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Ken Berwitz

Is Tony Rezko's trial of concern to Barack Obama?

Are you kidding?  Is a crab's butt waterproof?  Does Gladys Knight have Pips? 

Even before the Rezko trial we heard about $160,000 (that we know of so far) which Rezko contributed to Obama.  And we heard about the tangled deal hatched between Rezko and Obama that involved the $1.6 million dollar mansion Obama lives in that he bought way under market value, and the empty lot next door that he bought a piece from Rezko.

Now we're hearing about how interweaved Rezko is with Rod Blagojevich, the Democratic Governor of Illinois.  First we heard about dozens of people the governor's administration hired at Rezko's behest.  And now this, courtesy of the Associated Press.  The bold print is mine:

FBI agent says Rezko raised $1.4 million for Blago

CHICAGO (AP) -- An FBI agent testified Thursday that investigators have identified more than $1.4 million raised by political fundraiser Tony Rezko for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich from 2000 to December 2004.

Charles Willenborg was one of the first witnesses in Rezko's political fraud trial.

A chart compiled by the FBI using the Blagojevich campaign's own records showed that Rezko had raised thousands of dollars from contractors, insurance people, lobbyists and individuals who later got seats on state boards that were involved in an alleged shakedown scheme.

Another witness, attorney Susan Lichtenstein, served as Blagojevich's general counsel in his first year in office.

She testified that Rezko sat in on her job interview and was a regular presence at the governor's strategy sessions with his closest advisers.

So Rezko generates a ton of money for Blagojevich from people he could hurt if they don't play ball.  Then he winds up involved in the governor's strategy sessions.  Well, at least Tony R can't say he didn't get some bang for his buck.

Now:  How about some truth?  How about some media digging it up and reporting whatever they find?

Remember, Mr. Obama first said that Rezko only procured about $50,000 for him.  Then it turned out that $160,000 was uncovered.  So why would anyone believe that $160,000 is the end of it? 

HOW MUCH IN TOTAL has Rezko given to Obama?  And what did Rezko get from Obama for it?  Obviously this boy likes value for his, earned cash.  Are we supposed to assume that Barack Obama, a product of the Chicago Democratic political machine, was above supplying it?  

Last week an analyst wrote that, for Barack Obama, the Rezko trial was like a grenade with the pin pulled.  I couldn't have said it better.


Ken Berwitz

Israel uses aid to build infrastructure and protect itself from palestinian Arab terrorism.

Palestinian Arabs use aid money not to build infrastructure, but to launch the attacks Israel must spend money to protect itself from.

And part of their attack is indoctrinating schoolchildren with the same senseless hatred the adults have. 

Here, courtesy of,  is how they do it:

Fatah Leader, School Books Supports Terrorism Against US in Iraq

by Ezra HaLevi

( A leader of Mahmoud Abbas's US-backed Fatah party has come out in support of the terrorist war being fought against US and British forces in Iraq. PA text books for school children also push attacks on American and British forces

Mahmoud Ismail, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, expressed his support for the war on the US during an interview on official Palestinian Authority (PA) TV, which is under the control of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The clip was recorded and translated by Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors incitement on PA television.

Ismail further defined the US -Britain alliance fighting in Iraq as the Arab Nation's "enemies, the imperialists," and justified the "right to struggle and to resistance [euphemism for terror -PMW] in all possible ways in all the occupied lands." Those occupied lands, he said, include "Palestine" and Iraq.

PMW translated Ismails complete statements, made on PA television on February 26, 2008:

"I want to cite the actions and future actions of President [Abbas], from the starting point that the Palestine cause is the essential and central cause of the Arab Nation. It's not surprising that [to] certain journalists of the current despicable American era, our [Arab nationalist] language of the 50s and 60s is outdated, when we talk about the nature of the struggle between the Arab Nation and its enemies: the Imperialists and Zionists, who attack and occupy our territories inside Palestine and outside, in Iraq, in the remains of South Lebanon and the Golan.
"We [however,] take pride in this [Arab nationalist] language because we are the authentic Arabs who believe in our Arabism, our faith, our cause, our Nation, in our right to struggle and to resistance [euphemism for terror] in all possible ways in all the occupied lands, in Palestine, Lebanon the Golan and Iraq..."

