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Ken Berwitz

If this story doesn't come under the heading "you can't make this stuff up", nothing does.

Here, courtesy of the Associated Press, are the gory, gastronomic details:


Accident Ruins 800-Lb. Man's Date

Mar 10, 4:59 PM (ET)


MEXICO CITY (AP) - When Manuel Uribe went out on a date, he made all the necessary arrangements: a forklift to carry him out of the house and a flatbed tow truck big enough to haul the formerly half-ton man and his bed to a party.

But even the open road wasn't big enough to handle Uribe's dream of celebrating a budding romance and his success in losing about 440 pounds.

Uribe was halfway to a picnic near his Monterrey-area home on Sunday when one of the posts holding a sun-shielding tarp over his bed hit an overpass.

Uribe's blood pressure dropped so much his doctors advised him not to go on and the celebration - being documented by about two dozen photographers and reporters from around the world - was canceled.

"We were going to celebrate that I've been losing weight for two years and that it was my girlfriend's birthday," Uribe said in a telephone interview. "The saddest part was that I couldn't fulfill my dream of taking my girlfriend out to eat."

Uribe says that after losing weight on a high-protein diet he started two years ago, he's down to about 800 pounds.

Last year, Uribe left his house for the first time in five years. Six people pushed his iron bed on wheels out to the street as a mariachi band played and a crowd gathered to see the man who once weighed 1,235 pounds).

At the time, the 42-year-old mechanic rode through the streets of his native San Nicolas de los Garza to enjoy the sun and wave to neighbors.

Uribe weighed more than 250 pounds as an adolescent, and he just kept growing.

Since the summer of 2002, Uribe has been bedridden, relying on his mother and friends to feed and clean him. He drew worldwide attention when he pleaded for help on national television in January 2006.

Uribe says despite the setback, he still hopes to go out with his girlfriend on June 11, when he will turn 43.

"We'll just have to plan it better," he said.

I'm not exactly sure where to go with this.  But one thing I do know;  if I owned an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant in the Monterrey area and I saw a flatbed truck with an iron bed on it coming toward me, I would either close the restaurant immediately or get on my knees and pray for an overpass.  Maybe both.,


Ken Berwitz

As many of you already know, Eliot Spitzer used the name "George Fox" as his alias when procuring, er, talent from the Emperor's club prostitution ring. 

Now we are told that the alias was not invented out of thin air.  Mr. Integrity has a friend and associate by that name and he used it instead of his own.  That way if anyone got caught it was George Fox, not Eliot Spitzer.

Now you might suspect Mr. Fox is none too pleased about this.  But are you sure?  Read what he said and judge for yourself.  The quotes come to us from www.wnbc.com:.

Statement From The Real George Fox

POSTED: 11:04 am EDT March 11, 2008
UPDATED: 12:09 pm EDT March 11, 2008

The following is a statement from a spokesman for George Fox, whose name Spitzer is said to have used as an alias:

Published reports indicate that Governor Eliot Spitzer allegedly used the name "George Fox" as an alias in the activity currently under investigation. Mr. Fox has known Governor Spitzer for more than 20 years and has been a supporter during the Governor's various political campaigns.

The news that his name may have been used as an alias comes as a great surprise and disappointment. Mr. Fox only became aware of Mr. Spitzer's alleged activity when informed of it Monday morning by the media. There is absolutely no connection between Mr. Fox and the Governor's alleged activity beyond the unauthorized use of his name.

Mr. Fox considers Governor Spitzer a close friend and is distressed by the news that has emerged. While he is disappointed that his name was involved, he appreciates the apology the Governor has personally communicated and he wishes the Governor and his family strength as they endure this difficult period.

If this statement is true (remember, we are not getting it first-hand, but from a "spokesman"), the real George Fox he is one helluva forgiving man.  If anyone ever used my name that way, I'd want his gonads in a wine press.

But, unless we find out differently, I have to assume the quotes are correct.  And it's his name, not mine.

