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Ken Berwitz

I am happy to report the truth has come out about the 100% fraudulent attack on Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh, who has been unfailingly supportive of our troops for his entire radio career, has been attacked as "unpatriotic" and "anti-troop" by the Lunatic-left And Mega-moonbat Brigade, along with their bosom buddies, the cut-and-run bloc of Democrats.  Their basis for this idiocy is an intentional misreading of how Limbaugh used the term "phony soldiers" two weeks ago.

Let's start with the fact that this burlesque show isn't working.  No one believes Rush Limbaugh is unpatriotic or anti-troop because a george sorosian nutball says so.  This "strategy", if you can call it that, is strictly for the people who want it to be true and therefore will pretend to make it so. 

But this still begs the question of what their real motives are.  And, for that, we have "The Prowler" who writes political insider material for American Spectator.  Here's what he has to say - with special emphasis on the two paragraphs I have put in bold print:.

Rush Week
By The Prowler
Published 10/8/2007 12:08:25 AM

The Democrat Party senior leadership is feeling a Rush. Rush Limbaugh, that is. Late last week, DNC Chair Howard Dean, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, his deputy, Sen. Dick Durbin and Senatorial Committee chair, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi all signed off in some form or another direct mail fundraising plans that will feature Limbaugh for their national party.

"'Don't let Limbaugh smear true patriotism,' that's the theme," says a DNC staffer. "We're not going to let Limbaugh determine what soldiers can talk and what soldiers can not."

Bad grammar and ill-informed opinions aside, the DNC hopes to raise millions of dollars of Limbaugh. "If we can't silence him, we should at least make some money to make his life more miserable in a Democratic-controlled Washington in 2008," says a Senate Democrat leadership aide.

Others on the Democrat side are pushing ahead with other plans. Rep. Henry Waxman has asked his investigative staff to begin compiling reports on Limbaugh, and fellow radio hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin based on transcripts from their shows, and to call in Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin to discuss the so-called "Fairness Doctrine."

"Limbaugh isn't the only one who needs to be made uncomfortable about what he says on the radio," says a House leadership source. "We don't have as big a megaphone as these guys, but this all political, and we'll do what we can to gain the advantage. If we can take them off their game for a while, it will help our folks out there on the campaign trail."

Aha.  There you go.

The real deal here is just what a political cynic would think.  The left is using this fraudulent accusation to attack influential conservative commentators.  Since doing so will help Democrats and damage Republicans, our "neutral" media are, of course, unconditionally on board.

I'm not optimistic about the prospect, but I can't help thinking that this could backfire and then some. 

My hope is that the spectacle of cut and run Democrats using their media sycophants to claim they, not Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin, are pro-military patriots, may be so preposterous to most people that they will finally catch on to how completely they are being played.  

That, in turn, might cause them to laugh derisively at every subsequent collaboration between these frauds and the media they own and operate as well. 

Do I expect it?  Nope.  But I can hope.


Ken Berwitz

Here, courtesy of Neal Boortz, is a pop quiz.  Read the quotes, select your answers (No changing after the fact.  Keep it honest!!!) and then read the answers at the bottom.


1) "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."

A. Karl Marx
B. Adolph Hitler
C. Joseph Stalin
D. None of the above

2) "It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and for the few...and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity."

A. Lenin
B. Mussolini
C. Idi Amin
D. None of the Above

3) "(We)...can't just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people."

A. Nikita Khrushev
B. Jose f Goebbels
C. Boris Yeltsin
D. None of the above

4) "We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their order to create this common ground."

A. Mao Tse Dung
B. Hugo Chavez
C. Kim Jong Il
D. None of the above

5) "I certainly think the free-market has failed."

A. Karl Marx
B. Lenin
C. Molotov
D. None of the above

6) "I think it's time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are being watched."

A. Pinochet
B. Milosevic
C. Saddam Hussein
D. None of the above




(1) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/29/2004
(2) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 5/29/2007
(3) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
(4) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
(5) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
(6) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 9/2/2005


Y'know, that might be enough to make even a hardline Democrat think twice.  Anyway, I hope so.


