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Ken Berwitz

Remember Cindy Sheehan? 

Here is her latest, from yesterday's Daily Kos:  -

Dear Democratic Congress,

Hello, my name is Cindy Sheehan and my son Casey Sheehan was killed on April 04, 2004 in Sadr City , Baghdad , Iraq . He was killed when the Republicans still were in control of Congress. Naively, I set off on my tireless campaign calling on Congress to rescind George's authority to wage his war of terror while asking him "for what noble cause" did Casey and thousands of other have to die. Now, with Democrats in control of Congress, I have lost my optimistic naivet and have become cynically pessimistic as I see you all caving into as one Daily Kos poster called: "Mr. 28%"

I knew having a Democratic Congress would make no difference in grassroots action. That's why we went to DC when you all were sworn in to tell you that we wanted the troops back from Iraq and BushCo held accountable while you pushed for ethics reform which is quite a hoot...don't you think? We all know that it is affordable for you all to play this game of political mayhem because you have no children in harm's way...let me tell you what it is like:

It used to be George Bush's war. You could have ended it honorably. Now it is yours and you all will descend into calumnious history with BushCo.

The Camp Casey Peace Institute is calling all citizens who are as disgusted as we are with you all to join us in Philadelphia on July 4th to try and figure a way out of this "two" party system that is bought and paid for by the war machine which has a stranglehold on every aspect of our lives. As for myself, I am leaving the Democratic Party. You have completely failed those who put you in power to change the direction our country is heading. We did not elect you to help sink our ship of state but to guide it to safe harbor.-

How fleeting is party loyalty.  Now Democrats can enjoy Ms. Sheehan as much as Bush & Republicans do.

Mom Dear Mom, It's been an interesting day, between the "hey Jason I need you to get down here now" from our Brigade Commander, to the rocket attack in the afternoon, to watching a bloody troop enter the CSH...I really didn't think it could get much better. Until our battle update brief tonight...due to the surge, i've been extended with my unit for an additional 3 months. We were two months away from kissing this desert good bye. In fact, this will bring my total time in Iraq to 15 months (5 air force deployments). We hope to return home before the holidays. I say much of the above sarcastically, but in truth if this is what I'm being asked to do- I will do it and I do it willingly. Believe me, nothing would be sweeter than to come home, but it seems like right now we're being asked to push harder and do things greater than ever before. I'm not one to walk away from a fight, and damnit that's what this is. Whether you trust the media sources that enter your lives or trust the soldiers that are out here winning this war, believe this...the insurgents are linked to terrorists here and we're beating them. I've seen primary sources on this. All the "dumb" insurgents have been killed off over the years of fighting, these parts are left with the highly trained, well funded, and intelligent cells. So we have surged as a military to give it one last hard push. It's breaking mens spirits, destroying families, and halting careers, but portrays devotion, men fighting for worthy causes...and as TR stated, "at the worst, if we fail, at least we fail while daring greatly...our place shall never be with those cold and timid sould who neither know victory nor defeat." Time to quell the storm and ride the thunder. Another 5 and change to go- your son, Jason (05/30/07)

J Hauser What goes around comes around these days especially in politics! (05/28/07)


Ken Berwitz

For years Democrats have tried to prove that President Bush missed a few national guard meetings over 35 years ago - national guard service they had characterized as so meaningless that being in the guard made Bush an AWOL and a deserter.  But this investigation was important to Democrats.

For years Democrats have tried to put away everyone in the Bush administration because valerie plame, and her proven liar husband, joe wilson, claimed she was outed as a covert agent.  They made the claims between photo shoots and nonstop media interviews.  The truth is, plame was about as covert as rosie o'donnell.  After three years of investigation, the IC came up with absolutely no evidence that anyone in the administration outed her or that she was a covert agent at fact, it turned out that the man who DID out her was a critic of the administration, Richard Armitage.  Like the national guard idiocy, this investigation was important to Democrats too.

But Samuel (Sandy) Berger, a former national security advisor to the president of the United States, enters the national archives, then steals and destroys top secret documents about the war on terrorism?  Not a care in the world. 

Hey, the other guys are Republicans;  Berger is a Democrat.  No harm, no foul, nothing to see here.

And now, as today's New York Post editorial informs us, there is no way to bring this man to justice.  Read it and see:-

May 27, 2007 -- It now looks like the American people will never learn how - and why - Bill Clinton's national security adviser, Sandy "Sticky Fingers" Berger, stole and destroyed classified documents from the National Archives.

That's because Berger - in a significant, but little-noticed, move - has short-circuited the last investigation into his sordid little burglary.

As Byron York reports at National Review Online, Berger last week voluntarily surrendered his law license.

Now, that's hardly as serious a step as it sounds, since - as Berger freely admitted - "I have not [practiced law] for 15 years and do not envision returning to the profession."

What it does, however, is prematurely end an investigation by the District of Columbia Bar Association into Berger's confessed thievery. It also means that details of the probe, which would have been made public, now remain sealed.

