Monday, 14 April 2008


Ken Berwitz

How many more of these people will we find before even the hardest-line Obama supporter has to admit they're there?

We already know about jeremiah "God Damn the USA" wright, Mr. Obama's long time spiritual mentor.

We already know about his pal william "I don't regret setting bombs, I feel we didn't do enough" ayers, the weather underground subhuman who has been friendly with Obama for years.

And now we have jodie evans, the code pink operative who is working so hard on his behalf. 

Melanie Morgan has a terrific article on the Obama/evans connection in her Friday column for   I am excerpting it below, but you can read the entire article by clicking here

See what you think about Mr. Obama and his pal Ms. evans after you read it:

Barack's terrorist-sympathizing fundraiser

Posted: April 11, 2008
1:00 am Eastern


As Gen. David Petraeus testified under the glare of the klieg lights before Congress this week, we were treated to a close-up of the character of not just the commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, but also those attempting to sit in judgment of him.

Among those who have attempted to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is that self-proclaimed champion of "hope," Sen. Barack Hussein Obama.

As he questioned Gen. Petraeus, it was clear that Obama seemed once again to be auditioning for "best actor" award. Obama sat there earnestly staring at Gen. Petraeus, attempting to conjure up the image of the dignified "uniter" he claims to be. Then he opened his mouth.

And again, we were reminded that the man who adored Rev. Jeremiah Wright he of the "God damn America" school of uniting is the same man who today calls for the surrender of U.S. troops to the forces of Islamic jihadists.

Repeating a lie that becomes no truer despite how many times it is recycled, Obama insisted that al-Qaida did not exist in Iraq until U.S. troops had liberated the nation from the brutal rule of Saddam Hussein.

Is Sen. Barack Obama that nave? Or an accomplished liar?

As I have stated countless times in my columns, over the TV/radio airwaves and at pro-troop rallies, the man who would emerge as the leading figure of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, most certainly was in Iraq well before Operation Iraqi Freedom commenced.

And yet, Barack Obama and company continue to maintain to the rest of the world that the terrorists operating in Iraq are not involved with the Islamic terrorists' jihad against America.

That's about as believable as the fantasy Obama has advanced that he was always "absent" from the pews of the United Trinity Church when his "favorite Uncle," Rev. Wright, condemned the United States.

Someone who hasn't been absent from the pews of the church of Obama-mania is a woman named Jodie Evans, who happens to work for the anti-American group Code Pink.

Campaign documents released by the Federal Elections Commission reveal that the anti-military activist is involved in a bundling operation for the Obama for President campaign.

Bundling allows a designated individual or organization to bypass campaign finance limits by collecting the contributions of others and "bundling" them together.

Jodie Evans has already donated the legally allowable $2,300 to the Obama for President campaign, and so has her son, who lists his occupation as an "unemployed student." Unemployed students must be making out great during this economic slowdown, to be able to fork over $2,300 to presidential candidates.

Code Pink insists that they are merely a feminist peace group, which is akin to Adolf Hitler representing himself as merely a travel agent for Jews who wanted to see unknown parts of Germany and Poland.

Code Pink has been in the headlines recently for their campaign of "counter-recruitment" where military recruiting centers here in the United States have been violently attacked by "peace" thugs.

Code Pink's treasonous behavior on foreign soil has been equally disgusting.

The organization traveled to Iraq to give $600,000 in aid to what they called "the other side" so they could resist Coalition Forces. The "other side" is a euphemism for Islamic terrorists. But remember, according to the worldview of Barack Hussein Obama, these terrorists have nothing to do with the jihad that's been declared against America.

Kicked out of Pakistan after protesting the Pakistani governments efforts to combat the jihadists operating in that country, Code Pink's leaders have also been some of the strongest proponents of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's regime. Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin even renounced the United States and moved to Cuba before being kicked out by the government there. Turns out, even tyrants have standards. Who knew?

But not Barack Obama, he's taking the bundled Code Pink money and proudly reporting the donations to the FEC.

Barack Obama spent weeks trying to brush off the spoken words of his 20-year mentor, and Obama insisted his pastor's values didn't represent his values.

And Barack Hussein Obama will once again put on his best acting face as he insists to the American people that all his anti-American friends have such starkly different views than his own.

Let's hope Americans are wise enough to see through the act.