Ken Berwitz

"When we hang the capitalists, they will sell us the rope"

That ironic observation was made by josef stalin, who outdistanced hitler as the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century.

I think of it often these days.  Because when I see and hear people who blithely overlook the danger of radical Islam in favor of pumping out insults and attacks aimed at President Bush, the guy who is trying to fight it, I know that stalin had a point. 

Here, I am terribly sorry to say, is an updated version of the point stalin was making - straight from Ohio.  It comes from, which is an invaluable source for this kind of material.  Although it is long, I consider it important entough to be posted in its entirety..

HAMAS in the House  

By Patrick Poole | Monday, October 08, 2007 The Ohio State Capitol in Columbus will be the setting for a curious convocation later this month when it hosts an event featuring several well-known Islamic extremists as part of an interfaith conference entitled, The Many Faces of Islam. The conference, which is to be held in the atrium of the Statehouse on Sunday, October 28th, will feature two well-known speakers with multiple connections to the HAMAS international terrorist organization, a host of convicted terrorist leaders, and colleagues who fled the US to avoid prosecution on terrorism-related charges. The event is sponsored by the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio.

One of the featured speakers at the conference will be Anisa Abd El Fattah, the chair of the National Association of Muslim American Women based in Columbus. Fattah is best known for co-authoring two books with current HAMAS spokesman Ahmed Yousef, The Agent: The Truth Behind the Anti-Muslim Campaign in America and Al-Aqsa Intifada. Yousef fled the US in 2005 to avoid prosecution in the Fawaz Damra terrorist support trial and reappeared in Gaza as the official spokesman for HAMAS, a position he still holds. One recent report in Asharq Alawsat described Fattahs co-author Yousef as The Smiling Face of HAMAS. President Clinton identified HAMAS as a Specially Designated Terrorist Organization in a January 1995 executive order.

Both Yousef and Fattah worked together at the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), where Fattah served respectively as both president and director of public affairs. Yousef and Fattah also co-edited the UASRs quarterly publication, the Middle East Affairs Journal. As UASR director of public affairs, Fattah issued a press statement in March 2004 condemning the assassination of HAMAS founder Sheikh Yassin and saying that Yassin, who had ordered numerous suicide bombings targeting civilians and was responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent men, women and children, was a man of peace.

UASR was founded in 1989 by Mousa abu Mazook, who currently serves as the Deputy Chief of the HAMAS political bureau in Damascus, Syria, and has been listed as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the US government in 1995. According to a February 1993 New York Times article, convicted HAMAS terrorist operative and former UASR employee, Mohammed Salah, told federal authorities that UASR served as the political command of HAMAS in the United States. Another 2004 report by investigative journalist Scott Wheeler, Alleged Terrorist Threat Operates in DC Suburb, describes multiple ties between UASR and al-Qaeda.

This past May, UASR was named as unindicted co-conspirator by federal prosecutors in the current Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial. During the trial, FBI agent Lara Burns testified that UASR was part of the Muslim Brotherhoods Palestine Committee in America. A 1991 Palestine Committee document introduced as evidence shows that the head of UASR, a position Fattah previously held, was a part of the Central Committee, and states that UASR was the official organization which represents the media and the cultural aspects to support the cause [HAMAS]. The recording of that history of Islamic work for Palestine and providing a frame for media, political and cultural address is done through it.

