Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Ken Berwitz

Sometimes you can't believe what you're reading.  But sometimes what you're reading is true anyway.

Take this report for example, courtesy of National Review:.

Alan Johnston update: BBC finally admits to having relations with Hamas   [Tom Gross]

That Hamas and the BBC have close relations isnt exactly a revelation. See here and here, for example.

But finally the BBC, the worlds biggest broadcaster, has itself admitted to being in touch with Hamas the group that unlike other Islamic terror groups, has made a habit of deliberately targeting children (in school buses, bat mitzvah birthday parties, pizzerias filled with kids and so on).

A senior BBC executive has confirmed that the BBC held private meetings with Hamas
whose gunmen usually wear ski masks to hide their identity in the days leading up to the release of reporter Alan Johnston.

In a
new posting on the blog of the BBC News website, BBC Middle East bureau editor Simon Wilson confirms that he held meetings with Hamas leaders in Gaza and Damascus to discuss Johnstons fate. In his piece, titled The Joy of Alan, Wilson hints he was ordered to do so by more senior officials at the BBC.

Wilson also reveals that he and several colleagues were nearly kidnapped themselves on one of their outings to Gaza:

One grim day, a group of masked and armed men apparently looking for a hostage turned up 20 minutes after one of my colleagues had just left a building in Gaza City. Shortly afterwards, a contact in a western intelligence service gave us chilling and compelling evidence that our every move was being followed by a car full of armed gang members.

The BBC isnt the only organization apparently now cooperating with Hamas. Yesterday in an interview with Italys RAI TV, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Gazas Hamas rulers were forging ever-closer ties with al-Qaeda and inviting al-Qaeda operatives to enter Gaza. Thanks to the support of Hamas, al-Qaeda is entering Gaza, Abbas said.

Would Wilson and other BBC officials also now like to comment on this report in
Al-Hayat Al-Jadida especially located by my sources in Gaza that Jaysh Al-Islam (the so-called Army of Islam group who were holding Johnston) received $5 million and a million Kalashnikov rifle bullets in the deal to release Johnston?

I think British TV license-payers are entitled to know what is done with their money.




So it turns out that the BBC, which the UK and much of the rest of the world relies on for "neutral" news, is in bed with Hamas - a terror organization dedicated to vaporizing Israel and killing every Jew they can.


This explains a lot about their reporting over these many years, doesn't it?


Maybe Hamas should kidnap a few more BBC guys.  Then they can give up terrorism and just live off the profits. 


Ken Berwitz

A day and a half now, with no response from Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times to my e-mail about her bogus report on Fred Thompson.

You can scroll back to Sunday and see both her bylined article and my e-mail response.

I'll continue to keep you posted


Ken Berwitz

A couple of weeks ago I was working in my backyard and got a rousing case of poison oak - first time for me in probably 40-50 years.

I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed several medications.  They were supposed to be taken over about a week and a half.  I never missed one dose.

But if I had looked at the poison oak a day or two after starting that medication and judged it entirely on that point in time?  I would have had to conclude the medication wasn't doing anything.  (P.S. I continued taking it and the poison oak is gone now).

This morning, both on Joe Scarborough's pale imitation of the Imus show and on the Today show, it was reported - with a tone of triumph in my opinion - that an interim report issued about the Iraqi government prior to assessing the troop surge in September indicates it has not met any of its goals. 

Before the surge ever was fully implemented the Democratic leadership declared it a failure.  BEFORE it was implemented.

Now, after less than two weeks, an interim report which cannot possibly assess its effect is being featured in media as showing there is none.

I've asked this before and I'm asking it again:  Which side are these people rooting for?

The poison I've seen this month hasn't all been from the oak.

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