Mr. Obama has already told you that he finds jeremiah wright's comments repugnant - after spending almost 20 years drinking them up at his church.  He has already assured you he is a supporter of Israel - after putting Israel haters like zbigniew brzezinsky, robert malley, "tony" mcpeak and others on his campaign staff. 

Now, will he piously assure you he is pro-American despite his associations with william ayers and jodie evans?

You would need two lobotomies to believe this.  One full job, and a second one to make sure nothing was left from the first.


Ken Berwitz

This is more than just a money scam.  Tragically, this is a scam that almost certainly creates racists, therefore racism, that was not there in the first place.

Here are excerpts from an article by Karina Donica, writing for  (You can read the entire article by clicking here).  Read it and you'll see what I'm talking about:

'Righteous cause'
Reparations are key on path to healing, groups claim

COLFAX -- A plaque stands as a reminder of the Colfax Massacre in front of a small town Courthouse, but a few feet away from the landmark a group of black men and women decried the injustices of the massacre and other historic events, they say, will only be healed with reparations.

"This morning is all about reparations," said Johnita Scott a member of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, who traveled from Baton Rouge to join the event Sunday in the Colfax City Hall.

"Reparations really connect all the dots" of history and it stand as the natural next step today, Scott said.

The violent event on April 13, 1873, erupted when the White League, a paramilitary group that wanted to secure white rule in Louisiana clashed with Louisiana's almost all-black state militia. The clash resulted in three members of the White League and more than a hundred black men killed, half of whom were murdered after they had surrendered.

Unlike the Jewish children who had to read about their history -- and received some reparations, black children in the U.S. have not learned about their history in the traditional classroom. And they don't know about the price their ancestors paid as slaves, said keynote speaker Antoinette Harrell, a Louisiana genealogist.

Harrell said she cried many nights and was angry at times when she first discovered her own family history in the St. Helena Parish Courthouse records.

Knowing what happened hurt, she said. "It became personal for me. But I had to learn what they had to go through," she said.

Harrell said she no longer cries and she learned to love herself. She said it's disappointing, however, to know many blacks prefer not to learn what happened to avoid the pain. "You cannot move forward until you learn," and until you learn, no one will tell your story, Harrell said.

She said that the approximately $10,000 she has spent in research should be part of reparations, as should be any DNA testing needed to trace black genealogy.

Caseptla Bailey, the mother of "Jena Six" defendant Robert Bailey Jr., also was at the event. She presented a DVD about the events surrounding the case.

Diana Kimble, of the coalition said the Jena Six case and the Colfax massacre intersect because they are both about injustices against the black race.

Kimble said, if reparations (40 acres and 1 mule) had been addressed in the past healing would be well on its way, because it would bring about respect and dignity to blacks who worked and continue working to build Louisiana without being paid back.

"Reparations are the key to all of the injustices," Kimble, adding that reparations are not a handout but are necessary to correct a great wrong.

I believe in equality and I despise racism.  For these reasons, it hurts to see people like this perpetuating racism by whining that they are owed money (that's what reparations are, money) for something that did not happen to them, based entirely on the color of their skin.

Yes, there was a Colfax massacre.  Yes it happened just like it says in that passage from the PBS web site which Ms, Donica plagiarized virtually word for word (see for yourself by clicking here).

The problem is that the Colfax massacre occurred 135 years ago and not one person on either side of the massacre or (almost certainly) any of their children is alive today.  Who would be giving reparations to whom?

Is the answer is that White people owe the reparations to Black people?  If so, what is actually being said is that any Whites at all - regardless of who they are, what they did, where they come from or what they believe - owe Reparations to any Blacks at all - regardless of who they are, what they did, where they came from or what they believe. 

If you want racism - pure, unadulterated racism - that is it.

And the reference to Jews as some kind of parallel situation is particularly disheartening.   The implication in this article that Jews - just any Jews at all - got reparations from Germany is 100% untrue.

Jews who got reparations from Germany were the actual victims and/or their children, all of whom had to prove they personally experienced victimhood.

If you want a Jewish comparison to the Colfax massacre, try the pogroms of Eastern Europe.  Jews fled Russia, Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe over a century ago during these pogroms (anti-Jewish riots that wreaked death and devastation on them) . 

The Jews who weren't killed outright left their land and assets when they fled for their lives.  This may not be a perfect comparison (nothing can be an exact match) but it is far closer than World War II Germany. 