Fattahs ties to terror are not limited to heading the primary political front group for HAMAS in the US and co-authoring two books with the terrorist groups current spokesman. In fact, Fattah was actively involved the in formation of the American Muslim Council, which was founded and led by convicted terrorist leader and fundraiser, Abdurahman Alamoudi. Her own bio states that she has been credited with developing the blueprint for what later became the American Muslim Council, and served for nearly 10 years as an unofficial advisor, indicating her critical role in the planning and continued operations of the organization. She was also a founding board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

As one of the foremost spokesman for HAMAS in the US, Fattah has published a litany of screeds denouncing Zionism and promoting violence against Israeli civilians. A letter to the editor she had published last month in the Columbus Dispatch (Israelis in Gaza arent civilians), Fattah indicated that any Israeli man, woman or child in Gaza was fair game for terror attacks: There are no Israeli civilians in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. There are only illegal Jewish settlers, who, by Israeli law, are also citizen-soldiers. They are heavily armed with fully automatic weapons.

In a May 2006 article, Condemning Zionism is crucial to world peace, Fattah rages against Israel, arguing that Zionism is an evil and racist ideology that not only directly contrasts everything we profess to stand for as a country, but that also violates every relevant divine, human rights, or other law, including our own laws, as well as every norm of decency known to the human species. She concludes her article by adding that Zionism was attempting to expand into Sudan through Darfur, and thus, responsible for the genocidal violence there, rather than the Islamic government in Khartoum.

An April 2006 article by Fattah, A Religious History of Justice and Palestine, begins with her pronouncement that [t]he racist and colonizing legacy of the Zionist Christian Church, and the Synagogue continues into the 21st Century.

This is one of the featured speakers at the interfaith conference at the Ohio State Capitol.

Also appearing with Fattah on the interfaith panel is Robert D. Crane, who according to his bio served on the UASR Board of Directors from 1996 until its demise after Ahmed Yousef fled the country, and also was instrumental along with Fattah and convicted terrorist leader Abdurahman Alamoudi in the formation of the American Muslim Council, where he was the director of the groups legal division. He also was the managing editor, in cooperation with co-editors Fattah and HAMAS spokesman Ahmed Yousef, of the UASRs Middle East Affairs Journal. He is currently an editor for The American Muslim online magazine.

Additionally, Crane served as the director of publications for the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), which in 2004 the Washington Post described as the center of the DC-area terror financing network that was set up in the 1980s largely by onetime Brotherhood sympathizers with money from wealthy Saudis. In 1992, IIIT established a partnership with the World Islam and Studies Enterprise (WISE) at the University of South Florida, which was led by Sami al-Arian, the North American leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Another WISE founder, Ramadan Abdulah Shallah, fled the US in 1995 and is currently the head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad based in Syria. WISE received more than $50,000 in funding from IIIT, while much of the IIITs funding came from the SAAR Network, which was raided by federal authorities as part of Operation Greenquest.

If it werent troubling enough that a major HAMAS operative and another individual with multiple connections to terrorist organizations and convicted terrorist leaders were featured speakers at an event at the Ohio State Capitol, the news that outspoken terror apologist Abukar Arman, who was the subject of a FrontPage expos just a few months ago, Hometown Jihad: The Somali Terror Apologist Next Door, which led to his forced resignation from the board that oversees Central Ohio Homeland Security (see Terrorist Sympathizer Tossed from Homeland Security Panel), is the individual responsible for organizing this interfaith conference will hopefully get the attention of Ohio state legislators. Abukar Arman is a board member of the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio, and he is listed as the contact person for the event and identified as a member of the groups Education and Executive Committees.

An additional note worth mentioning is that an August 11th conference scheduled to be held at the US Capitol in Washington DC featuring Fattah, Abukar Arman, and CAIR national vice chairman Ahmad Al-Akhras (also a Columbus, Ohio resident and the subject of a FrontPage expos, Hometown Jihad: Getting By With a Little Help From His (Terrorist) Friends), was cancelled the day before the event and denied entry by the US House of Representatives Sergeant-at-Arms when the extremist background of the speakers was discovered.

What remains to be seen is whether officials responsible for booking this conference at the Ohio Statehouse were aware of the extremist views of the scheduled speakers, and whether a sponsoring Ohio legislator was needed to book the event. But in light of the precedent recently established by the US House Sergeant-at-Arms in denying these extremists from holding their event in such a prominent public venue, perhaps Ohio legislative leaders will be prompted to reconsider their tacit endorsement for these terror-tied extremists and the legitimacy that such an event held in the political epicenter of Ohio would give them.

