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Ken Berwitz

Here, straight from the highly informative website, is a synopsis of what happened during World War II on this date in 1944:-

In Italy... The US 5th Army launches new attacks against the German-held Gustav Line. The preparatory bombardment begins just before midnight. It is followed up by infantry advances. The US 2nd Corps, the Polish 2nd Corps, the British 13th Corps and the French Expeditionary Corps are engaged. Attacking Allied forces amount to 12 divisions plus reserves. The German defenders have 6 divisions, including reserves. The commanders of the German 10th Army (Vietinghoff) and the 76th Panzer Corps (Senger) are both absent from their headquarters at the start of the offensive. Meanwhile, Allied warships bombard German heavy artillery batteries around Gaeta.

Over Germany... German fighter ace Oberst Walter Oesau (123 victories) is shot down and killed over the Eifel Mountains. 

Over Occupied France... The US 9th Air Force begins a series of raids on airfields around Caen.

In Britain... The Lancaster bomber "S for Sugar" (RAF No. 467 Squadron) completes its 100th mission.

In the Sulu Sea... The Japanese begin to assemble most of their remaining heavy warships at Tawitawi. Admiral Ozawa commands the forces. The build up is in anticipation of the American offensive against the Mariana Islands to the northeast.

In New Guinea... Japanese forces continue to skirmish with American forces on the beachheads around Hollandia. -

A very busy day, as you can see.  Now, how would today's media have reported on it?  Based on their current reporting of the war in Iraq, here's what would have been in the newspapers and on the radio:

----The attack in Italy would be condemned as an uncalled-for provocation that will only anger the Germans and prolong the war.  Our military capability would be derided for not simply overrunning the nazis when we had double the number of divisions they did, and they were without their key leadership.  FDR and Stimson would have been skewered for their mistakes.

----The death of a German flying ace would either not be reported or would be relegated to the "and in other news" section.

----No significant reporting of our air raids on Caen, because there are no results yet....although there would have been roundtables on whether this was going to further the war effort or bog it down.  We're not winning in other places, why are we bombing in Caen?

----There would be warnings not to hit the Japanese warship facilities.  We would be the aggressors and what Japan and its allies would do to us because of it would be on our heads.  (For reference, see the reportage of how we should handle Iran's nuclear reactors).

----Our skirmishes with the Japanese would be disdained as producing nothing except downed planes and soldiers in body bags.  The competence of any general who approved this would be put into question.


Ken Berwitz

Here is the latest installment of  "A Taste Of The Future", which shows what life will be like if radical islam and/or international terrorism (often one and the same) accomplish their goal of taking over the world, ending western civilization and putting us all under shari'a law.

This, courtesy of, is from the loving taliban folks in Pakistan:-

Threat to Christians: Convert or Else

May 11, 2007 10:53 AM

Habibullah Khan Reports:

Threat_to_chris_mn Christians in the tribal Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan have received threatening letters from Taliban groups informing them that they must convert to Islam within 10 days or else.

The letters were sent to churches and homes. Thousands of Christians live in the province, which is largely controlled by the Taliban and tribal authorities after the Pakistan government removed its troops from the area last year.

The Taliban religious police have been cracking down in the area ever since. Girls' schools have been burnt to the ground, video shops have been blown up, and there have been threats to local barbers whom they say insult Islam by shaving beards.

The police are reportedly investigating the source of the letters, and a local police official told the Associated Press that security has been stepped up at local churches.

The law-and-order situation in the Northwest Frontier Province has been steadily deteriorating. Within the last couple of weeks, there was a failed assassination attempt on the country's interior minister, a suicide bombing in which almost 40 people were killed. Earlier this week, a former minister and the leader of a secular party were killed.-

This is what will replace western civilization if we allow it to.  And it will be the way YOU live.

If we fight against radical islam we may win and we may lose.  If we do not, we will most assuredly lose because, either way, they will continue fighting.  And if they win, our culture and our civilization is over, to be replaced by what?  Ultimatums to believe what they believe or die?  

God help the people who want to live this way.  I know I'm not one of them.  Are you?

We play political games with this war at our own peril.


Ken Berwitz

Who knew Eleanor Rigby was involved with a German guy?-

 German man found after 7 years dead in bed

The decomposed corpse of a German man was found alone in his bed after nearly seven years, police in the western city of Essen said Thursday.

