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Ken Berwitz


Two weeks ago, CNN hosted a Democratic debate at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas.  There were about 1,000 tickets for the debate.  Roughly 100 were allotted to students.  And, based on the audience performance, roughly 873 of the remaining 900 were given to Hillary Clinton supporters. 

The debate was a joke, and even many of the media venues which usually support Senator Clinton noted as much.

Last night CNN hosted a Republican debate in Florida.  One of the questions was asked by an elderly man who identified himself as Keith Kerr, a retired career soldier.  His question was about gays in the military.  It was asked as a video (as were all the questions).

The question itself was framed in a hostile way ("I want to know why you think American men and women in uniform are not professional enough to serve with gays..." ) To answer it at all, therefore, was to acknowledge that Kerr had a valid point in claiming that Republicans consider American men and women in uniform unprofessional.  Does that sound like a random question from a random questioner to you?

But wait, there's more.  Mr. Kerr was also in the audience.  And after his question was played and answered, he was handed the microphone live.  He then was allowed to hold onto that mike and launch an attack on the answers he was given.  Kerr used the time to recite what amounted to a campaign speech against Republicans.   

The problem?  Mr. Kerr was not a just some guy asking a question.  He is a Democratic operative, who works for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. 

Here are the particulars, courtesy of the Republican Party of Florida:.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Hillary plants question in Republican debate
Posted by: Jonathan Garthwaite at 10:41 PM

It turns out that Keith Kerr, retired Colonel., U.S. Army; retired Brigadier General, California National Reserve, who submitted a YouTube question about gays in the military, is actually a member of Hillary Clinton's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Americans For Hillary Steering Committee.  He's also part of a film production crew trying overturn the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

UPDATE: In the final seconds of the post-debate coverage, Anderson Cooper acknowledges that CNN messed this up and states that CNN did not know that Kerr has a position within the Clinton campaign and that had they known, they would have disclosed the association. Here's that video.


For years and years, CNN has sarcastically been referred to as the Clinton News Network.  If this had happened on another network I might - might believe it was inadvertent.  But on CNN?  I do not believe it at all. 

In fairness, I believe the moderator, Anderson Cooper, may not have known about this political sabotage (though I can't say I'd be surprised if he did).  But I have no doubt that CNNers were involved in planting Kerr at this debate and allowing him to ask his loaded question, without being identified as a Democratic operative working for Hillary Clinton. 

CNN is pathetic.  And if mainstream media don't jump all over this (I'll wait and see), they as a group are just as pathetic.


Ken Berwitz

There is a reason I call him Chris Mouthews.

It is that his mouth just keeps on going.  And when someone's mouth just keeps on going, you can bet stupid things are going to be coming out of it. 

Want an example?  Try this one, which comes to us from Lynn Davidson of


Chris Matthews: Defeat Means Troops Still in Iraq--What About WWII?

By Lynn Davidson | November 29, 2007 - 12:52 ET

Did you know that the US is still at war with Korea, Germany, Japan, Bosnia and Kosovo? Based on Hardball host Chris Matthews' recent claims, we are still at war with those countries and will be until our troops leave their soil. (h/t Weasel Zippers)

On his November 28 show (transcript here), MSNBC's Matthews discussed Iraq with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, wondering when will we be able to come home. In the process, the former Carter speechwriter said, If we can't ever come home, we can't ever say we won.

Silly me, I thought WWII, the Korean War, the Bosnian War and the Kosovo War were over. I guess the US troops still stationed in those countries prove otherwise (bold mine throughout): .

You don't know whether to laugh or just grit your teeth.

Maybe if Mouthews would learn how to shut up every now and then, and let other people get in a word or two edgewise, this wouldn't happen.



Ken Berwitz

Henry Hyde, the long-time Republican congressman from Illinois, died today.

I didn't always agree with Mr. Hyde on issues.  And, unfortunately for him, a scandal from many years ago marred his reputation (it also established the term "youthful indiscretion" as a political sarcasm).

But, those things aside, he was a dedicated warrior for his side of the political aisle who fought hard, but was highly respected even by his adversaries. 

May he rest in peace. 


Ken Berwitz

Here, courtesy of the Jerusalem Post, is the latest from hamas, which controls half of what are inaccurately called "palestinian territories" and therefore half of what Israel is supposed to be at peace with if a deal is struck:.

Hamas demands UN rescind '47 partition

Hamas on Thursday called on the UN to rescind the 1947 decision to partition Palestine into two states, one for Jews and one for Arabs.

The group said in a statement, released on the 60th anniversary of the UN vote, that "Palestine is Arab Islamic land, from the river to the sea, including Jerusalem... there is no room in it for the Jews."

Regarding the partition decision, Hamas said that "correcting mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of, but prolonging it is exploitation." .

There is the "peace partner Israel is supposed to negotiate with.  The one which is simultaneously petitioning the UN to end Israel's existence.

I hope President Bush is enjoying his foray into Clintonian politics...because it is exactly the same ridiculous, futile folly that Clinton engaged in at the end of his presidency too.  You cannot make peace with people who do not want it.

This doesn't even qualify as a sick joke. 


Ken Berwitz

Here, courtesy of, is further proof (there's a ton of it out there right now) that the USA voter is starting to get it.  They are becoming increasingly cognizant of our successes in Iraq, big-time:.

Confidence in the War on Terror increased for the fourth straight month in November and is now near the highest level of President Bushs second term in office.

The latest Rasmussen Reports tracking poll finds that 47% of Americans now say the U.S. and its allies are winning the War on Terror (see crosstabs). Thats up from 43% a month ago and reflects is the highest level of confidence measured since December 2005. Over the past 35 months, confidence in the War on Terror has been higher than today only twice, in November and December 2005.

