that was destroyed as a consequence of terrorist acts, and you suddenly had huge amounts of oil taken out of the world market, we wouldn't just be seeing $4-a-gallon oil. We could see a situation where entire sectors of the country had no oil to function at all. And that's what the strategic oil reserve has to be for.

On July 7, oil and gas prices were higher than they are today, not lower. So Obama's explanation that he changed his mind because "Americans are suffering" is transparently false. What has really happened is that Obama has been reading the polls, as always: John McCain has caught up with him, and poll respondents now say that they trust McCain more on energy. Hence the new policies that Obama unveiled today.

More to come.

I think that, in the next day or two, I will post a blog which does nothing but detail the positions Barack Obama has flip-flopped on -- the positions he reversed since winning the  Democratic nomination and deciding he needed to tack back to the center.

The political calculation is obvious.  Obama and his people theorize that the far left - the crowd and their bosom buddies - have nowhere to go but Obama.  So they can be crapped on at will, and they'll still vote Democratic anyway.

The truth is that, strictly from a political viewpoint, this is probably a valid point. 

Unfortunately, however, it also exposes Barack Obama, the man who is selling "change we can believe in" as a cynical fraud who is no different than any other hack pol and will say whatever he has to if it gets him a vote.

Just like a Chicago Democratic machine politician.

Imagine that........


Ken Berwitz

This is from Michelle Malkin.  It is about the disconnect between what Nancy Pelosi preaches about the environment and what she practices.

Simply stated, Malkin busts Pelosi like a watermelon at the end of a Gallagher routine.

Here it is:

Calculate Nancy Pelosis carbon footprint

By Michelle Malkin    August 4, 2008 09:21 AM

I published Nancy Pelosis Know Your Power book tour schedule over the weekend (see here). Today, shell be in Boston MA. Tomorrow, she travels to Philadelphia. On Wednesday, shell be in Miami and the next day shell be in Michigan.

How will Madame Speaker be transported to these energy-expending events in which shell be preaching about saving the planetthrough energy vote-avoidance?

Reader Raymond wants to know:

Dear Michelle,

I would love to know what kind of aircraft and how much fuel Ms. Pelosi is going to use on her book tour. I guess the rest of us should conserve so she can uses as much as she wants.

Raymond Dougher
Collierville, TN

Good question.

Calculate Nancys carbon footprint!

I estimate shes at 105 metric tons of CO2, with a likely 10 percent increase this month over the course of the book tour25 percent if she hitches a ride on some Hollywood liberals Gulfstream.

Better stock up on those bogus carbon offsets, sweetie. Americas daughters are watching, you know.

So what we have here is an incompetent Speaker of the House ----- and a fraudulent environmentalist.

That's some daily double.

Now grow old waiting for mainstream media to say a word about it.


Ken Berwitz

Sad news from his native Mississippi. 

Morgan Freeman, one of the great actors of this generation, was in a car crash last night and is hospitalized in serious condition.

Here are the specifics, from CBS News:

Morgan Freeman Seriously Injured In Crash

Air-Lifted To Memphis, Tenn., Hospital After Car Flips Several Times

Morgan Freeman (CBS/EARLY SHOW)


 Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman was injured in a car accident late Sunday night and is in a hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Kathy Stringer said Freeman, 71, is in serious condition. The hospital is about 90 miles north of the accident scene in rural Tallahatchie County in the Mississippi Delta.

Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Ben Williams confirmed Freeman was in a wreck shortly before midnight Sunday, but said he was still gathering information and had few details Monday.

Clay McFerrin, editor of Sun Sentinel in Charleston, said he arrived at the accident scene on Mississippi Highway 32 soon after it happened about 4 miles west of Charleston, not far from where Freeman owns a home with his wife.

McFerrin said it appeared that Freeman's car was airborne went it left the highway and landed in a ditch.

"They had to use the jaws of life to extract him from the vehicle," McFerrin said. "He was lucid, conscious. He was talking, joking with some of the rescue workers at one point."

WREG-TV Web site reports Freeman may have fallen asleep at the wheel.

McFerrin said bystanders converged on the scene trying to get a glimpse of the actor.

When one person tried to snap a photo with a cell phone camera, Freeman joked, "no freebies, no freebies," McFerrin said.

The hospital where Freeman is being treated is commonly known as The Med, and is an acute-care teaching facility that serves patients within 150 miles of Memphis.

