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Ken Berwitz

ted rall is human garbage.

The only way he seems able to make a wave is to be viciously, sickeningly, moronically insulting to the USA, with a special animus aimed at the men and women who protect us. 

If you think this is an exaggeration, then refer to the piece that I found at, which is shown below.  Then you'll know better..

Ted Ralls (Who?) Latest Insult To US Troops

October 25th, 2007

From Ted Rall Online:


One hates to give an America-hating creep like this the attention he so desperately craves.

Still, it is instructive to see how the left in this country support our troops, day in and day out.

But what can you expect from someone like this?.

It's been said many times, but let me say again that there is a perverse irony in "people" like rall using the freedoms secured by our armed forces to crap on them.

And, equally ironic, if our troops should fail to do so, thus enabling the "people" they are protecting us from to take over, the ted ralls of the world will be the first ones to go. 

When hate-filled intolerant people take over, the wiseass dissidents are always at the top of the hit list. 

rall's only hope will be the difficulty they will have in telling themselves apart from him.


Ken Berwitz

Ed Morrissey of tells this much better than I can.  So let me let him do it:


The New S-CHIP, The Same Ram Job

The Democrats have introduced a new version of S-CHIP that they hope can garner enough Republican support to override a presidential veto. The changes in the details limits childless adults from accessing S-CHIP and it sets a lower ceiling of 300% of the poverty line for eligibility. However, it still contains the regressive smoking tax and still does not account for full funding of the program:

Just one week after failing to override President Bush's veto, House Democrats will put a new version of their $35 billion expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program to a vote today, hoping that minor changes will win enough Republicans to beat Bush this round.

The new version will underscore that illegal immigrants will not have access to the expanded program. It will ease adults off the program in one year, rather than the two in the vetoed version. And it establishes a firmer eligibility cap at 300 percent of the federal poverty line, just more than $60,000 for a family of four.

The move took Republican leaders by surprise. Bush administration officials yesterday voiced conciliation, suggesting the president could accept legislation that would expand the program by about $20 billion over five years, far bigger than the $5 billion expansion that Bush initially proposed. At the same time, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt has been meeting with House and Senate Republicans, urging them to hold the line against an even larger bill. And Bush continues to oppose the tobacco tax increase that Democrats want to fund the measure.

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) has been meeting all week with some of the 45 House Republicans who voted for the first bill, looking for ways to win the dozen or so votes that supporters needed to override another veto. But Democratic leaders have yet to reach out to the Republicans who voted against the measure.

"When they need my vote, they don't even have the courage to ask me for it," complained Rep. Ric Keller (R-Fla.), who has suffered through a barrage of advertisements from Democratic allies accusing him of forsaking children.

That's not the only place in which they lack the courage of their rhetoric. After years of complaining about Republican majority practices (which followed Republican complaints of Democratic majority practices before 1994), Nancy Pelosi promised open debate and reasonable access for the minority. In a well-documented initiative that's on her Speaker web site, Pelosi promised that "Bills should generally come to the floor under a procedure that allows open, full, and fair debate consisting of a full amendment process that grants the Minority the right to offer its alternatives, including a substitute. She also promised that Members should have at least 24 hours to examine bill and conference report text prior to floor consideration. Rules governing floor debate must be reported before 10 p.m. for a bill to be considered the following day.

So what happened today? The debate on HR 3963 will occur under a "closed rule" -- which means Republicans can't offer amendments. The GOP Whip claims that this is the 40th time that rule has been invoked by the majority. Also, the bill got filed last night at 11:25 pm, almost a midnight run, and the House started debating it at 11:20 this morning, just shy of 12 hours after publicizing the text. Most of the people debating this bill havenh't even read it yet.

This is the New Direction for America promised by the Democrats. They issue bills in the dark of night, refuse to allow real debate and compromise, and force votes on massive spending initiatives without allowing for reasonable review first. That direction leads to irresponsible legislation and hefty bills for taxpayers, regardless of the value of the initiative. If this new S-CHIP proposal has any merit, why are Democrats afraid of real debate and bipartisan effort?.

Did anyone seriously think that nancy pelosi-ricardo*** would have done this differently?  Did anyone seriously believe her when she said she would?