Patrick Poole is Executive Director of Central Ohioans Against Terrorism, and is a regular speaker and consultant on radical Islamic ideology and counterterrorism issues.

Nice job, Ohio.  Brilliant .  What a great lineup for the"interfaith" conference on Islam.  Very logical.

But hey, don't stop there.  Maybe you can also get robert mugabe to host a session on farming in the third world.

Are these people nuts?


Ken Berwitz

Here is another part in the ongoing series that looks at what our world will be like if radical Islam takes over.  It will give you a little insight into what happens even before a takeover, when it has a foot in the door.  This comes from, which is worth reading every day.  .

Hamas Children's Magazine Al-Fateh Encourages Terrorism, Glorifies Martyrdom
By: C. Jacob

The Hamas children's magazine Al-Fateh is published biweekly in London, and is also posted online at It began publication in September 2002, and its 108th issue was released in mid-September 2007.

The magazine, which features stories, poems, riddles, puzzles, etc., includes incitement to jihad and martyrdom and glorification of terrorist operations and of their planners and perpetrators, as well as characterizations of Jews as "murderers of the prophets" and laudatory descriptions of parents who encourage their sons to kill Jews. In each issue, a regular feature titled "The Story of a Martyr" presents the "heroic deeds" of a mujahid from one of the organizations who died in a suicide operation (including operations against civilians) or who was killed by the IDF.

The magazine also includes illustrations of figures (including child warriors) who embody the ancient Islamic ethos of jihad and martyrdom, presenting them as role models. These include the magazine's titular character, Al-Fateh ("The Conqueror") - a small boy on a horse brandishing a drawn sword (see Illustration No. 1 below) - as well as children carrying guns (Illustration No. 2), and photos of Hamas fighters launching Qassam rockets (Illustration No. 3).

Some issues feature stories with martyrdom themes, including characters who express a wish to die in battle and meet the virgins of Paradise, and parents who rejoice at their son's death in a jihad operation and celebrate by uttering cries of joy and handing out sweets.

The following are excerpts and illustrations from the magazine:

Glorification of Suicide Operations

The 60th issue of Al-Fateh features a story about Sa'id Hassan Hutari from Qalqilya, who carried out the June 2001 suicide bombing at a disco near the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv, killing 21 people, mostly teens. The magazine presents Hutari's last message, in which he says: "I shall turn my body into pieces and bombs that will pursue the sons of Zion, blow them up, and burn the remains [of their bodies]." He then addresses his parents, telling them not to weep over his death, saying, "There is nothing greater than to give one's soul for the sake of Allah on Palestinian soil. Mother, utter cries of joy; Father and brothers, hand out sweets. Your son is awaiting his betrothal to the Virgins of Paradise." [1]

An illustrated story in Issue No. 69, "A Mission of Peace," tells of a boy named Basel who sets out to carry out a martyrdom operation against the "Zionist soldiers." [2] Issue No. 71 presents the story of Nasim Al-Ja'bari, who carried out a bombing in Beersheba. In the story, his mother says: "Before he left, he gave me 800 shekels. I felt deep sorrow, and cried six times that day without knowing why. When I heard the news that he had martyred himself, I took the money and bought dates, sweets, and coffee for the guests who would be coming to congratulate me." [3]

The "Palestinian Jihad" section in Issue No. 87 describes the 1974 "Um Al-Aqarib Operation" at a kibbutz, in which several Israelis were killed. [4]

Issue No. 9 features a poem glorifying the first Palestinian female suicide bomber, Wafa Idris, who in February 2002 carried out an attack in Jerusalem, killing one and wounding 140: "Glorious Wafa will always be with us. / She sacrificed her soul. / She stood up in the square proud, tall and defiant, / to punish the Zionist gang for the barbaric war, / and to teach the world a lesson about [the meaning of] nationalism. / Hurrah for this believing and loyal young woman. / She gave her soul to redeem the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and Arab Jerusalem. / She uttered a cry of truth, which paved her way to eternal [life]. / She [entered] the Creator's Paradise and met Sumayya [the first female Muslim martyr]." [5]