The popular actor, with an authoritative voice and calm demeanor, has grown into one of the most respected figures in modern cinema. He is currently appearing in the blockbuster film "The Dark Knight," the latest in the Batman series.

Freeman won his Oscar for his supporting role in 2005's "Million Dollar Baby." He was also nominated for his roles in "The Shawshank Redemption" (1994), "Driving Miss Daisy" (1989) and "Street Smart" (1987).

I'm sure you join me in wishing Mr. Freeman a speedy, complete recovery.


Ken Berwitz

Let me start by saying I do not know the answer to this question.

What I do know is that it is at least somewhat in doubt.

The facts are that Barack Hussein Obama claims to have been born in Honolulu Hawaii on August 4, 1961. 

Obama's father was a Kenyan national and not a citizen of the United States.  His mother was a naturalized citizen. 

If Mr. Obama were born in the USA, that by itself would end the issue because only one parent would have to be naturalized. 

But if Mr. Obama were born outside the USA he would not be a citizen since his mother, who gave birth to him at the age of 18, did not meet the legal requirement (i.e. she had to have lived in the USA at least 5 years after the age of 16.  Since she was 18 when he was born, obviously that would not have been possible).

So what's the problem here?  He was born in Honolulu, wasn't he? 


It is a little known fact that Barack Obama has never produced a bona fide birth certificate to prove that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

He has produced a COLB (certificate of live birth), and it has been featured at KOS ( as proof.  But there apparently are good reasons to suspect that it is a fake:

The article I am posting below is appreciably longer than what I would usually put up here.  But it is important that you be able to read every word of it, and see the accompanying graphics. 

Then make up your own mind. 

*BREAKING* Techdude Finds Original Text on Alleged Obama Birth Certificate

The authors previous report and professional credentials are at the end. He is the REAL DEAL.

This follow up report, although it is more of an addendum, is about to reveal enough proof, beyond any doubt, that the KOS COLB is a digitally modified forgery and was based on another individuals post-2006 COLB.

Since there were so many questions raised with the remnants of the previous border located on the KOS images I decided to focus this particular follow up on that specific issue. While mapping out over 100 individual scattered digital remnants and artifacts of the previous underlying COLB I also uncovered and restored the remnants and artifacts of the original COLBs text.

For a quick preview the original COLB used to create the KOS COLB image belongs to a female and does not belong to Obama. Another follow up report will reveal exactly who the original underlying COLB did belong to. Trust me when I tell you it is going to be one hell of a major twist that no one would have seen coming. I had to quadruple check my results because I did not even believe it and I currently have a few other people double and triple checking my results as well just to be 100% sure.

That said, and in the interest of fairness, if the people responsible for forging the COLB come forward and admit their liability the name of the original COLB owner will not be released publicly. It is only fair to give the guilty parties a chance to take responsibility for their actions before it embarrasses a lot of people and ruins some peoples reputations.

As a heads up to the guilty parties the names and dates have already been restored as has the fact the owner is a female born in the 70s. That is all that will be revealed publicly for now. Besides if I turn up in a ditch someplace the information is already in a few 3rd party hands and they will just release it in my place.

If anyone still believes the KOS COLB is legitimate after reading this article they should seriously think about seeking professional help.

That being said, it never ceases to amaze me how some people will always just refuse to see the facts when they are placed in front of them. Perhaps they have just been blinded by their own creative interpretations of what they want to see but I will simply put my money on them just being really stupid.

Security Border Terminology

Now lets talk about that pesky security border shall we? A few people chose to just ignore the obvious differences that can be seen between the March 2007, KOS June 2007, and June 2008 patterns and instead want to complain that I kept calling it a security border (that is twice I have used it already since some are counting). Yes, I know it is not secure and yes I know it has nothing to do with real security it is just a pretty pattern. I guess I could have just called it a multi-sectional vector based axonometric diamond graphic but for the sake of consistency and not using any of those oh so hard to understand large words I decided to continue to call it a security border as others before me had already used that term. Just a warning I am going to keep calling it that just to annoy some people.

The Printer

Some have also tried to blur the issue by pulling facts out of their butts and claiming that all three documents must have been printed on different printers sorry, but all real certificates are printed and issued through the same office using the same printer. I could get all technical and confuse some people again and point out how to fingerprint a specific printer but as I said this is being written so that any 4th grade dropout can follow along so here is the simplest way I can write this explanation for them without using any words that they may not understand.