I have more or less given up on major media informing the general public about what a hypocrite Ms. pelosi-ricardo is and how fraudulent her claims are.  But at least we have people like Ed Morrissey to keep the flame burning.


***I call her nancy pelosi-ricardo because, other than her lack of comedic content (not the intentional kind, anyway), her bizarre nuttiness reminds me so much of Lucy Ricardo from the I Love Lucy show.


Ken Berwitz

One of my favorite quotes is from William Blake, who, paraphrased, said "you never know when you've had enough until you've had more than enough"

Well, Israel has finally discovered what more than enough is.  After years of daily shelling and mayhem from the Gaza territory it handed to Palestinian Arabs on a silver platter***, Israel has finally decided to make it harder for them to do so.

And what is it that they are doing?  Here's your answer, courtesy of the Jerusalem Post and the Associated Press:

Barak okays plan to cut power in Gaza for every rocket fired

Defense Minister Ehud Barak approved on Thursday a list of civilian sanctions against the Gaza Strip as a means to combat the ongoing Kassam rocket barrages that have been fired at southern Israel since the disengagement from Gaza in August 2005.

The decision was made during a special meeting of security officials in which he discussed the matter with senior military personnel, and it marks the first time Israel has scaled back vital supplies to Gaza since the cabinet defined Gaza as a "hostile entity" last month.

Under the plan, Israel will cut electricity for increasing lengths of time each time a Palestinian rocket is fired into Israel. Officials would not say when Israel plans to begin the cutoffs.

Throughout Wednesday, Palestinians continued to fire rockets into Israeli territory, all of which landed in open areas in the western Negev and caused no damage. In response, IAF planes struck a Kassam rocket cell in northern Gaza moments after its members launched two rockets at Israel. Two of the three cell members were killed.

On Tuesday, Barak ordered Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna'i to prepare a list of sanctions to be imposed on Gaza. Following a meeting with senior defense officials, Southern Command officers and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, the deputy defense minister recommended that Israel begin cutting back the supply of gasoline and electricity to Gaza in the coming days.

"It's clear that we have to cut off ... the supply of electricity and the supply of fuel," Vilna'i told Army Radio Wednesday. "We will dramatically reduce the flow of electricity from Israel over several weeks."

Barak was also advised to shut down one of the five power lines connecting Israel and Gaza for two hours at night.

"We need to show the residents of Gaza that life does not carry on freely when Kassam rockets land in Israel," a senior defense official said. "If rockets are fired, then the Palestinians will pay a price."

Defense officials said the cuts in gasoline supply would be enough to "slightly disrupt" Palestinians' daily lives and cause them to think twice before driving their car.

During Tuesday's meeting, Vilna'i decided to allow the continued supply of diesel fuel, which is used by ambulances and sanitation vehicles.

"We do not want to cause a humanitarian crisis," a defense official said. "But we do want to send a clear message to the Palestinians that the rocket fire will not be tolerated.".

Money is fungible.  So are services. 

If Israel isn't supplying electricity to a population that is committed to its destruction and the death of its Jewish majority - and why SHOULD they supply electricity to that population? - then Palestinian Arabs will have to create their own electricity.  That costs money - money that would then be unavailable for the rockets they delight in attacking Israel with.

I have no doubt that much of the world, via the feckless, useless, stacked-deck UN, will condemn Israel because it has decided to not facilitate its own demise.  For that I have always had two words in answer - words that Israel apparently has just found as well.  The first of the two words is "tough".


****NOTE:  For anyone who thinks that Israel gave back Gaza to the people who owned it, they did NOT do so at all.  Gaza never belonged to Palestinian Arabs as a group, Israel won the land from Egypt.  There has never been a country of Palestine. 

Parnupong I agree. Even if you've never been anywhere near as erextme as Lia, little things about the way she thinks and relates to food are so universal at least in my experience. The caloric content of everything she sees or eats is in parentheses she can't look at food without thinking of the adverse consequence it'll have on her, and she tries to gain control over her life by controlling food. It's a remarkable read. And the consequences of what she and her best friend do to themselves aren't delivered in a preachy way, they're just honest consequences and they're pretty awful. It takes as deft a hand as LHA's to accomplish this story without a hint of melodrama. (03/19/12)

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