The 47% who believe the U.S. and its allies are winning is up significantly from earlier in the year. During the first nine months of 2007, the number believing that the U.S. fell as low as 33% and reached the 40% level just once. During calendar year 2006, an average of 40% believed the U.S. and its allies were winning. That average was 45% in 2005.

In what may be just as significant a finding, only 24% of voters now believe the terrorists are winning. Thats down from 30% a month ago and represents the lowest level of pessimism recorded since 2004.

The Rasmussen Reports telephone survey also found that 35% of all American voters expect things to get better in Iraq over the next six months while 32% expect the situation to get worse. Thats the first time in years that a plurality has given a positive assessment on the situation in Iraq. The recent increase in optimism is substantial. Just four months ago, in July, 49% of American voters offered a pessimistic assessment of the situation in Iraq and only 23% expected things to get better.  .

Ok.  With with this in mind, suppose you are a Democratic political leader, say Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.  You are fully invested in our failure and defeat in Iraq, you've declared the war lost and are committed to running against our policy there. 

NOW what do you do?  Do you acknowedge what is happening - the success that more and more voters are seeing - and make yourself look like a defeatist and an idiot?  Or do you cling to the proposition that we are losing and failing there and make yourself look like a liar and an idiot?

Well, at least you have a constant......


Ken Berwitz

Earlier this morning, I railed about the Hillary Clinton plant who asked a loaded question during last night's Republican presidential debate.  The plant, former military man Keith Kerr, then was handed the mike and allowed free air time to make a speech against Republicans, while they had to stand there and listen to it without being able to comment.

I commented as if Kerr were the only one and indicated that Anderson Cooper, who moderated this so-called debate, may well have been unaware that he was planted.

I apologize for almost certainly being wrong about this.  The invaluable website,, has found out that MOST of the "random questions from concerned citizens" were from Democratic partisans and/or operatives.  Further, the cite is far more skeptical about whether Anderson Cooper was in on the fraud than I was --- and given what I now know from the facts sweetness-light has uncovered, I think it is almost certainly correct about that too.

Here is the sweetness-light report which uncovers who these "random" questioners were, complete with their editorial comments about it:.

The Clinton News Network Does It Again

November 29th, 2007

Apparently, CNNs latest efforts for their Democrat masters involved stacking the Republican debate with questions from full-time Democrat activists.

According to internet research as compiled by Michelle Malkin and others, they so far include:

Concerned Undecided Mom LeeAnn Anderson, who is an activist for the John Edwards-endorsing United Steelworkers union.

Concerned Undecided Log Cabin Republican David Cercone, who is an avowed Barack Obama supporter.

Concerned Undecided Young Person Journey, who is an avowed John Edwards supporter.

Concerned Undecided Young Farmer (from Manhattan Beach, CA) Ted Faturos, who is a former intern for Democrat Congresswoman Jane Harman.

Concerned Undecided Young Black Man David McMillan, who is an avowed Republican hater and John Edwards supporter.

And lastly but not leastly, this mother of all ringers, Concerned Undecided Retired General Keith H. Kerr:

Mr. Kerr is in fact a top Hillary Clinton supporter who is even on her Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered steering committee. (Which, as we noted previously, is headed by Hillarys Wellesley roommate, Eldie Acheson.)

Mr. Kerr is also a member of the Veterans and Military Retirees for Hillary Committee.

Of course CNN knew all of this. Indeed, Mr. Kerr has appeared on the network before.

Moreover, its clear that the General got very special treatment from CNN. He not only asked his question via YouTube (how many generals use YouTube?), but he was also in the audience. In fact, he was conveniently seated up front near the stage. 

He also was allowed a follow-up by Cooper. Its clear CNN need what they were doing. They just hoped the audience wouldnt catch on.

But, thanks to the internet, Mr. Kerrs conflict of interest was so blatant that even Anderson Cooper (dont ask, dont tell) was forced to come clean:

But by then, of course, most of the viewers had tuned out.

Mind you, this is the self-same Mr. Cooper who likes to go on about Keeping Them Honest.

It is to laugh..

This is as blatant an attempt to play you for a sucker as I have ever seen by media.

Don't you let them do it.  Don't you let CNN ever convince you that it is a "trusted" or neutral source of information again. 

It is not.


UPDATE:  In case you have any doubt at all about how blatant these Democratic plants were, Michelle Malkin dispels them completely by posting the irrefutable evidence.  You can find it at


Ken Berwitz

Maybe the question we should be asking is whether any questioner at all in yesterday's Republican debate on CNN was a random "voice of the people". 

First we found out that keith kerr, the retired military veteran who asked a loaded question about gays in the military, was a Hillary Clinton operative.  Then we found out about a five more, whose names and affiliations I posted earlier today. 

Now we have this from

Worst pretense to an impartial news organization: CNN, part 2

Jim Vicevich alerts us to a few more Democratic plants at the CNN YouTube Republican candidates forum last night. Adam Florzak asked a question on Social Security. It turns out that Florzak quit his job with Caterpillar to work with Dick Durbin on Social Security reform. Then there was Mark Strauss, who pleaded with Ron Paul to run as an Independent. It turns out he's a Richardson supporter (more here). CNN must have known who Strauss is because he participated in the CNN/Youtube Democratic presidential debate this past July. It's all over now, baby blue. .

Remember when Democrats refused to debate on Fox because they accused the network of bias?  Not that Fox actually mishandled a debate, but on the basis that MAYBE they would.

Well this is the second debate in a row that CNN has cooked, concocted and orchestrated to the nth degree.  For real.

Simply stated, CNN has made a farce of itself, destroyed its reputation (what there was of it) and made any claim of neutrality a laugh-out-loud joke. 

I hope CNN is happy with this.  Because they brought it on themselves 100%.

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