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Ken Berwitz

Ken Berwitz

Lash yourself to the mast, this one is going to send you reeling.

Code Pink, comprised of charter members of the LAMBs club (Lunatic-left And Mega-moonbat Brigade), has decided to fight the Marine recuiting office in Berkeley, California by utilizing.......

witches.  And clowns.  And sirens (that could mean attractive women or loud cacophonous noise.  Since this is Code Pink I assume it's the noise).

No I am not under the influence of any controlled substance.  This is for real.  Here, let me show you, via excerpts from the Associated Press article (which you can read in its entirety by clicking here):

Code Pink Protesters Try Witchcraft at Anti-Marine Rallies

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Code Pink is now resorting to witchcraft to beef up the number of its supporters protesting Berkeley's controversial Marine Corps Recruiting Center.

The women's anti-war group has told ralliers to come equipped with spells and pointy hats Friday for "Witches, clowns and sirens day," the last of the group's weeklong homage to Mother's Day.

"Women are coming to cast spells and do rituals and to impart wisdom to figure out how we're going to end war," Zanne Sam Joi of Bay Area Code Pink told

Capt. John Paul Wheatcroft said he's unfazed by Code Pink's antics.

"They're always in pink and wear funny things, half-shaved heads, one side with hair and the other one bald, yeah, I'm pretty much used to anything," he told

But if events this week are an attempt by anti-war protesters to remarket their cause, the Marine recruiters in Berkeley tell that Code Pink's presence outside their office has helped not hindered their mission.

"Ironically, it's actually helped us by putting our name out. We're now well known. And people know who we are, and where we are, and they come in to talk to us about enlisting. They've gotten us the publicity that we could've never afforded to pay for ourselves," Wheatcroft told

"Just in the last three weeks, 10 people came in looking to apply, looking to become Marine officers, and that's much higher than normal," he said.

As for what's brewing outside his recruiting center this week, Wheatcroft responded, "I think witches won't shock me, but it'll be a change of pace, so that's nice.

"Do you think they'll bring their cauldron?".

What can you say to this?  LAMBs will be LAMBs, I guess.

However it is worth keeping in mind that jodie evans, one of the biggest big shots at Code Pink, continues her duties as a bundler of campaign funds for Barack Obama.  Maybe some of the media would like to ask Mr. Obama his opinion of the organization someday.

I'd love to hear that question from chris mouthews or keith olbermann.  But it would be messy, since they drool every time they say his name.


Ken Berwitz

If you believe what they're shovelling at you, Hillary Clinton has now loaned her campaign $11.4 million dollars.

Where did THAT kind of money come from (as if you didn't know)?

I love the sarcasm that employs to remind us, so I thought I'd show you their take on it:

Hillary Has Loaned Campaign $11.4 Million

May 7th, 2008

From those proponents of campaign finance reform at the Associated Press:

Hillary Clinton says shell stay in the presidential race

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. - Hillary Rodham Clinton says she will remain in the presidential race until theres a nominee. The former first lady declined to say whether that meant through the roll call of the states at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

Clinton also disclosed that she had loaned her campaign an additional $6.4 million in recent weeks, additional evidence that her once front-runner campaign was in deep trouble.

She told reporters the loans were a sign of her commitment to her quest for the White House. She earlier loaned herself $5 million as she struggled to keep up with a better-financed Obama campaign

Clintons appearance in Shepherdstown, W.Va., was meant to underscore her determination to stay the course. She also arranged a private meeting later in the day with uncommitted superdelegates

Clinton told reporters it would take 2,209 or 2,210 delegates to win the nomination, not the 2,025 in use by the Democratic National Committee. The higher total would come into play if the delegations were seated from Michigan and Florida, two states that held primaries outside the time frame that party rules required.

The former first lady campaigned for months to have new votes in both states, although lately has said she merely wants the delegations seated

Asked at her news conference whether she intended to remain in the race through the convention roll call, Clinton said, Im staying in this race until theres a nominee and obviously I am going to work as hard as I can to become that nominee.