The police said in a statement the man was 59 and unemployed at the time of his death. He most likely died of natural causes on November 30, 2000, the date he received a letter from the Welfare Office found in the apartment, police said.

Next to the dead man's bed police found cigarettes, an open television guide and Deutschemark coins, which came out of circulation after the euro was introduced in 2002.

The man's apartment was in a building with offices and apartments, many of which are now empty.

"No one missed him. No missing person report was ever filed," the police said.



Ken Berwitz

The syndicated talk show host Neil Boortz has a very angry and very direct commentary today at  His subject is the utterly vile, filthy garbage pumped out by two talentless jerkoffs who call themselves "opie & anthony". 

opie & anthony are on satellite radio because they were fired from their commercial radio show. Why?  For getting an equally vile couple to fornicate in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.  That is not a joke or an exaggeration, that is exactly what they did and what their idea of humor is.

This week, their "comedy" was to pluck some homeless man off the street, hand him a microphone and ask him questions guaranteed to elicit disgusting answers.  The man, who they call "homeless charlie", had an apparently Black accent - presumably because this grotesque, damaging stereotype of a Black man (out of work and unable to complete a sentence without profanity) makes it even funnier to them.  These two are truly pigs.

In any event, Boortz wrote about the "humor" in his column, which includes their stereotyped Black man telling you how he wants to rape Condoleezza Rice ("fuck that bitch" was his exact wording) and do the same - again with ongoing use of the f word - to Laura Bush and Queen Elizabeth.  That is supposed to be comedy and is supposed to make you laugh delightedly.  It is their version of what Bill Cosby or Will Ferrell  or Adam Sandler does for a living.  Are you impressed?  God, I hope not.

If you have the stomach to listen to this "humor", you can hear it at  You'll find that, if anything, I've understated its filth level.

Now opie & anthony don't mean anything to me.  I support free speech and if there are people who find this kind of depravity amusing that's their business.  Although I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Boortz, we disagree on this point.  He wants them fired immediately.  And I would venture to say that a very large majority of the public agrees with him. 

Which brings me to the left wing hit squad.

I have been monitoring blogs, etc., both left and right for a year or so now.  And one of the most interesting - and dangerous - phenomena I have come across is a concerted effort by the left to manipulate opinion through them.   

I'll talk more about this - including the highly effective and hugely manipulative technique of "google bombing" - at another time.  But I want to stay on-subject here. 

As I noted before, it seems clear that most people would agree with Neil Boortz's comments about opie & anthony.  Therefore, logic would also tell me that most of the comments posted by people who have read Mr. Boortz' column would support him. 

Well, you can forget logic when there is a hit squad effect.  By actual count, 23 of the first 25 comments posted by readers did not attack opie & anthony or their pathetic Black stereotype, they attacked Neil Boortz.  Several were as vile as the material Boortz wrote about.   

If you believe this in any way projects to the general population, you would have to conclude that 92% of the public is on board with a foul mouthed Black street guy telling them he wants to rape the secretary of state, the president's wife and the queen of England.  To do so, however, would also require that you be out of your mind.

The key issue here is far more significant than the mindlessly idiotic garbage tossed by opie & anthony or their use of a racist stereotype to put it across.  It means that there are organized groups out there intentionally trying to manipulate you - trying, in this case, to convince you that the general public is supportive of this material.

You may feel that if all they can accomplish is convincing a few gullible boobs that the public is ok with "comedy" about raping the secretary of state, first lady and queen of England, it's not that big a deal.  And the truth is, if that WAS the beginning and end of it, you'd be right.  But it isn't the beginning and end of it at all.

As promised, I will blog about "google bombing" very soon.


Ken Berwitz

President Bush's approval ratings are down the tubes.  Everyone knows that.  The Democrats must be doing GREAT.

Or are they?

I have blogged about the Democratic congress having approval ratings just as low as President Bush before.  And today I am doing it again.  Please read this:  -

Poll: Congress' Approval Same As Bush

Friday May 11, 2007 11:16 AM


Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - People think the Democratic-led Congress is doing just as dreary a job as President Bush, following four months of bitter political standoffs that have seen little progress on Iraq and a host of domestic issues.

An AP-Ipsos poll also found that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a more popular figure than the president and her colleagues on Capitol Hill, though she faces a gender gap in which significantly more women than men support her.

The survey found only 35 percent approve of how Congress is handling its job, down 5 percentage points in a month. That gives lawmakers the same bleak approval rating as Bush, who has been mired at about that level since last fall, including his dip to a record low for the AP-Ipsos poll of 32 percent last January.