I do feel a bit disappointed, though.  I had sort of assumed the name was concocted from two of Mr. Spitzer's more hated bogeymen:  George (Bush) and Fox (News).   I'm still not 100% convinced it wasn't.

Friend FYI: George Fox is a real guy and his is very nice. I know him well -- our children go to school together and we live in the same neighborhood. He is too forgiving. (03/14/08)


Ken Berwitz

Isn't this the kind of stuff Democrats - and their media pals - say that Republicans do?

Read it and see.  The article is from Agence France Presse.  The bold print is mine:

Obama fury over Clinton backer Ferraro's race remark
WASHINGTON (AFP) - Barack Obama's White House campaign lashed out in fury Tuesday after a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter attributed his stunning march through US politics to his race.

Obama aide Susan Rice called for Clinton to fire Geraldine Ferraro, the only woman yet to run on a major party's presidential ticket, after her comments Friday to a Los Angeles newspaper.

"That's a really outrageous and offensive comment," Rice said on MSNBC television after Ferraro, who sits on Clinton's finance committee, had said: "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position."

"It is the sort of comment that we have heard repeatedly, I'm afraid, from some of the Clinton surrogates," said Rice, Obama's leading adviser on foreign policy.

She said Ferraro's remarks were "far worse" than those of another foreign policy aide, Samantha Power, who was forced to resign from the Obama campaign last week for calling Clinton a "monster."

"I think if Senator Clinton is serious about putting an end to statements that have racial implications, that diminish Barack Obama because he's an African-American man, then she ought to really repudiate this comment and make it clear that there's no place in her campaign for people who will say this kind of thing," Rice said.

Ferraro was Walter Mondale's running mate for the Democrats in the 1984 presidential election. They lost in a landslide to the Republican ticket led by Ronald Reagan.

In an interview Friday with the Daily Breeze newspaper, she was quoted as saying that Obama's success revealed the "very sexist" attitudes of the media.

"And if he was a woman -- of any color -- he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept," Ferraro said.

The Clinton campaign had no immediate comment. Late last year, the New York senator fired two junior aides for spreading emails claiming falsely that Obama is secretly a Muslim.

Uh oh.  Race and gender politics. Those damn Republi......er, wait, never mind.  Wrong party.

Ironically, though Ms. Ferraro is going to be skewered for what she said there at least some truth to it.  One look at the percentage of Black voters rejecting Hillary Clinton and her 20 year history of loyalty to them for Mr. Obama tells you as much.  Exit polls suggest Mr. Obama is getting something like 84% of the Black vote.

But the "I am woman, I am oppressed" routine is a bunch of baloney.  Women are second-naturedly elected to the house, senate and governor's mansions these days.  Whining about a glass political ceiling, therefore, is ridiculous.

In any event, it doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out that this racial and gender melee does Democrats no good.  Not only do they look like the kind of people they usually decry, but how can they now attack Republicans for it? 

Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?   (Or maybe a woman)?


Ken Berwitz

Here is installment #35 of how we will live if radical Islam makes good on its threat to end western civilization and put us under shari'a law.  It comes to us from www.ynetnews.com

 Man shoots sister then congratulated by family

Police arrest 24-year-old man from Naura, an Israeli-Arab town in northern Israel , who shot his 19-year old sister to preserve 'familys honor.' Family members arrived to congratulate shooter

 Sharon Roffe-Ofir

Latest Update: 

03.11.08, 14:22 / Israel News

Familial endorsement for murder. A 19-year-old woman from the Israeli-Arab town of Naura in northern Israel was hospitalized in critical condition at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa Tuesday after being shot twice in the head by her own brother. The suspect shot his sister in order to preserve the "familys honor," and was warmly congratulated by his family for his actions, according to Afula police investigators.

 I just shot my sister, the youth told MDA medics, who immediately reported the incident to police. His sister, who was shot in the head and repeatedly kicked in all parts of her body, played dead while her brother boasted to the family that he had managed to kill her in order to preserve the familys honor.

