Biden Talks Tough

DES MOINES Joseph Biden, the Delaware Democrat running for president, is a man of strong opinions. During a campaign event in a Des Moines backyard today, Mr. Biden had some choice words for President Bush and two of the Republicans running for the White House.

This guy is brain dead, Mr. Biden said to surprised applause and laughter from the crowd. I know Ill be quoted, Ill be killed for that.

This is a guy who is on the balls of his heels, heres a guy who is lower off in the polls than any president in modern history and he goes ahead and he does something that just flies in the face of the sensibilities of the American people.

A few minutes later, Mr. Biden turned his sights on Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, and a Republican running for president. I can hardly wait to debate Rudy Giuliani if he is their nominee, he said. Because I will eat his lunch. The next time I hear a Republican talk about us being tough on terror give me a break!

Finally, Mr. Bidens target was Mitt Romney, the Massachusetts Republican running for president. I found Romneys statements yesterday profound crazy when he talked about going to war with Iran, he said. Why are we talking about going to war with Iran? .

Here is a United States Senator calling our President "brain dead", challenging the former Mayor of New York City roughly the way a fourth grader would challenge another kid during recess, and then calling the former Governor of Massachusetts "crazy".

I can't help recalling that line from Forest Gump, where Bubba's mother asks him "are you just stupid?"  Forest answers "Stupid is as stupid does".  In those five words Forest Gump managed to perfectly define joe biden.

Biden isn't getting any presidential nomination.  Not in 2008 and not ever.  I would like to think one of the reasons is that big, stupid, obnoxious, idiot's mouth of his. 

And now let's get to media bias.

If this were a Republican talking about Democrats, do you think the New York Times would report it as an innocuous little nothing buried in the middle of the news section?  Do you think they'd characterize those quotes only as that the candidate "talked tough"?  

Do you think the Times would not use this incident  - probably with an accompanying editorial - to "prove" how low-down and unworthy that Republican was?  Do you doubt that they would toss in a comment about how the electorate could never put someone like this in a position where he/she would talk to foreign leaders?  How a person like this could never be respected or trusted by them?

Well, this isn't a Republican, it is a Democrat.  So not one word about it.  You're lucky it was reported at all.

I regularly point out media bias in this blog, and like to think that the examples I provide are pretty obvious.  This one is right at the top of the list.