There is just one office that prints the COLB form for any birth that occurred in Hawaii. They have not changed their printer since the March 2007 COLB was printed and they only use one printer. For the really slow people that means they print one COLB at a time using the same computer and printer and unless Obama was NOT born in Hawaii the COLB form would have come from the same printer as the March 2007 and June 2008 COLBs. No need to take my word for any of this either as many people besides myself have already verified that this is indeed the case. Feel free to pick up a phone and call the good folks over at Vital Records yourself if your parents will give you permission to call long distance. So now unless the folks at Vital Records are lying to a whole bunch of people it is safe to say that all three documents should be identical and from the same printer.

Oh, and when I wrote standard laser printer in the previous report I should have guessed that there would be some wacky people who would be hoping up and down screaming What other kinds of printers are there?!?. Well, for one there are high security laser printers that use specially formulated MICR based toners and require log-in authentication and also custom built and programmed single purpose printers and the like those would be NON-standard printers. A standard one would be a run of the mill name brand just drive over to Office Depot for a replacement printer. (Was that easy enough to understand?)


The obvious visual differences in the patterns that even Mr. Magoo can clearly see in the multi-sectional vector based axonometric diamond graphic ooopssecurity border - were also not very impressively attempted to be explained away by some experts claiming they were also scanned on different scanners so THAT would explain the differences. Unless they are trying to make some point about moir patterns I have no idea what point they are trying to make. Besides being one of the stupidest of the counter arguments it is also the easiest one to explain so that a 4th grade drop out can see just how stupid that argument actually is.

The Erased Security Border: a How-To Explanation

Now lets get back to revealing that previously erased security border (oh dear, he said that phrase again). At various points on the full resolution (300ppi) uncropped KOS image there are over 100 individual flaws that can be seen with one of the greatest scientific instruments ever devised. The human eye. There is no need to use specialized forensic graphic reconstruction applications, no need for super expensive specialized PhotoShop filters, and no need for anything more than a basic graphic viewing application that can zoom in on parts of the image and change its hue values. Why do we need to change the hue (color)? Quite simply just to make certain items stand out from the surrounding similarly colored green, yellow, and white pixels. Changing the color of the overall image also helps to enhance the contrasts between those pixels and allows them to be mapped out easier.

To make this so easy that even a caveman can grasp it lets imagine you are at the library and want to scan a picture of an owl from a childrens book. They have 3 different scanners on 3 different computers and you scanned the picture using the exact same scan settings on all three computers. Would one of your scan images magically have the head Michael Dukakis appear on the owls body or would you have three of the exact same image? So lets again summarize for the slow people - since the COLBs are all printed on the same printers using the same software that sends the information to the printers and then they are all scanned using the same acquisition settings.

Even though the scanners may be using different software to acquire the images, the scanned images would all still look the same. Sure the document might not have been perfectly straight in one of the scans but that would not make any difference when you compare paper edge to paper edge. Scan with the top open and you might even introduce a bit of length variation to the image if the paper was not flat but multiple scanners will not randomly place graphics around the page nor will they modify the page layout of the documents you are scanning and they certainly will not make the border or text shift from left to right without human interference. And that silliness about some scanners picking up and translating black text as pure black but ignoring the black border is hysterical. But again it was a nice attempt to cloud the issue and to deflect from them having to actually form an actual rebuttal to the report which they still have refused to do.

Since a lot of people want to try some of these techniques at home all they would need is a copy of the full uncropped KOS image and a copy of Michelles 2008 COLB. Both of which are freely available on this site or on sites linked to from this site. If you have no interest in playing along simply skip down a few paragraphs to read the results.

First, change the overall hue value to red. Why red you may ask? Well I find red to supply the best contrast in colors between different colored pixels when working with a predominantly green image so it is really just a personal choice for me. Others may find blue to work better for them while some may just want to convert the image to a negative image.

Next, adjust the contrast a bit until you can see all of the light colored pixels appear from the majority of the white space. They should appear as slightly off white with a tinge of red or yellow.

Once that part is done simply zoom in to 400% magnification and simply start to look around the existing border pattern. Towards the top of the border on the left hand side you will see the remnants of a very small vertical line.

Circle it and keep looking for more. On the far right side towards the top of the border you will see a stray red pixel just outside of the border towards the edge of the paper. Circle that one too.

