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Ken Berwitz

David Horowitz tried to speak at Emory University earlier this week

I say he tried to do so because, as is so often the case when someone outside the leftwing orthodoxy tries to speak at a university, he was disrupted, shouted down and forced to curtail his speech. 

The people who came to hear him, and there were plenty who were there only to do just that, were censored by the facists in residence. 

Here is David's account of what happened, from  Read it and weep:.

Posted at 10:18 PM on 10/24/2007 by David Horowitz

Well, we brought the fascists out...

The fascists came out in force
tonight at Emory University and broke up what would have been an interesting conversation. I hardly got through fiteen minutes of my scheduled talk before members of the audience who come to protest rather than to listen became so unruly that it was impossible to go on. (Video and reports on Islamo-Fascism Week available at

This is too bad, particularly for the students at Emory, which is a good school and whose student audiences have always been civil when I spoke there in the past. After the event became a shambles, I went over to the local Starbucks to indulge in a tall Orange Mocha. While I was sitting there the president of the Muslim Students Association came over and introduced herself, and shared her regrets at what had happened. I thanked her for that and told her I would like to continue conversation another time.

I think most of the students present (the disrupters were outsiders mostly over the age of thirty and apparently belonged to the group United for Peace and Justice) would have found the rest of the evening a stimlating and informative experience, which is what Islamo-fascism Awareness Week was intended to be.

The left merely inflicted a defeat on itself, since civil America, both left and right, will be appalled at the spectacle. Moreover, it's impossible to shut down Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week which has been the intent of our "critics" from the beginning.

We set out to start a discussion about Islamo-Fascism and the oppression of women in Islam (and the deafening silence of Women's Studies Departments over that oppression) and we have done just that. On 114 campuses and in the national press on national TV and across the Internet and the talk-radio network, people are talking about Islamo-fascism and the oppression of women in Islam and the silence of Women's Studies departments about that oppression. (E.g., 383,000
web references and counting.) That was what we set out to achieve and we have.

In the process we have exposed the hateful tactics of the left, including the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (whose pro-Hizbollah founder can be seen on Hizbollah TV
here) who organized a national campaign of slander against the students that organized our events and the speakers who came to their campuses.

No sane person will believe their malicious character assassinations and attacks which have become a familiar currency of leftist outrages; their disgraceful behavior will win them no allies.

Emory will get a big black eye from this evening's events which is unfortunate but inevitable. Universities like Emory are paying the price of not taking care of the important task of establishing a campus decorum appropriate to civilized discussion. As I have said many times, there should be zero tolerance for disrupters at campus events, and that means a sufficient police presence to eject the barbarians when they enter the gates. Unfortunately, that didn't happen this evening.

Of course, this is not hate-speech:

Daily Kos: Bushismo-Fascism Awareness Week: Legal Remedies Story Updated.
Bushismo-Fascism Awareness Week: Legal Remedies by james risser
Wed Oct 24, 2007 at 04:52:58 PM PDT

This week, David Horowitz and his band of degenerate murderers, religious extremists, and fear-mongering terrorists are polluting the country with their special brand of racism and hatred that we have come to expect from right-wing Bush sycophants. These religious persecutors, war-criminals, and lackeys continue on their project to destroy America from within, while murdering as many brown-skinned people as possible along the way. All who dare not bend automatically to their sick will to power and their destiny to destroy are fair game. Not only the religion of Islam, but the international community, its rule of law, and its respect for human rights are also in the cross-hairs of these sick, demented brown-shirted bastards. In honor of the Great Professor Horowitz, and to counter-balance his campaign to infect the world with his ignorance, I proclaim this Bushismo-Fascism Awareness Week and will present a series of diaries that describe Bushism and its basis in fascistic ideology.
james risser's diary
:: .
Lovely.  just lovely.
I have read a few blogs which talked about this disgrace.
Incredibly one of the ongoing themes within them is that at least some lunatic leftists have convinced themselves that shouting down Horowitz was an exercise of their free speech.
If they truly believe this they need competent help.  A lot of it.
-When you say what you think and I say what I think, it is free speech.
-When you say what you think and then shout me down when I try to say what I think, it is fascism.
You would think they teach that at universities.  If this is any indication, maybe they don't.


Ken Berwitz

As many readers know, I have blogged a number of times about Genarlow Wilson, the young Georgia man who, as a 17 year old, was jailed for a mandatory ten year sentence because he accepted voluntary oral sex from a 15 year old girl.

Yes, you read that right.  Ten years of mandatory jail time for engaging in a voluntary sex act with a 15 year old (something I would have given my eye teeth for when I was his age).

The original reason for this insane injustice was the law itself, which required the ten year sentence.  But then the law was changed and the charge devolved to misdemeanor status -- which, of course, is where it should have been in the first place.

So what kept Mr.Wilson in jail anyway?  A state Attorney General who apparently saw Inspector Javert of  Les Miserables as some kind of role model, and did everything he could to keep him there.

But finally, I am thrilled to say, the nightmare for Genarlow Wilson is over.  Here are the specifics courtesy of the Associated Press;  please pay special attention to the two paragraphs I have put in bold print:


Ga Court: Release Man Jailed in Sex Case
Oct 26 11:58 AM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

View larger image

ATLANTA (AP) - Georgia's Supreme Court on Friday ordered the release of a young man who has been imprisoned for more than two years for having consensual oral sex with another teenager.

The court ruled 4-3 that Genarlow Wilson's 10-year sentence was cruel and unusual punishment.

Wilson, 21, was convicted of aggravated child molestation following a 2003 New Year's Eve party at a Douglas County hotel room where he was videotaped having oral sex with a 15-year-old girl. He was 17 at the time.

Wilson was acquitted of raping another 17-year-old girl at the party.

The 1995 law Wilson violated was changed in 2006 to make oral sex between teens close in age a misdemeanor, similar to the law regarding teen sexual intercourse. But the state Supreme Court later upheld a lower court's ruling which said that the 2006 law could not be applied retroactively.

Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears wrote in the majority opinion that the changes in the law "represent a seismic shift in the legislature's view of the gravity of oral sex between two willing teenage participants."

Sears wrote that the severe punishment makes "no measurable contribution to acceptable goals of punishment" and that Wilson's crime did not rise to the "level of adults who prey on children."

State Attorney General Thurbert Baker said he accepts Friday's ruling.

Baker said he hopes the ruling will "put an end to this issue as a matter of contention in the hearts and minds of concerned Georgians and others across the country who have taken such a strong interest in this case."

The state Supreme Court had turned down Wilson's appeal of his conviction and sentence, but the justices agreed to hear the state's appeal of a Monroe County judge's decision to reduce Wilson's sentence to 12 months and free him. That judge had called the 10-year sentence a "grave miscarriage of justice."

Dissenting justices wrote that the state Legislature expressly stated that the 2006 change in the law was not intended to affect any crime prior to that date.

They said Wilson's sentence could not be cruel and unusual because the state Legislature decided that Wilson could not benefit from subsequent laws reducing the severity of the crime from a felony to a misdemeanor.

They called the decision an "unprecedented disregard for the General Assembly's constitutional authority."

A spokeswoman for Wilson's lawyer said his legal team received no advance notice of the decision.


No one can give Genarlow Wilson back the four years he has lost;  over two spent in jail, the rest with jail hanging over him. 

But what could be done - giving him the almost eight years he was still on the hook for - is simple decency and fairness.

I hope Mr. Wilson can overcome the bitterness that would consume most people who are subjected to this severe an injustice, and become the decent, productive human being he could and should have been for the last four years. 

Let's all root for him.

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