``It's mostly Iraq'' plus a lack of progress in other areas, said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., who heads the House GOP's campaign committee. ``These are not good numbers for an incumbent, and it doesn't matter if you have an R or a D next to your name.''

Democrats agree the problem is largely Iraq, which has dominated this year's session of Congress while producing little more than this month's Bush veto of a bill requiring the withdrawal of U.S. troops. It has also overshadowed House-passed bills on stem cell research, student loans and other subjects that the White House opposes, they say.

``People are unhappy, there hasn't been a lot of change in direction, for example in Iraq,'' said Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., chairman of House Democrats' campaign effort.

The telephone survey of 1,000 adults was taken Monday through Wednesday and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.


Although it is an Associated Press dispatch, I found this in a London paper.  See if you can find it in your USA news source.  I bet you either can't at all, or will find it buried in a place they would never put a similarly low approval rating for President Bush.

If media report President Bush's low numbers, they are reporting the news.  If media report President Bush's low numbers but bury equally low numbers for the Democratic congress, they are not reporting the news, they are manipulating the news to benefit Democrats.  Plain and simple.


Ken Berwitz

I pulled this from  Make of it what you will.


Did Howard Dean order KS gov to lie about FEMAs response to the Greensburg tornado?

XM Radios Quinn & Rose made the allegation that DNC Chairman Howard Dean called Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius early Sunday morning and instructed her not to request federal assistance in recovery from the Greensburg tornado, and to lie about the federal response to date, on their show, The War Room, today. After I discussed the story via phone with both Quinn and Rose today, heres what they sent me.

PLEASE NOTE: The following is information we have received from a reliable source. We have never been misinformed by this person in the past.

It seems that, on Sunday, a few hours after Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius, made her remarks about Bush sending all their National Guard Members and Resources to Iraq, she made a call to Brownback

Sebelius, was calling to apologize to the Senator for making the Political statements that she did. She explained that she did not believe them and that they actually had too many National Guardsmen show up.

Governor Sebelius explained Sam, you know how political everything is right now and were not allowed to let an opportunity like this just pass. She continued I made sure not to blame you or Pat (Senator Roberts?) or anybody outside the White House. With his (Bushs) numbers, you cant really blame me for usin that.

Then Sebelius explained the path to her comments. After Brownback told her that he was very disappointed in her, She pleaded You know me Sam, I wouldnt have said it if I didnt have to. She declared Howard (Dean) called me around 5 oclock (in the morning) and told me not to ask The White House for any help or make any statements until I heard back. Dick (Durban?) called me an hour or 2 later and thats when he told me we needed to use this n said to talk about the Guard all bein at war.

She then explained the thinking; Speaker and Harry got so much heat on them from both sides over this damn war, n they need to get the press on somethin else. I didnt think it was right to use it like this either, but I didnt sees I had much choice in this climate, Sam.

She the[n] apologized a few more times and promised that shed try to move away from the comment when she and Brownback were to meet up later and tour the damage, but she had to so it without disappointing Dean and Pelosi.

I asked them to characterize their source, and they replied that she or he would be in a position to have knowledge of the conversation between Sen. Brownback and Gov. Sebelius and has never misinformed them before. Sean Hannity has called Sen. Brownbacks office to either verify or debunk the story, but so far the senator has done neither. There is word that the senator may attempt a limited hangout strategy this weekend, in which he acknowledges that the conversation took place but wont remember the Dean angle. Such a strategy, if thats what Sen. Brownback does, might be an attempt to maintain comity in what has until now been by all accounts a smooth relationship between the Democratic governor and Republican officials in Kansas. Comity shouldnt come at the price of truth, however.

At this point, I have no way of verifying whether DNC Chairman Howard Dean called Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and instructed her to lie about the federal response to Fridays devastating tornado. But I will make some calls and see what I can find out. Quinn & Roses story does fit the timeline and does fit the Democrat M.O. of late, in which they find a way to blame every single thing under the sun on Bush and on the war in Iraq. Other Democrat governors have pre-emptively blamed the lack of response to disasters that havent even happened yet on Bush and the war in Iraq. So on its face the story strikes me as very plausible.


Ahh Summ Once again, this puts on display the utter shamelessness of the Democrats and the lengths they will go to express their hatred of the President. (05/11/07)

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