 Police investigators noted that the attempted murder was meticulously planned. The youth had informed his family members that he was going to murder his sister early Tuesday morning, and then set off to do just that. He headed to the entrance of the village in a vehicle which he had borrowed from his brother, and awaited his sisters arrival.

 The youth then shot his sister, who was startled to see him and proceeded to kick her repeatedly in order to ensure that she was no longer alive.

 Chief Superintendent of the Afula Police Department, Orli Malka, stated that the young woman was clever enough to play dead so that her brother would stop kicking her. The shooter than called MDA medics and phone the police emergency hotline. "I just shot my sister, he said, all the while keeping vigil over what he assumed was his sisters lifeless corpse.

 The young man than informed his family that he had shot his sister and was warmly greeted, hugged and congratulated by his brother and other family members.

 The shocked father rode along with his critically injured daughter to the Emek Medical Center in Afula, where she was initially treated before being transferred to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa .

 A Rambam hospital spokesperson said that the young woman suffered head injuries, and had undergone surgery early Tuesday morning. She remains in recovery, and doctors are still uncertain as to the severity of her condition and whether or not her life remains in danger.

 The beleaguered father remained at his daughters side. Police investigators noted that the gun used by the shooter was stolen. There is clear premeditation in this case," said the chief superintendent of the Afula police. This is one of the most shocking, unsettling cases that I have ever encountered, she said.

 The young man ultimately turned himself into the police, and the Nazareth Magistrates Court remanded him to custody following a Tuesday hearing. .

 Take a good look.  Because this is what will replace western civilization if we allow it to.  And it will be the way YOU live.

 If we fight against radical islam we may win and we may lose.  If we do not fight, we will most assuredly lose because, either way, they will continue fighting.  And if they win, our culture and our civilization is over, to be replaced by what?  A society in which a brother would shoot and kick his sister until it is assumed she is dead, for the "crime" of living her life in a way that the family disapproves of?  A family that then warmly hugs and congratulates the brother because they believe he successfully murdered her?

 God help the people who want to live this way.  I know I'm not one of them.  Are you?

We play political games with this lunacy at our own peril.

 Oh, and one other thing:  When Human Rights Watch puts out its report on what countries practice "honor killings", this one will accrue to Israel.  Don't expect HRW to mention that the crime was committed within the Arab population.  That would be asking too much.


Ken Berwitz

As the Spitzer resignation watch continues, here's a little something I'm surprised not to have seen mentioned so far.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are referred to as "The Tri-state Area".

-In 2004, Connecticut Governor John Rowland, a 47 year old Republican, resigned in disgrace and subsequently served ten months in prison for, among other things, using state resources for personal gain.

-Also in 2004, New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, a 47 year old Democrat, resigned disgracefully by claiming that his illicit sexual affair with a male employee somehow made him an aggrieved oppressed person -- because the world has it in for "Gay Americans".  In reality, McGreevey was running one of the most corrupt administrations in New Jersey memory (which is really saying something), and many his appointments and confidants were either in jail, heading there, plea bargaining or dealing with indictments.

-Now it is 2008 and Governor Eliot Spitzer, a 48 year old Democrat, seems all but certain to resign both in disgrace AND disgracefully.  He was buying expensive hookers and, it seems, paying for them through a money-laundering scheme which may have involved state and/or campaign monies.  In his one minute statement Spitzer said he didn't meet the standards he set for HIMSELF (nothing about the standards expected by the voters who elected him).  Then he walked away in an arrogant huff, without answering any questions.

There you have it, folks.  The tri-state trifecta.  Aren't we proud......


Ken Berwitz

This article, which was written by Gary Wolf for www.americanthinker.com, is a bit lengthy.  But it is so well done and makes its points so cogently, that I refuse abridge it in any way. 