Praise for Fighters Who Fired Rockets and Mortars into Israel

Issue No. 96 presents the story of Hamza Muharib, aka "The Knight of the Qassam Rockets," who was a member of a unit of Qassam launchers. It is related how he was killed by an Israeli missile fired at his vehicle while he was en route to "carry out a new jihad mission." [6] A story in Issue No. 104 tells of the "bravery" of Firas Salahat, from Hamas's armed forces, who was killed while firing rockets at the Jewish neighborhood of Gilo in Jerusalem during the Al-Aqsa Intifada." [7]

Antisemitic Content

Issue No. 35 tells of a girl named Asra who accompanies her grandmother on a visit to Palestinian prisoners in an Israeli jail. She asks her grandmother about the peace "that everyone is talking about," and her grandmother replies: "Do not forget, Asra, that we are dealing with the Jews, whom the Koran describes very explicitly. All these descriptions are clearly confirmed by today's [reality]. The Koran gives a very accurate characterization [of the Jews]. For example... they lie. In the past, they murdered the envoys of peace, prophets whom Allah had sent to [bring] justice and peace [to the world] and to deliver people from the darkness into the light. [The Jews] killed them, and also tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad in Medina. Today, they kill the followers of God's messenger." [8]

Below are images from the magazine:

Illustration No. 1: Al-Fateh

Illustration No. 2:, March 15, 2006

Illustration No. 3: Masked fighters launching Qassam missiles., March 15, 2007.  .

Take a good look.  Because this is what will replace western civilization if we allow it to.  And it will be the way YOU live.

If we fight against radical islam we may win and we may lose.  If we do not, we will most assuredly lose because, either way, they will continue fighting. 

And if they win, our culture and our civilization is over, to be replaced by what?  A society that teaches its youngest children to hate Jews and that they will be gloried if they die killing them?

God help the people who want to live this way.  I know I'm not one of them.  Are you?

We play political games with this lunacy at our own peril..


Ken Berwitz

Here is Neal Boortz' short, to the point, excellent analysis of how media are determined not to let you know when there is good news in Iraq:


If you noticed, few media outlets seemed to think that the sharp decline in casualties in Iraq was newsworthy. CNN's Howard Kurtz discussed this with Robin Wright of the Washington Post and Barbara Star of CNN. Both of his guests actually supported the burying of the good news by the mainstream media.

After the introduction, Kurtz asked, "Robin Wright, should that decline in Iraq casualties have gotten more media attention?"

Her response: "Not necessarily. The fact is we're at the beginning of a trend -- and it's not even sure that it is a trend yet. There is also an enormous dispute over how to count the numbers. There are different kinds of deaths in Iraq."

Barbara Starr then goes on to say that news of death tolls rising would have "inevitably" been reported. She says, "I mean, that's certainly -- that, by any definition, is news."

So .. a reduction in deaths isn't news, but an increase is. Now why would that be? Could it possibly be because the lamestream media I invested in bad news from Iraq? Could it be that there are some elements in the media that are much more anxious to report news that would hurt Bush and Republicans, and less eager to report news that might validate the surge and help the GOP?

Nawwwwww. That could never happen, right? .

I've asked this question about our media before, and I'll ask it again now:  Which side are they rooting for anyway?


Ken Berwitz

hillary clinton has brought back samuel "sandy" berger to work on her behalf.  Sound impossible to believe?  I agree.  But it's true.

Here is the analysis, from Ed Morrissey of www.captainsquartersblog/com, which details this incredible reality.  Please pay special attention to the parts I have put in bold print:.