Clintons loan more than doubled her personal investment in her bid for the Democratic nomination. She gave her campaign $5 million earlier this year.

A campaign aide said Clinton gave her campaign another $5 million on April 11, more than a week before the Pennsylvania primary. She then again dipped into her personal wealth for $1 million last week and $425,000 on Monday, one day before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries.

Clintons campaign reported raising $10 million online after her Pennsylvania victory on April 22. Evidently, the money was not enough and her fundraising was unable to keep up with her expenses heading into Tuesdays contests.

Moreover, Obama has routinely outspent her in primary after primary and has shown little difficulty tapping his vast network of donors. He spent more than $7 million on advertising head of Tuesdays primaries in North Carolina and Indiana to her nearly $4 million.

According to the latest campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, Obama began the month of April with $42 million in the bank for the primary to Clintons $9.3 million.

But Clinton had debts of $10.3 million at the start of the month, much of it money owed to her main polling, phone banking and advertising consultants

Of course this $11,425,000.00 from Mrs. Clintons personal wealth actually represents a lot of favors owed to the Chinese, Arabs and the other shady characters.

But isnt it a good thing McCain-Feingold put an end to such practices? Imagine if there was still money influencing politics.

Still, lets not forget Chelsea has repeatedly assured us that her mother is the most fiscally responsible person in the race.

And of course she is beholden to no one.

Remember well that comment at the end about McCain-Feingold.  While this piece obviously is hitting Ms. Clinton, the swipe at John McCain and his fuzzy (very fuzzy) logic is crystal clear and entirely justified. 

Keep it in mind when you make your decision on election day.


Ken Berwitz

That's Drudge's headline.  I can't think of a better one so I'm stealing it for this blog.

In fact the blog itself is a steal from Drudge.  Here are a series of links to the relevant news stories:

Begala: We can't win with just 'eggheads and African-Americans'...
Donna Brazile Warns: 'Stop trying to split us into these groups!'

Is Hillary Clinton right to say she is supported by White voters?  You bet she is.  She's winning about 60% of them.  The reason she is behind is that over 90% of Black Democrats (which is to say almost all Blacks in total) are supporting Barack Obama.  Remember that the next time you hear that Whites vote along racial lines with nothing to follow it about how Blacks vote.  That is AAR (Affirmative Action Racism) at its finest.

Can Democrats win with just eggheads (academics) and African Americans?  No they cannot.  Paul Begala is right too.

Is Donna Brazile right in saying the Democratic party must stop being split into these groups?  Well, she is right to WISH it.  But the truth is, and has been for a long time, that the Democratic party is now, and in the forseeable future, split exactly that way.

Did you think this battle wouldn't turn ugly?  Think again.


Ken Berwitz

Just a quick note to make a point:

The Iraqi government claims to have arrested the leader of al-qaeda in Iraq.  Not a high ranking member, THE leader of al-qaeda.

-On it is a lead story right at the top of the web page with a big picture of abu ayyub al-masri;

-Ditto for

-On (also the nbc news site) it is not a lead story it is buried well below in the US, world and politics section in small print.

-On it is small print item

-I cannot find it at all on the web site

There is a lesson to be learned here which, I suspect, you don't need me to explain.



Ken Berwitz

The previous blog had a lot to do with Vietnam.  That being the case, I thought you might want to know how the communist government we allowed to take over is treating its people.

This report is from via   

Vietnam Springs Into Action, Fights Terrorism

Thu, May 8, 2008 at 9:11:09 am PDT

The Communist government of Vietnam would like us all to know that they are committed to counter-terrorism. They said this at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, of which they are a member.

Vietnam is committed to counter-terrorism and the non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons under international treaties to which it is a party and resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UN Ambassador Hoang Chi Trung delivered the statement at the open debate of the Security Council on the work of the 1267 Committee, the Counter-Terrorism Committee and the 1540 Committee, in New York on May 6.