Mr. Wolf shows you, though "deconstruction" just how biased the reporting on Israel, and the terrorism it lives with, really is.  He has done it for just one article.  But take a good look, because I guarantee you will recognize the same patterns elsewhere:

March 09, 2008

Deconstructing Anti-Israel Bias: The Jerusalem Yeshiva Massacre

By Gary Wolf

The bias of the mainstream media against Israel never ceases to amaze me. It must rank as one of the most curious sociopolitical phenomena of our era. The further the Palestinian Arabs move toward a barbaric Islamic theocracy, the deeper the support for them among the cadre of "progressive" journalists.

An example of the entrenched bias is last Thursday's (March 6) article from the Associated Press, "7 die in shooting at Jerusalem seminary."

Let us first examine the headline: "7 die." Seven what-people? Jews? Martians? And they are not killed, they simply "die," in the passive sense, as if from a stroke. The main reason why this is so insidious is that such language is never used when the enemies of Israel are the ones who die. One of the calling cards of Leftist journalism is that when Arabs die, you know how they died, who killed them, and whether they had any special characteristics worthy of pity. If the sides were reversed, the headline would read, "Israeli extremist massacres 7 youths learning Koran at Gaza holy place."

Let us now move to the body of the article:

A gunman infiltrated a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem and opened fire in a library Thursday night, killing at least seven people and wounding dozens, police and rescue workers said.

A gunman? Don't use the T-word, Mr. AP reporter, it hurts too much. Sure, a gunman, a man who happened to have a gun. It was probably just a liquor-store holdup that went bad.

"Killing at least seven people." Okay, we now know that the gunman killed someone. The victims remain just vague people, however. Not students, rabbis, youths, boys, teenagers, whatever.

In Gaza, the Islamic militant Hamas praised the attack but stopped short of claiming responsibility. Thousands poured into the streets to celebrate in Hamas-ruled Gaza, firing rifles in the air. "We bless the (Jerusalem) operation. It will not be the last," Hamas said in a text message sent to reporters.

The militant Hamas? Nothing like a little air freshener to sanitize one of the world's premiere Islamofascist terror groups. Militant, that sounds like hippies holding a sit-in demonstration. We should be grateful they weren't called activists.

Hezbollah's Al-Manar television in Lebanon said a previously unknown group called the Martyrs of Imad Mughniyeh and Gaza claimed responsibility for the attack. Mughniyeh, a top Hezbollah commander, was killed Feb. 12 by a car bomb in Syria. Hezbollah blamed his assassination on Israel, which denied any role.

Here we begin the obligatory recitation of Israel's recent bad behavior, to give us the context for the terror attack. First we learn that the old martyr's club pulled off the caper because Israel killed their hero, Mughniyeh. Israel of course "denied any role," which is to be expected from those tricky devils.

But wait, there's more Israeli mischief behind all this:

The attack in Jerusalem came a day after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice persuaded moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to return to peace talks with Israel and on the same day Egyptian officials were trying to mediate a truce between Gaza militants and Israel. Abbas suspended the talks after Israel launched a military offensive against Gaza militants barraging southern Israel with rockets. Palestinian officials say more than 120 were killed in Gaza during the weeklong operation. Four Israelis were also killed.

Well why didn't you say so? It was only after Israel decided to kill 120 people that the great moderate leader, His Excellency the President Mr. Abbas, was obliged to suspend the talks. Bad, bad Israel. At least the rocket attacks against Israel were mentioned, but note the odd sentence structure, with the sequence of events reversed. Ah, those cute little militants, "barraging southern Israel with rockets." Not bombing, not raining death, but barraging.

By the way, what does all this have to do with the event the article purports to be covering?

"He came out of the library spraying automatic fire. ... The terrorist came to the entrance and I shot him twice in the head," claimed [Yitzhak Dadon].

The T-word is finally used, but put in the mouth of an Israeli. We have been told that the gunman is a militant, so the use of the word terrorist seems misplaced and extreme. Another classic calling card of Leftist journalism.

"They were still shooting when we got here," he told Channel 10 TV. "We took cover and the ambulance was hit. It's horrible inside - dead bodies and wounded - it's horrific."

Similarly, descriptions of the carnage in the mouth of an Israeli, rather than being stated as fact. And even for this crumb, we had to wait until the 13th paragraph.