Of course this could go on for an hour circling and drawing boxes so I will skip to what you should see once you have gone through the entire image at least 100 mapped points consisting of various flaws such as remnants of previously deleted vertical and horizontal lines, stray pixels, and areas where the background hatch pattern has been smudged by a touch-up tool. I have enclosed a full sized map to 100 of those points in a ZIP file with this article. For the rest of this follow up we are only going to use those 100 points since it gets a bit ridiculous to keep looking for more once you hit 100.

Now save what you have found and open Michelles 2008 COLB so we can modify it to be used as an overlay. You may need to use an application such as GIMP for this part but if you have PhotoShop or even a graphic editing application like Macromedia Fireworks those can be used as well.

The easiest way to make the overlay is to simply adjust the brightness and contrast of Michelles COLB so that the black appears black but the background is over exposed and becomes as close to white as you can get it. You can also just use the magic wand tool and select all similar black pixels then use select inverse to grab everything else and delete it. You should have just the border and the text remaining. To get rid of the blue painters tape, just select those areas and delete them. Set the image properties of the image to have a transparent background, save the image, and you should be all ready to use that image as an overlay. I will also include the overlay created from Michelles COLB in the ZIP file for those who are having trouble creating their own.

Now go back to the KOS image with the flaws that have been highlighted. Create a layer and paste Michelles COLB overlay on to it. There should be no need to resize or scale the overlay as both the KOS image and Michelles COLB were scanned at the same size and resolution and should be exact size matches. One adjustment that does have to be made is to correct for the differences in the angles of the paper when they were scanned. Select the overlay and adjust it to -0.023 degrees. Now simply line up the overlay with the highlighted flaws. You will notice it is a 100% match to all 100 of the highlighted areas give or take a single pixel difference in location.

Why is this important? Well this not only continues to prove the KOS document is a horrible forgery but it also further proves that there is a perfect match to the border pattern seen in all post-2006 COLBs with the previously erased border.

Now also pay very close attention to the areas where the text is located on the overlay. Those previously highlighted areas where the background was touched up on the KOS image are an exact match to the placement of the text on Michelles certificate overlay further proving that the original COLB that was used to make the KOS image is a post-2006 COLB which also corresponds with the bleed through of the 2007 date stamp. The various stray pixels in the image also match to the exact points where the various bits of text were originally located before they were erased. The existing text location of the KOS COLB sits on top of the modified areas of the underlying COLB most likely to hide the data that was located underneath them just as the box covering the certificate number was used to obscure its original state.

We had already previously established that the location of the text on the 2007 KOS image is in the same locations as the 2001 Decosta image which leads to the conclusion that whom ever created the KOS image had knowledge of the previous pre-2006 layouts or perhaps it is just a very bizarre coincidence. What is not a coincidence is the statistical significance of all 100 points being an exact match to a post-2006 COLB.

I have sent a few dozen close up screen shots to show the perfect overlays so if TD decides to post them they should appear someplace around this part of the article. I will let her decide how many to post here but they will all be in the ZIP file available for download.

Artifacts of Previous Owner: Text Uncovered

It is also relevant to point out that the artifacts of the previous owner of the COLB used to create the KOS image, particularly many of the remnants of the letters that were deleted, are still visible and can be resurrected by simply matching new text like a jigsaw puzzle to fit into the artifacts left after they were previously erased. In the areas that have not been completely covered over by the new KOS text it takes only a few minutes to accurately reconstruct them.

As I mentioned earlier I will only be posting the section where the previous owner was a female to give the forgers some time to come clean on their own before I release the full original underlying information.

Using the known locations of the previous text we can now focus our search for even more visible artifacts a bit more precisely. Using the map provided in the ZIP file we see #32 and #33 are the previous locations of the sex field that were flagged earlier for containing smears and small color variations that did not match the background. By zooming in to 400 800% magnification we can see that box #33 contains several small areas where the tips and sides (for lack of a better non-techie description) of the letters were anti-aliased and blended into the background from the original scan.

While multiple resaves have created some additional JPEG artifacts they are still visible by simply further adjusting the contrast and brightness of the image although you might have to squint or even try additional color correction to see them clearly depending on the quality of your monitor. We are not going to see a full ghost of the letters just small portions but there is more than enough left to accurately place the proper text.

