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Ken Berwitz

Earlier this week alec baldwin unleashed an unbelievably insulting, obscene and emotionally devastating tirade upon his 11 (or is it 12 - he doesn't seem to know) year old daughter, complete with an implied threat that should have scared her half to death.

I blogged about this yesterday and gave readers a website where they can hear Mr. baldwin's tender lovingkindness for themselves.  Here it is again:,

I am happy to report that because of this and (I suspect) other behavior exhibited by Mr. baldwin, his visitation rights have been temporarily suspended.  I hope that if and when they are reinstated there is a requirement that he cannot be alone with her.  A man who would say what he did to a pre-teen child - no matter how infuriated he is by her actions - cannot be given an opportunity to exact retribution without someone there to make sure it doesn't happen.

This being the case, I was fascinated to read the following fawning puff piece about baldwin in the San Francisco Chronicle (bold print is mine):


Baldwin Offers College Funding to Soldier

Alec Baldwin is proving he has a heart of gold -- by offering to finance a U.S. Army soldier's college education after she leaves the military.

The star was so moved by an article in a New York newspaper earlier this month about 18-year-old Private Resha Kane, because she reminded him of his own 11-year-old daughter, Ireland.

Baldwin took the trouble to personally track Kane down to her home in Fort Hood, Texas, to make his generous offer.

She says of the meeting, "I didn't know what to say. And then I asked him if he could send me his autograph. I've never met a star, let alone talked to one on the phone.


His 11 year old daughter reminds him of an 18 year old woman in the military?  This is supposed to look and smell spontaneous, and not like a PR stunt? 

Ok, well let's quote what he said TO his daughter and see if there are any parallels.  In his telephone tirade he told her that....


You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being,

I'm gonna let you know just how disappointed I am and just how angry I am with you

You've made me feel like shit, and you've made me feel like a fool over and over and over...again.

I'm gonna straighten your ass out when I see you, understand me?  I'm gonna really make sure you get it.

I'm gonna let you know just how I feel about what a rude little pig you really are. 

You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.


To tell you the truth, if I were Ms. Kane I don't know how complimented I'd be.  But given her military training I suspect she's safer meeting alone with Mr. baldwin than his 11 year old daughter.


Ken Berwitz

You are about to read that a man was fired from Barclays. 

The explanation given for this firing is, to put it delicately, what I hope to produce in the morning so I will feel good for the rest of the day.  See if you agree:-

Worker fired after posting picture of Jesus
Says manager told him 'God' not allowed on cubicle walls

Posted: April 21, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern


A call center employee says he has been dismissed from his job for posting an artist's rendition of the crucifixion during Easter week, even though other employees were allowed to post pictures and art as they chose in their cubicles.

Chris Romansky, a former employee of Barclays, told WND he was told there had been a complaint about the picture he put up to remind himself of Christ's sacrifice on the cross, a foundational belief in Christianity.

A company spokeswoman, Donna Sokolsky, told WND that the job termination "had nothing to do with anything religious whatsoever." But she said she was not permitted by human resources to know "more beyond that."

"What I CAN tell you is that Barclays has very strict policies around nondescrimination (sic), especially religious. I cannot speak for this particular individual's situation but I know that there was no religious descrimination. I do not think you have a story here."

She followed up several days later with a formal, unattributed statement, "We do not discriminate or take any action based on religious affiliation." -

This, folks, is not an example of discretion, it is an assault on art AND religion.  I wonder if Mr. Romansky would have been fired if he told Barclays that he was not a practicing Christian but put the picture up because of its artistic value.

Personally, I am not comfortable with overtly religious material being conspicuously displayed in an office.  But I am far less comfortable with singling out artwork that has a religious theme and disallowing it. 

I don't know for certain if Barclays was exercising censorship or political correctness.  But, to me, this appears to be an obvious case of religious discrimination.  What do you think?


Ken Berwitz

Here, courtesy of the Kuwait News Agency, is another glimpse into the world that will exist if we do not successfully fight terrorism:

Gunmen attack Gaza's American school GAZA, April 21 (KUNA) -- Unknown gunmen attacked early Saturday the American school in Gaza and detonated a number of bombs in the facility, said Palestinian security sources. The sources said the gunmen overpowered the school's guards and planted a number of bombs, and the attack caused a big fire and considerable material damage. The private school's mostly-American administration and faculty left Gaza over a year ago after kidnapping of foreigners became a pattern in that area.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  This what will replace western civilization if we allow it to.  And it will be the way YOU live.

If we fight against terrorism we may win and we may lose.  If we do not, we will most assuredly lose because, either way, they will continue fighting.  And if they win, our culture and our civilization is over, to be replaced by what?  The love, tolerance and freedom you just read about?

We play political games with the war against terrorism at our own peril.


Ken Berwitz

I just read the following:


During a book signing in Denver on April 15, and then again during a radio interview with Denver's 9news, John Kerry again flip-flopped when asked if he will run for President.

"Could that change?" Kerry said. "It might. It may change over years. It may change over months. I can't tell you, but I've said very clearly I don't consider myself out of it forever."


Go ahead.  Tell me you're surprised.  I dare you.

Maybe this is another botched joke.  Actually maybe that's what his 2008 campaign WILL be.  A botched joke.