So much for the public's right to know.

Berger, recall, was nabbed smuggling state secrets down his pants - specifically, drafts of an after-action memo by anti-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke that reportedly identified national-security weaknesses so "glaring" that only sheer luck prevented a 9/11-style attack during Clinton's presidency.

For a year after his arrest, Berger insisted he'd only "inadvertently" walked off - several times - with the documents, which he later destroyed.

Two years ago, Berger finally admitted that his story was a lie. He pleaded guilty, paid a $50,000 fine and was sentenced to two years probation.

Unfortunately, he wasn't required to explain in open court just what he was trying to conceal.

Congressional Republicans would dearly love to question him, but they're in the minority now. And don't expect self-styled Capitol Hill watchdog Henry Waxman's House Oversight Committee, which sees GOP conspiracies everywhere, to show even the slightest interest in Democratic malfeasance.

Which left the D.C. bar as the last hope for transparency on the Berger mess. Until last week.

As York notes, a report from the Bar Association says that Berger "acknowledges that the material facts on which the allegations of misconduct are predicated are true" - and that he "could not successfully defend against them."

But just what they are, we'll never know. Score one for Mr. Happy Pants.  -

There is a difference between caring about corruption because it is corruption, and caring because it facilitates "getting" someone on the other side of the political aisle.  If this doesn't tell you which basis the Democratic party is currently operating on, you'll never know.  I can't make it any plainer. 


Ken Berwitz

Just in case you are wondering what life is like for the Zionist entity, here are a few bits of news from Israel and its ever-friendly neighbors:

-From Mark Steyn in the Chicago Sun-Times:   In Gaza, Islamic Jihad is planning to send waves of female suicide bombers into action against the Zionist Entity. Asked by an Israeli reporter whether self-detonating ladies enjoy the same 72-virgin deal as the lads, an Arab scholar said no, but that the gals will be served in Paradise by "dwarfs." Snow White got seven dwarfs, but it's unclear whether Blow White will get the full 72: Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful, etc., all the way down to Incendiary, Non-Alcoholic and Anti-Zionist.

-From Al Bawaba News (An Arabic publication as if you couldn't tell):  - Four Israeli security guards were shot Saturday evening by two Palestinians in the Sheikh Saad neighborhood in east Jerusalem. According to Israeli press reports, the guards sustained moderate to serious injuries in the attack.  The two Palestinian attackers were shot and killed. Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah's military wing, claimed responsibility for the shooting attack. -

Earlier, Palestinian police killed a senior activist in the northern West Bank town of Tubas and five others were injured in the ensuing shootout between police and gunmen, security officials said. -

-From the Israeli newspaper, Arutz Sheva: Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal observed bitterly Sunday that the states inability to protect his towns residents from Kassam rocket attacks fired by Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza was an indictment of the Zionist dream.

"Sderot's downfall is the downfall of the entire Zionist enterprise," said the mayor hours after one of his fellow residents had been killed by a Kassam rocket. "If you want to want to strengthen this town, the only way is to fill it, and not empty it."

Some 10,000 of the town's 24,000 residents have fled in the face of rocket attacks; more than 230 rockets have been fired at Sderot and other communities in the western Negev since May 15th. The IDF has not yet received orders to launch a ground operation to end the rocket attacks. -

Ok, let's review: 

-Islamic jihad, those wonderful folks who convince their men, and women, that they get to meet Allah in a blaze of glory if they die killing Jews, are promising the women who buy into this insanity;  dwarfs.  The men get 72 virgins (presumably to deflower) while the women are "served" (catered to?  How?) by an indeterminate number of dwarfs.  It's hard to know where to begin on this one......

-Two palestinian Arabs open fire on Israeli Jews and wound four of them.  Not surprisingly, there is return fire and the two palestinian Arabs are now dead.  In the "body count" palestinian Arabs like to dredge up to prove how much more violent Israel is than they are, it will be an addtional two dead to none on the Jewish side.  Thus, by virtue of a palestinian Arab attack, THEY have more propaganda to fool the world with.  Lovely, just lovely.

-The Israeli town of Sderot, which is guilty of the crime of existing within range of palestinian Arab artillery, has had almost half its population cleared out because those rockets keep falling.  Other than countries without a sufficient military to do it, is there any country on earth besides Israel that would not level the places these rockets are coming from? 

I don't want to see "innocent palestinian Arabs" lose their lives or their homes.  But if the cost of leaving them there is that they kill and displace innocent Israelis, what should Israel do?  Just let them? 

Reduce a few such towns to rubble and maybe the "innocent" people will try to prevent their residences from turning into launching pads.  Leave the towns in place and you encourage them to keep firing.

As we enjoy our Memorial Day, it is important to remember that there are places where a leisurely walk, or a family picnic, comes at risk of life and limb.  Let's do so, and understand why there may (should) come a day when the people at risk say "enough", and go beyond so-called proportionate response. 

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