Since becoming a member of the UN Security Council, Vietnam has made constructive contributions to the work of these three committees, Trung said. He particularly noted Vietnams assumption of the vice chairmanship of the Counter-Terrorism Committee.

And to demonstrate their dedication to fighting terrorism in all its forms, they also announced today that theyre charging a Vietnamese American and two Vietnamese nationals with terrorism for distributing pamphlets.

HANOI, Vietnam - A Vietnamese-American and two Vietnamese nationals will be put on trial on charges of terrorism for allegedly planning to distribute anti-government pamphlets in Vietnam, an official said Thursday.

This is the outcome of a deliberate, sustained effort by repressive regimes to redefine the concept of terrorism, so that it includes any activity the regimes dont like. And its being enabled by the corrupt UN, of course.

There you go, folks.  The left's great triumph.  A Vietnam free of US involvement.  Do you like it?

Thank you william ayers.  Thank you bernardine dohrn.  And thanks also for the millions who died trying to escape after we ended our involvement.  You know, the boat people, the killing fields, etc.  Be sure to tell Mr. Obama all about what a great result your actions were so instrumental in providing.

Does this speak for itself?  I would hope so.


Ken Berwitz

Have you ever heard of the GLORIA Center? 

GLORIA stands for Global Research in International Affairs.  I had heard of it but didn't know much about it until I read a piece in today's  Now I promise I'll be looking at the GLORIA website regularly from now on. 

This is because the organization has done such an excellent job of showing how our wonderful friends at the United Nations aid and abet theh hatred and killing which goes on between palestinian Arabs and Israel.

In the interests of brevity I have posted GLORIA's executive summary below. But you can read its entire report by clicking here, and I very much urge you to do so.  It is so important that you know the truth:

UNRWA: Refuge Of Rejectionism
Barry Rubin, Asaf Romirowsky, and Jonathan Spyer
May 8, 2008
A Report from the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center


On the surface, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) seems a humanitarian group helping Palestinian refugees. In reality, it actually helps destroy the chance of Arab-Israeli peace, promotes terrorism, and holds Palestainians back from rebuilding their lives.

Unique in history, UNRWA's job is to keep Palestinian refugees in suspended animation--and at low living standards--until they achieve the goal set for them by the PLO and Hamas: Israel's extinction. In the meantime, their suffering and anger is maintained as a weapon to encourage them toward violence and intransigence.

UNRWA schools become hotbeds of anti-Western, anti-American, and anti-Semitic indoctrination, recruiting offices for terrorist groups. UNRWA's services are dominated by radicals who staff and subsidize radical groups while potentially intimidating anyone from voicing a different line. UNWRA facilities are used to store and transport weapons, actually serving as military bases.

In this process, UNRWA has broken all the rules that are supposed to govern humanitarian enterprises. Consequently, UNRWA is the exact opposite of other refugee relief operations. They seek to resettle refugees; UNRWA is dedicated to blocking resettlement. They help refugees to live normal lives so that they can move on with their existence; UNRWA's role is to ensure their lives remain abnormal so they are filled with anger and a thirst for revenge that inspires violence and can only be quenched by a victorious return. They try to create stable conditions for refugees; UNRWA's mission is to enable radical political activity and indoctrination by armed groups which ensures a continual state of near chaos.

The time has come, especially given the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip, which also signals a Hamas takeover of the UNRWA facilities there, to reevaluate the role of UNRWA. If it is indeed very much a part of the problem--a barrier to resolving the refugees' status and returning them to normal lives; a barrier to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict; and a source of violence--it should be dissolved and replaced by something better.

Three basic steps are required to do this. They would improve the refugees' lives and strengthen moderate Palestinian forces.

First, UNRWA should be dissolved.

Second, all services it provides should be transferred to other agencies within the UN, notably the UNHCR, which has a long and productive experience in this area.