Did you ever hear of  any Jewish group demanding that reparations must be paid to the overall Jewish population because of the pogroms?  Me neither. 

For people to progress, they have to stop crying that any setback or failure in their personal lives is someone else's fault.  They have to stop finding scapegoats in the historic past for those setbacks and failures. 

And, in this specific instance, they have to stop demanding reparations for events that had nothing to do with them and get on with their lives.  Everyone will benefit if they do;  most of all them.


Ken Berwitz

"It's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations":  Barack Obama, April 6, speaking about small town America to a group of rich supporters in (major city) San Francisco;

"Religion is a bulwark.   What I was referring to was in no way demeaning a faith that I myself embrace.":  Barack Obama, April 9, speaking at a "Compassion Forum" held at Messiah College in (small town) Grantham, PA.

What does a man tell small town America when he makes those two comments, three days apart -- first the insult to small town America in a major city and then the claim that it was not an insult at all in small town America?

He is telling small town America that he thinks it is comprised of a bunch of mindless idiots, that's what.

And this is before we get to the fact that, for Barack Obama, the religion "I myself embrace" IS bitter and frustrated -- exactly what he smugly says about the religion of small town America.  And racist.  And USA hating.  And Israel and Jew hating.  

For almost 20 years Mr. Obama has enthusiastically supported, and then subjected his family to, the "Black liberation theology" ravings of jeremia wright.  Thus Mr. Obama attacks and insults small town America by trying to equate its religion to his religion.

The irony here is that if small town America were populated by the kind of people Mr. Obama sees when he consdescendingly looks down from his elitist perch, he would probably get away with it.  Because mindless idiots would be necessary to buy into this BS.

Do you think he will?  Personally I wouldn't bet on it.  Not even a bitter, frustrated plugged nickel.


Ken Berwitz

The Ontario branch of Canada's one-sided, censorious witchhunt brigade, also known as the "human rights commission', just got a swift boot in the butt.


Here are the particulars, courtesy of

Ontario 'Human Rights' Commission Drops Mindcrime Charges

Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 9:08:46 am PDT

Last week the Ontario Human Rights Commission dropped their absurd Kafkaesque human rights charges against Ezra Levant and Macleans magazinenot because their witch hunt was wrong and offensive, but because they lacked jurisdiction.

But their statement makes it clear they intend to continue trying to control the free expression of ideas in Canada, especially when it comes to criticism of Islam.

Even though the Commission is not proceeding with these complaints, it still has a broader role in addressing the tension and conflict that such writings cause in the community and the impact that they have on the groups that are being singled out.

While freedom of expression must be recognized as a cornerstone of a functioning democracy, the Commission strongly condemns the Islamophobic portrayal of Muslims, Arabs, South Asians and indeed any racialized community in the media, such as the Macleans article and others like them, as being inconsistent with the values enshrined in our human rights codes. Media has a responsibility to engage in fair and unbiased journalism.

In a country whose media lean so far to the left that they risk tilting the whole continent, that last sentence is laughable.

For the record, Ezra Levant's great crime, for which he was subjected to these star-chamber wannabes, is that he published the Danish cartoons that some Islamic people consider offensive in his (now defunct) Western Standard. 

Ooooooooooooooohhhhh, there's something to hang him for. Quick, find a noose and an oak tree!

If you'd like to see an excellent recap of the Levant/MacLeans/Steyn story, it is at,  and I urge you to read it by clicking here.

Menwhile, you may be wondering just how Mr. Levant's freedom of speech - and MacLean's, and Mark Steyns and who knows how may others' - can be construed as a human rights violation (me too).  You may think that sounds impossibly ridiculous (me too again).   You may think that this not only does not protect freedom of speech, but is instrumental in diminishing it (that's three in a row).

I have always thought of Canada as a place where basic freedoms are revered and protected.  But this moronic commission has made me wonder a) if it is true now and b) if it ever really was in the first place.

blazingcatfur Canada does not have now and never truly had Free Speech, it was not enshrined in our newish constitution - neither were property rights. Invade please. (04/15/08)


Ken Berwitz

Me, three days ago:

What Barack Obama has done, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is to definitively crap on people throughout small town America.  He has defined them as small-minded, provincialist losers of the first order.  He has told us that their belief systems are based on bitterness and frustration and that is what drives their overall daily lives.