Using the visible artifacts and the expected locations of the text we can easily make out the first letter is an F and the second letter is an E. You should be able to clearly make out the slightly orange and gray pixels that are located around the horizontal lines that make up the top, side, and middle legs of the letter F and between the top, sides, and bottom of the center horizontal line that makes the middle leg of the letter E. Like I said it is a very large jigsaw puzzle. The same types of artifacts can also be seen where the location of the M, A, and last E are located. Before you ask I also tried to write MALE it did not match. Now just use the text tool and add in the word FEMALE. Just slide and nudge it into place within and over the visible artifacts.

This same technique was used to recover the remainder of the original underlying COLB text. With the exception of some areas that were completely overwritten or areas where the partial artifacts could have been the remnants of a similar numbers or letters (like 3 or 8 and U and V) there were enough artifacts left to reconstruct most of the underlying image.

Since there are only so many ways to arrange letters in the English language we can use a best guess to fill in the missing information. And just in case you wondered why the certificate number was covered over in the KOS image it was because the birth year would have had to match. Needless to say it does not.


So now does anyone STILL think the KOS image is legitimate or will people just complain I overused the word artifacts now?

Response to Critics

Some self anointed geniuses have even publicly complained that my previous report was full of technical jargon which must have obviously been used as propaganda and a way to confuse people. I find that statement to be rather disturbing since I wrote the previous report so that any public high school graduate would understand it and I even went so far as to leave out all of the mind numbing technical details just to make it readable for general audiences I suppose I will have to use real small words and type really slow for those experts to follow along with this one. Hopefully they will not think it is too technical for them to understand since everyone else was able to successfully follow along the last time.

Now before I get to the good stuff I think the ludicrous (sorry big wordI should just use ridiculously stupid and pathetic) straw man arguments people have created as distractions should really be addressed first as that is the best part of having morons try and refute the previously published findings.

Lets start with some of their funniest and lamest arguments.

Why would a digital forensic investigator use the on-line nickname techdude? Gee I do not know. Why would Deep Throat use a name from a porn movie? I suppose really silly nicknames are only allowed when you are investigating crooked Republicans.

Why wont techdude tell us his full name and the name of his company? Funny, but I already told everyone just my first name and portions of my background and we know what that got meshould I just draw a map to my house and provide all the information needed to track me down if I am not there? I guess they think that all folks would do if they had my full contact information was to send me flowers and cards, right? Besides my full name and contact information will be released shortly once the entire set of facts has been released to the public. This way if I end up at the bottom of a construction site someplace in NJ the world will still have all the information I was going to provide.

No one can check techdudes credentials if they do not know more about him uhmmpeople have already thoroughly checked my credentials and background, hence the reason I was personally asked to investigate and report on the digital images. Not that it matters to the paranoid delusionals of the world but everyone involved who actually does matter has already vetted my background so you will have to forgive me if I really do not give a rats keester if some unemployed garbage man from Wisconsin or people whos only claim to fame is they can write bible stories on a blog can not check my references.

No one can check the accuracy of techdudes report so it is only his word that we have to rely on! Oh yes, this must obviously be true since every intelligent person knows that Hawaii only printed a total of three certificates of live birth since 2006 and no one else can possibly do their own investigation since no other COLBs exist to compare against and no one else has copies of any 2006 2008 certificates and all of the KOS images have gone missing. No seriously.stop laughing! It must be true because I read that on the Internet someplace. (end sarcasm) Come on folks do I really need to even address this one based on the dementia it takes to even come up with that sort of statement? At last count there were at least a half dozen people who have many of the same 2006 2008 COLBs I was working with who are trying to either back up or shoot down my findings. There are even some people spinning their wheels trying to prove Michelles 2008 COLB is the forgery even though it came straight from Vital Records. I guess they think it is easier to try and disprove a real one based on a single fake one than to prove a single fake one based on several real ones. (My head is starting to hurt thinking about that but you guys continue to resize and recrop images and draw lines it keeps you busy and out of traffic.)

Here is another good one. What sort of computer expert does not even know what kerning is? Once again the fabulous world of the lazy online couch potatoes never bothered read that the images were the font width differences and not just the kerning that I mentioned in the report. I wrongly assumed that people familiar with graphics would have noticed the kerning issue for themselves without needing a separate picture to point it out. I guess some people still need to have their mothers dress them in the morning and make them their lunches too. I will have to try to keep in mind that there are a lot of lazy people trying to follow this issue so I will include a number of screen shots and the full sized high resolution images for them to play with in a separate ZIP file.