Third, responsibility for normal social services should be turned over to the Palestinian Authority. Most UNRWA staff should be transferred to it. Donors should use the maximum amount of oversight to ensure this be done effectively.

People often wonder why violence and instability persists and why the Arab-Israeli conflict is so seemingly impossible to resolve. One important part of the answer is that UNRWA perpetuates the problem. All those seeking real progress toward peace between Israelis and Palestinians need to take a close look at this unacceptable situation. All those with responsibility for the management of these issues need to work for a change of course.


I have talked about the UN's assistance in teaching hatred to palestinian Arab children in previous blogs.  But this report is far more complete than what I have presented.  It should be required reading for anyone who knows - or thinks they know - anything about the so-called "peace process".

These are the facts.  Now try to imagine why mainstream media barely ever talk about them -- and why they even use the term "peace process" in the first place.


Ken Berwitz

The New York media, ever vigilant for ways to boost al sharpton, are trying their level best to convince you that his attempt to shut down New York City yesterday was successful.

With maybe 1,000 participants in total (out of over 8 MILLION residents, about 2 million of them Black), it's not an easy sell.

And, worse still, they were joined by the corrupt, unqualified Governor-by-default, David Patterson, who elevated this failure to success of a sort by agreeing to meet with sharpton and his stooges.  What a nice reward for the "reverend" (of what I don't know.  Do you?).

The New York Times gave it their best shot.  The paper put up four pictures of protesters on the first page of its Metro section.  But there was a problem -- none of them showed almost any people were participating.  The headline tried too, by telling us that 216 people were arrested,  But if you went into the detail you found out that it was all just a pre-planned circus show.  They intentionally got arrested and were actually instructed, step-by-step, on how to do it. 

The more arrests, the bigger the headlines. The bigger the headlines, the bigger the perceved number of protesters.  It's make-fools-of-the-sheeple time.

WNBC-TV tried their best too.  Here is part of an article on their web site which struggles to create reality out of fantasy:

1 Day After Protests, Sharpton, Bell Family To Meet With Gov.

NEW YORK - A day after mass protests slowed the evening commute to a crawl, the Rev. Al Sharpton and relatives of an unarmed black man killed by undercover detectives planned to meet privately with Gov. David Paterson to talk about the case. The meeting Thursday comes less than 24 hours after Sharpton and more than 200 demonstrators were arrested during citywide protests against the officers acquittals in the slaying of Sean Bell in a 50-bullet barrage.

Police said 216 people were arrested, including Sharpton, two survivors of the shooting and Sean Bell's fiance. They lined up and peacefully put their hands behind their backs as police arrested them on disorderly conduct charges.

Sharpton, the two shooting survivors and Bell's fiancee were released from police custody about four hours later, said Sharpton spokeswoman Rachel Noerdlinger.

The demonstrators prayed, sang and chanted such slogans as "no justice, no peace" as they converged on six heavily used bridges and tunnels. The protests were part of a coordinated campaign to urge federal authorities to charge the detectives with civil rights violations in the shooting of Sean Bell on his wedding day in November 2006.

The three officers were acquitted of state charges last month in a case that from the start ignited protests and spurred criticism of police tactics. One of the officers fired 31 shots, emptying his clip two times in a few short seconds.

Sharpton has said Wednesday's "pray-in" protest was a preview of potential future demonstrations designed to paralyze the city. .

The three police officers - two of them Black in case you didn't know (how would you, given the rarity of media telling you?) - were found not guilty because almost everyone who testified against them had a criminal record and kept changing his/her story of what happened.  There was no way any judge brave enough to worry more about the law than al sharpton's unending demands could come to any other verdict.

So David Patterson, consummate genius that he is, will do what the judge would not:  suck up to this buffoonish publicity hound and participate in his insipidiocy.  Hey, why not?  If media didn't demand his head for the gross misappropriation of funds he had to admit to, what in the world will they do to him for this?