Anyone can say something stupid once in a while.  But when you say something so stupid that you give Hillary Clinton an opening to call you an elitist, you have hit the stupidity jackpot.  

And with those ill-thought out words, Barack Obama has not only hit the stupidity jackpot but won the academy award for it.

 I don't make political predictions.  But it is hard not to think that any chance Mr. Obama had to win Pennsylvania ended when he said them.

The Los Angeles Times, today:

New poll shows Barack Obama tanking in Pennsylvania

The first fresh poll results from Pennsylvania are in since Barack Obama's "bitter" comments about people in small towns exploded as a news story, and the findings could hardly be worse for the Democratic presidential contender.

Intriguingly, the man in charge of the survey said interviews with voters indicate Obama's tumble in the state has more to do with what the candidate himself has said were ill-chosen words than anything else.

The new poll by American Research Group -- conducted Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- gave Clinton 57% and Obama 37% (based on interviews with 600 Democrats, the survey has an error margin of plus-or-minus 4 percentage points). The 20-point margin is all the more dramatic because, just the week before, an ARG poll found the pair in a flat-out tie in Pennsylvania, each with 45%.

In the week prior to Mr. Obama's "bitter and frustrated" attack on small town America, polls showed him gaining steadily on Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania.  Now we have our first taste of post-attack polling.

If these data are correct and Mr. Obama tanks in Pennsylvania, you can bet that his smug, condescending comments about the people in its small towns will be the reason 

And you can bet just as much that the voter loss will not be restricted to those small towns.  Maybe the San Francisco elite eat this stuff up, but people in the Philadelphias and Pittsburghs of the world don't like smug condescension any more than people in the towns it is being aimed at.

Further, if Mr. Obama (who has already lost the popular vote in New York, California, New Jersey, Ohio and Texas) loses in Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton - whether you like her or don't - has a 100% valid argument that he cannot be elected. 

If Barack Obama can't win the big states, and he has sent an attack bomb against people in small town America (which, the last time I checked, are pretty easy to find in the small states), where is his candidacy going?


Ken Berwitz

Here is Hillary Clinton being caught in her latest lie.  The guy catching her in that lie is none other than Dick Cheney - a man she has called a liar for 8 years.  The web site telling us about it is, by way of an Associated Press report:

Hillary Misspoke About Firing Guns As Child

April 14th, 2008

From those gunslingers at the Associated Press:

VP guns for shoot match with Hill

 Monday, April 14, 2008 

Vice president Dick Cheney has challenged Hillary Clinton to a shooting match to test whether her professed love of guns is real or not.

A day after the Democratic presidential candidate discussed her fond memories of shooting with her father, Cheney threw down the gauntlet.

To be frank, Hillary Clintons stories about her adventures with guns dont exactly pass the smell test, Cheney told Tim Russert on ABCs Meet the Press yesterday.

If she really wants to show that she knows how to handle a rifle, theres an easy way to do that: meet me in the woods.

Clinton touted her experience with guns as she continued a weekend tirade against her Democratic rival Barack Obamas controversial comments about bitter working-class voters, frustrated by economic woes and immigration, who cling to guns or religion. Obama later said he regretted the comments.

The New York senator called Obama elitist and out of touch before reminiscing about shooting trips with her father and downing shots and beer with supporters in Indiana.

But shortly after Cheneys challenge, Clinton said she had misspoke about her gun exploits as a child. I fired a gun once, but I didnt like it, and I didnt recoil, she said

Compare that with what Mrs. Clinton originally said:

You know, my dad took me out behind the cottage that my grandfather built on a little lake called Lake Winola outside of Scranton and taught me how to shoot when I was a little girl, she said.

You know, some people now continue to teach their children and their grandchildren. Its part of culture. Its part of a way of life. People enjoy hunting and shooting because its an important part of who they are. Not because they are bitter.

That it is quite a mouthful to misspeak. There is quite a difference between taught me how to shoot and fired a gun once.

Though of course this latest denial will probably turn out to have been misspoken as well.

But at long last is there nothing Mrs. Clinton will not misspeak to get elected?

I do admit that, if I were Hillary Clinton (or anyone else), I'd think twice before going to the woods with Dick Cheney holding a rifle.  Remember that guy he nailed with buckshot?  And they LIKED each other.

But other than that?  Hillary is caught in another lie. 

Do Hillary Clinton or hubby Bubba ever tell the truth about anything?

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