The seminar is the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in the Kiryat Moshe quarter at the entrance of Jerusalem, a well-known center of Jewish studies identified with the leadership of the Jewish settlement movement in the West Bank.

Implying that the institution is all about that nasty West Bank stuff. Our intrepid correspondant might have let us know that Mercaz Harav is one of the most important Jewish theological seminaries in the world. Harav ("the Rabbi" in Hebrew) refers to Rabbi Kook, the first chief rabbi of Israel, a great preacher of love and reconciliation. The students who were murdered and maimed by the militant were engaged, among other things, in study of the Bible. Where are the photos and heart-rending accounts of Bibles riddled with bullet holes?

The "entrance of Jerusalem"? What does that mean, and what does it have to do with anything?

There were no attacks by Palestinian militants in Jerusalem during 2007, though police and the military claimed to have foiled many attempts. Between 2001 and 2004, at the height of Palestinian-Israeli fighting, Jerusalem was a frequent target of Palestinian attacks, including suicide bombings on buses.

Note that Israeli spokesmen are always labeled as the military or police, not the "government" or "Israeli authorities." And these military/police types "claimed to have foiled many attempts." They only claim; surely they must be lying. After all, we're talking about those peace-loving Palestinians.

We are told that the heyday of militancy, 2001-2004, occurred "at the height of Palestinian-Israeli fighting." An interesting way to describe the wave of terrorism that swept across Israel during those years. "Fighting," as if the Palestinian Arabs came out to meet the Israeli army head-on, rather then sending Jihad-crazed human bombs into crowded urban areas.

I wonder whether the article would have looked any different if the militant had shot up AP headquarters in New York, killing seven people and wounding ten.


Let us imagine what on-the-scene coverage of 9/11 might have looked like if the media's anti-Israel bias were brought to bear:

2000 Die in New York Plane Crash

NEW YORK - Someone got behind the joystick of an airliner and leaned into it at the wrong angle, causing the plane to collide with a very tall structure in its path.

Rescue workers said that thousands of people, who happened to be physically present in the buildings, were dead. American police, FBI, and army officers allege that the person purposely flew the plane into the office building.

The militant Iranian government praised the crash but stopped short of taking responsibility. Thousands poured into the streets to celebrate. "We bless the [N.Y.] operation. It will not be the last," said Teheran militants in a press release.

In Afghanistan, a militant rebel television station said that a previously ignored militant group called the Martyrs of American Imperialism (also known as Al-Qaeda) claimed responsibility. Muhammed al-Shill, a leading militant, was tortured to death last week by the CIA, which denies any role in the killing of the militant.

The New York plane crash came a day after North Korean President Kim Jong persuaded moderate Iranian President Mohammad Khatami to consider peace talks with the United States. The Iranian president nixed the idea after it was disclosed that the U.S. is the number one oppressor of Muslims worldwide.

John Q. Public, a passenger on the plane, could be heard over the cockpit radio in the seconds before the crash. "Stop the terrorists, stop the terrorists," he shouted. Psychologists say that Mr. Public was suffering from temporary insanity caused by his imminent death.

Paramedic Whitey Johnson was on the scene shortly after impact. "It was horrible-dead bodies and debris all over the place," said Johnson, in a thick redneck accent.

Hundreds of cops surrounded the area as scores of office workers poured onto the sidewalk. "At least 2,000 were killed," said a N.Y. Fire Department operative.

The office building is the World Trade Center in the Wall Street quarter at the entrance of New York, a well-known workplace identified with capitalism, inequality, and exploitation of the Third World, particularly Muslims.

There were no plane crashes with Muslim pilots in 2001, though American police and military claim they had prevented several similar incidents.

Gary Wolf is the author of futuristic novels that portray worlds in which multiculturalism and political correctness have run amok. His website is http://www.awolcivilization.com/.