And since Elliott Spitzer, Patterson's disgraced predecessor, was elected little over a year ago, New York state is going to be treated to almost three more years of him.  Hooboy.


Ken Berwitz

Is John McCain is a genuine war hero?

Well, his full mlitary records have been released (we're still waiting for John Kerry's).  Here, via the Associated Press, is what they show.  Judge for yourself:

 WASHINGTON (AP) - From his five years in a North Vietnamese prison camp to his tenure as the Navy's liaison to the Senate, John McCain's Navy record boils down to a series of unadorned paragraphs that bestow upon him some of the nation's top military honors.

The Navy recently released McCain's military record - most of it citations for medals during his Navy career - after a Freedom of Information Act request by The Associated Press.

McCain was awarded a Silver Star Medal for resisting "extreme mental and physical cruelties" inflicted upon him by his captors from late October to early December 1967, the early months of his captivity, according to the citation. The North Vietnamese, according to the Navy, ignored international agreements and tortured McCain "in an attempt to obtain military information and false confessions for propaganda purposes."

McCain, now the Republican Party's likely presidential nominee, was taken prisoner in October 1967 after he was shot down while on a mission over Hanoi. He wasn't freed until March 1973, after the United States signed peace agreements with the North Vietnamese. His captors tortured him and held him in solitary confinement. Still, he declined an offer of early release until those who had been at the prison longer than him were let go.

That decision earned McCain a Navy Commendation Medal. Although McCain was "crippled from serious and ill-treated injuries," he steadfastly refused offers of freedom from those holding him prisoner. "His selfless action served as an example to others and his forthright refusal, by giving emphasis to the insidious nature of such releases, may have prevented a possibly chaotic deterioration in prisoner discipline," the citation says.

McCain attended the U.S. Naval Academy from 1954 to 1958, and was commissioned as an ensign in June of that year. He retired in April 1981 with the rank of captain. In that time he received 17 awards and decorations. Besides the Silver Star Medal, McCain also received the Legion of Merit with a combat "V" and one gold star, a Distinguished Flying Cross and a Bronze Star Medal with a combat "V" and two gold stars.

Several citations mention his achievements either as a prisoner or as a lieutenant commander flying bombing runs off the deck of the USS Oriskany. Some are signed by then-Secretary of the Navy John Warner, who would become a colleague of McCain's in the Senate.

The citations refer to his "accurate ordnance delivery" and his "aggressive and skillful airmanship." He earned his Bronze Star the day before he was shot down, for participating in a mission over an airfield in Phuc Yen, 11 miles north of Hanoi.

The citation for his Distinguished Flying Cross sums up McCain's misfortune the following day:

"Although his aircraft was severely damaged, he continued his bomb delivery pass and released his bombs on the target. When the aircraft would not recover from the dive, Commander McCain was forced to eject over the target."

Years later, as his Navy career approached its end, McCain received the Legion of Merit Medal. By then, his missions were in the halls of Congress as a liaison to the Senate from the Navy's Office of Legislative Affairs.

He was praised for providing Navy leaders "with sage advice and sound judgment for enacting critical legislation during a period of severe fiscal constraint."

The following year, he ran for Congress from Arizona, and won.

Too bad Mr. McCain's record pales by comparison to john kerry's. 

After all, kerry was on a swift boat for a whole 4 1/2 months, got three purple hearts (for injuries which did not require him to so much as go off duty), and then ran out of Vietnam at about 500MPH.  How can Mr. McCain match a record like that?

And it also pales by comparison to Barack Obama's deprived life, from his rich grandparents to his prep school to Harvard.  Hey, that may sound good but his wife, Michelle (Princeton and Harvard - with significant tuition subsidies), assures us that the two of them were terribly deprived every minute of it.  Again, how can Mr. McCain match a record like that?

I guess that if Mr. McCain wants to show voters that he is capable or brave or honorable, or knows what it is to endure hardship, he'll just have to find some other issue.

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