Old Scoop, Fresh Outrage

Bill Sammon belatedly discovers that Hillary Clinton has welcomed Sandy Berger to her campaign advisory panel, more than a month after Tim Hirsh at Newsweek mentioned it in passing as part of a profile on the Democratic frontrunner. While the news may not be new, the fact that Hillary continues to associate herself with a man who pled guilty to stealing national-security documents during a bipartisan investigation should continue to generate outrage:

Sandy Berger, who stole highly classified terrorism documents from the National Archives, destroyed them and lied to investigators, is now an adviser to presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. Berger, who was fired from John Kerrys presidential campaign when the scandal broke in 2004, has assumed a similar role in Clintons campaign, even though his security clearance has been suspended until September 2008. This is raising eyebrows even among Clintons admirers. It shows poor judgment and a lack of regard for Bergers serious misdeeds, said law professor Jonathan Adler of Case Western Reserve University, who nonetheless called Clinton by far the most impressive candidate in the Democratic field.

Adler told The Examiner that it is simply incomprehensible to me that a serious contender for the presidency would rely upon him as a key foreign policy advisor. ...

Berger has admitted stealing documents from the National Archives in advance of the 9/11 Commission hearings in 2003. The documents, written by White House counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke, were a tough review of the Clinton administrations shortcomings in dealing with terrorism, Clarkes lawyer told the Washington Post.

On several occasions, Berger stuffed highly classified documents into his pants and socks before spiriting them out of the Archives building in Washington, according to investigators. On one occasion, upon reaching the street, he hid documents under a construction trailer after checking the windows of the Archives and Justice Department buildings to make sure he was not being watched.

Berger came back later and retrieved the documents, taking them home and cutting them up with scissors. Two days later, he was informed by Archive employees that his removal of documents had been detected.

As I wrote last month, this was no mere technical violation. Berger deliberately destroyed documents that the government had placed under high classification after deliberately stealing them in the first place. After he got caught, he offered lame excuses about "sloppiness" that the Clintons publicly endorsed -- and which Berger himself admitted were lies. He did all of this in the context of an independent investigation looking into the failures of the American government to anticipate 9/11 and protect us from it -- which had the intent to prevent us from getting surprised again in the future.

This association carries much more liability than Hillary's work with convicted fraudster Norman Hsu. It goes to the heart of national security, and it reveals Hillary's priorities on that subject. She considers cronyism more important than protecting this nation's classified material, and shows her contempt for the latter by placing a convicted lawbreaker on her national security advisory panel. She and her husband have made excuses for Berger ever since his criminal activity took place, and now she wants to reintroduce him to sensitive material all over again.

Sammon may not have reported on a new story, but it's one that should come up again and again until Hillary either cuts Berger loose -- as John Kerry did, to his credit -- or loses an election for her association with him. She has no excuse for attempting to rehabilitate Berger and preparing him for a second assault on the National Archives. If elected, that's clearly what she's contemplating. And Hillary should be held accountable for it before he gets that opportunity. .

What could possibly prompt hillary clinton to re-associate herself with this thief?  Could it be that this is a thank-you from the clintons, because what he stole - which had to do with bill clinton's performance regarding terrorism and would have been seen and evaluated by the 9/11 commission - protected them from scrutiny?  Why do YOU think he stole and destroyed those documents, if not for the clintons?

If there were even a shred of integrity and evenhandedness on the part of our media, there would have been daily attacks on berger for his betrayal of  public trust, until the justice system put him where he belonged - in jail for many, many years.

But we do not have a media with such integrity and evenhandedness.  So they shrugged when berger - who admitted his crimes only after being caught redhanded on videotape - received no jail time at all; just a fine and the loss of three years' security clearance. 

Incredible.  berger stole and destroyed classified documents, then lied about it to the authorities, and he REGAINS security clearance?  That is beyond outrageous, it is actually scary. 

And that's before we get to fact that his big-deal 3 year suspension of security clearance occurred during a Republican administration, which means he'd never have been put in a position that required it during that time period anyway. 

It was like suspending a baseball player on days the team had no game.  Absolutely meaningless.  