Truth is, we can laugh about kerry all we want.  But if jon corzine can buy a senate seat and then a state governorship (by outspending his opponents so much that there was no competitive race), john kerry can buy a presidential nomination.

Suddenly it isn't so funny anymore..........


Ken Berwitz

This is from our good friends at

Is it permissible for him to sell political books and plays?
  Question No 70458
I have a number of non-religious books, including books on politics, economics and history, and a number of novels and plays, both Arabic and international. Is it permissible to sell these books and use the money to buy religious books, or to do good deeds and give charity?.

Praise be to Allaah.

The basic principle concerning selling is that it is permissible because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

Allaah has permitted trading and forbidden Ribaa

[al-Baqarah 2:275] 

al-Jassaas said: This is general in meaning and indicates that all transactions are permissible. 

Ahkaam al-Quraan, 2/189 

This is as far as the general principle is concerned. But if the item sold is haraam (NOTE:  this means that it is forbidden by god), or if it is usually used for haraam purposes, then it is not permissible to deal in it, either buying or selling. Based on that, one of the following must apply to these books that are mentioned in your question: 

Either they are useful books which will be of benefit to the reader even if they are not about religious topics, such as history, politics, physics, computer science, etc and do not include as far as you know anything haraam, such as lies or promotion of evil or anything that would deceive and mislead people. These come under the principle mentioned above, which is that it is permissible to sell them according to shareeah. If it is permissible to sell them then it is halaal for you to use the money you get for your spiritual and worldly interests. 

Or they are books that are haraam in and of themselves and are harmful to the reader because they include lies, distortions of the facts and of religious truths, corruption of morals, religious commitment and beliefs, or changing the meaning of modesty in women and chivalry in men as is the case with most novels and plays, whether Arabic or foreign. It is haraam to sell these kinds of books; rather they must be destroyed and it is not permissible to make use of the price, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: When Allaah forbids a thing to people, He also forbids its price. Narrated by Ahmad, 2956; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Ghaayat al-Maraam, 318. 

And Allaah knows best.


I've said it before and I'll say it again:  This what will replace western civilization if we allow it to.  And it will be the way YOU live.

If we fight against radical islam we may win and we may lose.  If we do not, we will most assuredly lose because, either way, they will continue fighting.  And if they win, our culture and our civilization is over, to be replaced by what?  The love, tolerance and freedom you just read about?

We play political games with this war at our own peril.


Ken Berwitz


This comes courtesy of the indispensable site:


Acting Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker Sheikh Ahmad Bahr, From Hamas, In Friday Sermon in Sudan: U.S., Israel Will Be Annihilated; Oh Allah, Kill the Jews and Americans To The Very Last One

April 20, 2007

The following are excerpts from a sermon delivered by Ahmad Bahr, acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, from Hamas, which aired on Sudan TV on April 13, 2007.

America Will Be Annihilated, While Islam Will Remain

Ahmad Bahr: You will be victorious on the face of this planet. You are the masters of the world on the face of this planet. Yes, [the Koran says that] you will be victorious, but only if you are believers. Allah willing, you will be victorious, while America and Israel will be annihilated, Allah willing. I guarantee you that the power of belief and faith is greater than the power of America and Israel. They are cowards, as is said in the Book of Allah: You shall find them the people most eager to protect their lives. They are cowards, who are eager for life, while we are eager for death for the sake of Allah. That is why Americas nose was rubbed in the mud in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, and everywhere.

America will be annihilated, while Islam will remain. The Muslims will be victorious, if you are believers. Oh Muslims, I guarantee you that the power of Allah is greater than America, by whom many are blinded today. Some people are blinded by the power of America. We say to them that with the might of Allah, with the might of His Messenger, and with the power of Allah, we are stronger than America and Israel.

I tell you that we will protect the enterprise of the resistance, because the Zionist enemy understands only the language of force. It does not recognize peace or the agreements. It does not recognize anything, and it understands only the language of force. Our jihad-fighting Palestinian people salutes its brother, Sudan.

Oh Allah Kill Them All, Down to the Very Last One

The Palestinian woman bids her son farewell, and says to him: Son, go and dont be a coward. Go, and fight the Jews. He bids her farewell and carries out a martyrdom operation. What did this Palestinian woman say when she was asked for her opinion, after the martyrdom of her son? She said: My son is my own flesh and blood. I love my son, but my love for Allah and His Messenger is greater than my love for my son. Yes, this is the message of the Palestinian woman, who was over 70 years old - Fatima Al-Najjar. She was over 70 years old, but she blew herself up for the sake of Allah, bringing down many criminal Zionists.

Oh Allah, vanquish the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, vanquish the Americans and their supporters. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them all, down to the very last one. Oh Allah, show them a day of darkness. Oh Allah, who sent down His Book, the mover of the clouds, who defeated the enemies of the Prophet - defeat the Jews and the Americans, and bring us victory over them._

Maybe I'm just too dense to understand:  Can someone explain to me how you can reason with, or negotiate with, or peacefully coexist with people who hold this position?

And while we're at it, can someone explain to me why almost no media ever report statements like these, which are made repeatedly by the palestinian terrorists who the population has chosen to put in power?  Why do they proactively keep us ignorant about what is really happening in Gaza and the west bank?

It sort of makes you wonder whose side they're on, doesn't it?


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