PA Text Books Call For Fighting Americans and British in Iraq
"Palestinian support for those fighting American and British soldiers in Iraq is mainstream Palestinian ideology," Palestinian Media Watch Director Itamar Marcus says. One example given is a recently published PA textbook for schoolchildren, Contemporary Problems (grade 12, p. 92),  in which fighting between the Islamic-Arab world and the West is described as a "Clash of Civilizations." The book frequently expains that the clash is led by the United States and Iraq, PMW reports.

Fighting against American and British soldiers in Iraq is "brave resistance to liberate Iraq" from "occupation" according to the Grade 12 textboom "History of the Arabs and the World in the 20th Century." (p. 147)
"Islam is said to promote Human Rights (Contemporary Problems, pp. 95-96), while the US and the West are described as 'the colonialist states, [who] are taking advantage of it [human rights]' and 'interfering in the matters of other states, as is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Darfur...' (ibid, p. 101) America is guilty of 'violations of international humanitarian law in Iraq and Afghanistan...' (ibid, p. 108) 

According to PMW, the PA schoolbooks were published with foreign money, primarily from Belgium.
The following is a translated passage from the new 12th grade Palestinian history book:
"The President of the United States, George Bush Jr [sic], gave the Iraqi president in 2003 an ultimatum of 48 hours to leave Iraq, or face a war to disarm him. The Arab League rejected this ultimatum. The U.S. and Britain [forces]... stormed Iraqi cities with the participation of military forces from different countries and Baghdad fell. The Iraqis did not surrender to this occupation but succeeded in organizing themselves, and a brave resistance to liberate Iraq began." [History of the Arabs and the World in the 20th Century, grade 12, p. 147, published 2006

When mainstream media talk about palestinian Arabs, they usually refer to fatah as the "moderates".  I suppose that, by comparison to hamas, this is true; just as Cuba is a moderate nation compared to Iran.  But it doesn't make them moderate in any real-world sense at all, does it?

We give aid to palestinian Arabs in Gaza and Judea/Samaria (the west bank).  For what?  For this?

And even if they can show on their books that the money we give is not used for teaching terrorism to their children, the fact is that what they do use it for frees up the money to teach terrorism. 

Last week I attended a lecture by Jeff Jacoby, and one of his key points was that you cannot make peace with an enemy.  You can only make peace with a former enemy - i.e. after they have given up pursuing the actions that made them an enemy.

Does this suggest in any way that palestinian Arabs are no longer an enemy or that there is any hope that Israel can make peace with them?

So why is the United States giving aid to palestinian Arabs?  What good purpose does it serve?

I don't have an answer.  Do you?


Ken Berwitz

Here, courtesy of, is a fascinating analysis of the how and why of the Democratic Party's apparent "do-over" of its Florida primary vote:

Fla. mail-in primary plan gains traction

By JOHN DUNBAR Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTONA consensus began to emerge Sunday that the best way to give Floridas Democrats a voice in electing a candidate for president lies with the U.S. Postal Service

DNC Chairman Howard Dean said a mail-in primary is actually a very good process.

Every voter gets a ballot in the mail, the former Vermont governor said on CBSs Face the Nation. Its comprehensive, you get to vote if youre in Iraq or in a nursing home. Its not a bad way to do this.

Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., appeared to be amenable to a mail-in solution for his state, though with less enthusiasm.

Speaking on ABCs This Week, Levin said doing the election again would be against state law. That cant be changed, and that cant be paid for, he said. Levin also said caucuses would be difficult, with 500 potential sites.

The one possibility would be some kind of a mail-in caucus, he said. But theres some real problems with that, too. Not just cost, but the security issue. How do you make sure that hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million or more ballots can be properly counted and that duplicate ballots can be avoided?

Mr. Levin is pleased to be amusing.

Its clear that the Democrat bosses now think that Mrs. Clinton may well make their best candidate after all.

So they are pushing for approach will give them the best chance to stuff the ballot box and throw the nomination to Hillary.

But oh the irony of having the Democrat nomination being stolen in Florida.

You may remember that this primary was supposed to not count, since the state Democratic apparatus thumbed their noses at the DNC and moved it ahead of super Tuesday.  But, hey, "never" is a temporary status, isn't it?

Say, weren't some of these same people telling Hillary Clinton to pack it in and go away, less than a week ago?

This is getting weirder and weirder.  And we still have months to go before the convention. 

Stay tuned.  I guarantee it won't be boring.

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