But hillary clinton has no problem putting this sickening excuse for a man right back on the team, does she?  Not a care in the world about it.

This shows that when the referees - media in this case - are rooting for your side you can get away with damn near anything.

Morrissey's analysis tells us that Newsweek reported berger's involvement in the clinton campaign over a month ago.  Have you seen anything about it from Newsweek since then?  Or Time?  Or US News?  Or the network news, or NY Times or the Today show?  Even one word?

These are the same media that obsessed for years over whether President Bush may have missed a few national guard meetings 35 years ago.  THAT was important.  Not a former national security advisor using his security clearance to steal and destroy classified documents related to the war on terrorism;  who cares about that?

But listen to these people squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.


Ken Berwitz

The following editorial comes to us from, of all places, the Caledonian-Record of St. Johnsbury, Vermont.  It was published almost a month ago, but I just saw it this morning.

I can't say I often draw upon this source.  But the Caledonian-Record's editorial on global warming is so worthwhile that I thought I would post it here..

Where Have We Heard This Song Before?

Saturday September 15, 2007

"Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs melt." "Great masses of ice have now been replaced by moraines of earth and stones. At many points, well-known glaciers have entirely disappeared."

Wow! Maybe Al Gore's right. Maybe the seas will rise several hundred feet and drown us all! We really must go and tell the king.

Where have we heard this song before? Is this a description of what is now happening in the far reaches of the north, where the harbingers of the terror to come from global warming are already evident and measurable?

No. These headlines and this news story are from the Washington Post, Page 2, Nov. 2, 1922. It was one of many articles in the 1920s and 1930s predicting global ruin from global warming. The article was rediscovered by a Washington, D.C., resident, John Lockwood, in his research at the Library of Congress. "This was one of several such articles I have found at the Library of Congress for the 1920s and 1930s," said Mr. Lockwood. "I had read of the just released NASA estimates that four of the 10 hottest years in the U.S. were actually in the 1930s, with 1934 the hottest of all."

But wait! In the 1970s, scientists and the national media were warning of impending climatic disaster approaching from global cooling. Here it is from Newsweek in 1972. "A survey completed in 1972 by Dr. Murray Mitchell of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed a drop of half a degree in average ground temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere between 1945 and 1968. According to George Kukla of Columbia University, satellite photos indicated a sudden, large increase in Northern Hemisphere snow cover in the winter of 1971-72. And a study released last month by two NOAA scientists notes that the amount of sunshine reaching the ground in the continental U.S. diminished by 1.3 percent between 1964 and 1972."

And, "To the layman, the relatively small changes in temperature and sunshine can be highly misleading. Reid Bryson of the University of Wisconsin points out that the Earth's average temperature during the great Ice Ages was only about seven degrees lower than during its warmest eras - and that the present decline has taken the planet about a sixth of the way toward the Ice Age average. Others regard the cooling as a reversion to the little ice age' conditions that brought bitter winters to much of Europe and northern America between 1600 and 1900 - years when the Thames used to freeze so solidly that Londoners roasted oxen on the ice and when iceboats sailed the Hudson River almost as far south as New York City."

So, once again, where have we heard this song before? From the New York Times, Newsweek, Time magazine, and the Washington Post which have warned of impending climate doom four different times in the past 100 years! Perhaps Al Gore and his alarmist co-religionists ought to be humble enough to admit what the National Academy of Sciences admitted in 1972 and is just as true, today, "Just what causes the onset of major and minor ice ages remains a mystery. Our knowledge of the mechanisms of climatic change is at least as fragmentary as our data. Not only are the basic scientific questions largely unanswered, but in many cases we do not yet know enough to pose the key questions."
This is must-reading for anyone, but especially for the chicken-little types who know we are all about to be drowned and or fried - maybe both. 
As the old standard goes, "Seems to me I've heard that song before,  it's from an old familiar score, I know it well, that melody".
Personally, I enjoy Harry James' version much more than Al Gore's. 

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