This one is my absolute favorites. Techdude is just a right-wing tin foil hat wearing racist nazi bastard who is being paid by McCain and is controlled by Karl Rove not only that but he is also a left-wing liberal progressive tree hugging hippie kook who lives in his mothers basement and is being paid by the Hillary campaign to bring down Obama! Hummm.I could have been getting paid for this?

Techdude sure got quiet after that news paper clipping of Obamas birth was released! WowObama was born. Seriously? And here I was thinking that since KOS published a fake COLB that also appears on Obamas website that he never actually existed and was just a figment of my imagination. Of course he was born, that was never the dispute and it has nothing to do with the fake COLB but nice try. That was almost a good attempt at a redirection but still not a rebuttal to the report about KOS and Obama posting a forged Certificate of Live Birth on their websites. And for the record since you all care so much about me (not) I have been too busy to work on the follow up reports until a few days agoit is called having a real job. Some of us actually work for a living and have other things to do besides playing with all of the illiterate wanna-be experts online. Besides I had really hoped that some one someplace by now would have at least come up with ONE single piece of evidence to disprove anything in the report but what have I found? Nothing but lame attempts at salacious innuendos and childish word play. Sadso very sad. The same can be said for other real digital forensic experts. Where the heck are they all hiding? Are they afraid to even take a stand or make their opinions known? What is the point of me trying to pass the ball downfield if no one else is willing to get in the game?

Read Techdudes first report:
Forensics Expert: Obama COLB is a Forgery

Techdudes Credentials: 20 years experience in the computer field; performing computer forensic investigations since 1993. Board certified as a forensic computer examiner and for the previous six years also licensed as a private investigator. A certificated legal investigator, served close to 6 years under the direction of a practicing attorney. Testified in numerous trials at the state levelwritten (winning) briefs and motions that have been presented for states Court of Appeals and states Supreme Court.

U.S. Department of Justice clearance for access to sensitive but unclassified information and has personally handled the investigation of over 7,000 cases. Previously received training from the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA as well as countless forensics seminars and specialized training events over the years. Five years ago, opened his own computer forensic science lab and often accepts cases pro bono. Active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the American College of Forensic Examiners, Computer Forensics Volunteer Project, a Member of Federal Bureau of Investigations InfraGard program, International Information Systems Forensics Association, The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, and others.

Ok, there you have it. 

I assume that some readers will conclude that this is the work of a nutcake and dismiss it out of hand.  For all I know they are right.

But there seems to be a lot of evidence here.  And when we remember that the blogosphere, not mainstream media, exposed the fake Dan Rather documents -- and that most mainstream media initially sneered at that expos -- suddenly it seems that maybe we should keep an open mind.  At least it does to me.

I end with a question:  If you have a major party presidential candidate whose father is a citizen of another country, and whose mother's citizenship would not make him a naturalized citizen if he were born outside of the country, why would major media not demand to see a real birth certificate?

Do they just trust so much that they won't bother?

Think about it.

Zeke Ken - Please keep on top of this and let us know what develops. This is mind-boggling. (Isn't that what Dan Rather was hoping) Or, it is smoke. (08/04/08)

free "I end with a question: If you have a major party presidential candidate whose father is a citizen of another country, and whose mother's citizenship would not make him a naturalized citizen if he were born outside of the country, why would major media not demand to see a real birth certificate?"----------------------------------------------- If the requirement to get a certain job [POTUS] requires you to be a natural born citizen, shouldn't you have to prove it when you apply for that job? I know i had to prove my age when i got my drivers license, they didn't just take my word for it. (08/04/08)


Ken Berwitz


Robert Novak retired from journalism today.  His decision was very sudden and clearly based on his severe health condition.

I can't say I've always been enthralled with Robert Novak's positions.  But I respect his grind-it-out tenacity as a reporter.  In any event, I certainly do not wish him ill.

But ill is what there is.  Sadly, Mr. Novak has a brain tumor that has made his prognosis "dire" (that's his flagship paper, the Chicago Sun-Times talking). 

I wish Robert Novak a speedy, perfect recovery.  Admittedly this is highly improbable.  But stranger things have happened. 

I hope you feel the same way.

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