There you have it.  A chapter-and-verse demonstration; not only of the bias itself, but of how it is accomplished.  Please, please remember this technique when you come across subsequent stories on the Middle East.  It will make you a lot smarter - and, I hope, a lot more cynical - about what you are reading.


Ken Berwitz

Last week I made a point of demonstrating that the trial of Chicago dirtbag Antoin "Tony" Rezko had started, there was serious news about it every day, but the New York Times had declined to so much as mention it existed.

In fairness, therefore I would like to point out that finally, on Friday of last week, the Times did a reasonably decent story on the Rezko case.  And today, they even mentioned Rezko and Barack Obama in the same article. 

Of course there are several requisite assurances that Obama has only tangential involvement (this is the journalistic equivalent of whistling past the graveyard).  But at least they are now reporting the trial at all, so I will show you what was published.  As usual, the bold print is mine:

In Developers Trial, E-Mail Note Cites an Obama Role


Published: March 11, 2008

CHICAGO An e-mail message made public on Monday in the fraud trial of Antoin Rezko, a businessman and political contributor, brought attention to Senator Barack Obamas role in discussions involving a state health planning board that Mr. Rezko is accused of improperly influencing.

The message indicated that Mr. Obama, now a Democratic presidential candidate, and other top Illinois politicians consulted in 2003 on legislation to keep the board, which approved the construction of health facilities, from expiring under sunset provisions in state law.

The vaguely worded message also seemed to raise the possibility that Mr. Obama, who at the time was chairman of the Illinois Senates health committee, had been involved in recommending candidates for the board.

Mr. Rezko is accused of using his influence in state government to stack the board with associates, including some who made political contributions to Mr. Obama and other top Illinois politicians, and of seeking a bribe on a hospital project.

But David Wilhelm, a former campaign adviser to Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich of Illinois who asked that the e-mail message be written, said in an interview that he had never talked about the appointment process to Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama has said he had nothing to do with Mr. Rezkos activities with the board.

Mr. Obama has not been accused of any wrongdoing, and his name is expected to come up only tangentially during the trial. But given his tight race against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, each mention of Mr. Obamas name is being closely watched.

In the e-mail message, Matthew Pickering, who worked for Mr. Wilhelm, told Susan Lichtenstein, who was then Governor Blagojevichs general counsel, that he was writing at the behest of Mr. Wilhelm, who is also a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Mr. Pickering said he and Mr. Wilhelm had worked closely over six months with several state legislators to extend the life of the health facilities board. He then listed Democratic and Republican leaders in the state House and Senate, including Mr. Obama.

Mr. Pickerings message went on to suggest four candidates to serve on the board, stating that our attached recommendations reflect that involvement with the political leaders.

The trial is providing a look into political influence in the administration of Mr. Blagojevich, who also has not been charged with any wrongdoing. Mr. Rezkos lawyers introduced the e-mail message in an effort to show that a wide range of the states political leaders, and not just Mr. Rezko, were involved in decisions involving the health board.

Campaign finance records show that at least three Rezko associates who sat on the hospital board made substantial donations to Mr. Blagojevich and to Mr. Obama in 2003 and 2004.

Mr. Obamas spokesman, Bill Burton, has said the senator knew nothing about those appointments, and he repeated that last night. Mr. Obama has given the donations from the three Rezko associates to charity.

Mr. Wilhelm, who is supporting Mr. Obama for president, said in the interview that there was never a discussion between Barack Obama and me or anyone who worked for me about candidates for this board. Mr. Wilhelm said he viewed the e-mail message as a nonstory.

I find this article more than a little interesting - especially the comment that Mr. Obama has given the money donated by three influence seekers to charity.  Why did they give it to him in the first place?  And WHEN did he suddeny decide the money wasn't good enough for him?  What charities got the money? 

Is Mr. Obama's assurance, in and of itself, supposed to be good enough?

The bottom line seems to be that although the Times gave its quasi-exoneration of Obama a pretty good try, it is nearly impossible to read this account and assume he is off the radar. 

I only hope the paper can continue to remember this trial is in progress, and not forget like they did for the first four days.

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