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Ken Berwitz

As we experience the end of Don Imus because he said "nappy-headed ho's", it might be worthwhile to contrast it with the following (bold print is mine):-

Music lyrics take spotlight following Imus controversy

April 14, 2007 12:18 AM EDT

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - If people found radio host Don Imus' comments about the Rutger's women's basketball team offensive, why are people at South Carolina State University lining up to hear similar words from rap artists?

In one song from a performer at Friday's concert, the n-word is used more than 100 times.

It's images and sounds like those that have Reverend Deforest B. Soaries on a mission to stamp it out. "We have been aware of the recurring theme that can best be described as a double standard. We have been frustrated for years that the culture has produced language that has degraded women and there are certain segments of the culture that seem to do it more than others."

The Reverend Al Sharpton, talking about Imus and other entertainers, says it's time to show the media and the public that it is not necessary to be misogynist and racist to be creative or to be commercial in this country.

WIS asked students at on campus about the concert and the lyrics. One student, Kendra Johnson, says, "The radio host was out of line when he said it. Some rap artists may be out of line, but they don't mean no harm."

Student Justin Miller says, "There's always a time and place for everything. With hip hop music that's a certain situation where those remarks can be used, but on public radio station pointed to a particular group it's not proper."

One of the performers at the concert was Crime Mob. Their video, "Rock Yo Hips" is set on a fictional campus, Crime Mob university. That's where they depict women as strippers saying, "After she dance on that pole, I pull my cash so quick and fast."

Students tell us, "It's just music. It's all how you take it."

The controversial group is performing during Bulldogfest, a weekend designed to celebrate school spirit and recruit new students.

Student Body President Deven Anderson says, "Being they are a performing artist group they're merely here to entertain us. That's nothing serious in content, they're here to entertain."

In less than two weeks the rap will be replaced with debate. SC State University is hosting the first Democratic presidential debate.

Anderson says, "I think it represents the culture they have here at the university . We have students that are urban and we have students that are political figures who like politics, so I think it represents our variety of students at the university."-

I swear, this makes me want to puke.

First off, I would like to dispute the article's claim that Imus and rap artists are using "similar words".  Imus said "nappy headed ho's".  Rap artists say "nigga", muthfucka", "bitch", and every other grotesquery you can think of.  There is no comparison here. None.

Now let's go to the wit and wisdom of the students who were interviewed.  "They don't mean no harm?"  "They're just here to entertain"?  If it is harmful and not entertaining to say "nappy headed ho's", what exactly is it to scream "nigga" and "muthafucka" incessantly?

Most people, including parents of the kids who dance to this impossibly depraved filth, don't know the 'lyrics' their children are listening to.  Let me help.

The "entertainment" SC State has brought in, to "celebrate school spirit and recruit new students" is a group called Crime Mob (what an elevated name for a performing group). 

Here is the play list from one of Crime Mob's albums.  See if you agree that it is harmless and entertaining (the words and spelling are theirs, not mine):

Crunk Inc.,   Knuck If You Buck,   If You Got Ana,   I'll Beat Yo Azz,   Fuck Nigga,   Stillettos (Pumps),   Ain't No Joke,    If You Gonna Try,   Ellenwood Area,    Put Yo Hands Up,   Diggin Me.

Now that you've seen the titles, try the "lyrics".   You can find them all at .  For those of you who don't have the stomach to go there, here's a little preview of what you would have seen, from "Fuck Nigga":

Ol' stankin ass (Hoe) Jank ass (Hoe)
Suck my dick you (Hoe) Ol' fat ass (Hoe)
But aiight! We finna get these lame ass niggaz
You see a hoe ass nigga, call his ass out. Aye! Aye!

[chorus 4x]
Fuck nigga yous a (Hoe) Pull a trigga on that (Hoe)
Stomp his ass like (Hoe) Ol' lame ass (Hoe)

Wow, not one mention of "nappy-headed ho's".  How lucky these students are that this is just harmless entertainment and not offensive.  I'm sure the female students who sing along to this "music" as they dance to it are relieved that Imus wasn't invited to their campus instead. 


Ken Berwitz

Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans. 

Those are the names of the three Duke lacrosse players who have spent the last year in absolute hell, because a stripper with a history of lying about being raped by men, lied about them.  They were viciously attacked by much of the media, 88 Duke instructors signed a letter that essentially convicted them of the accusations before there was even a trial let alone consideration of the evidence.  Their families have paid untold amounts of money in legal fees, the Duke lacrosse team lost an entire season as well as its reputation and the school itself had its reputation severely tarnished.

These young men are victims.


______, _______, _________, __________, __________, ________, ________ and __________.

Those are the names of the 8 Black members of Rutgers' women's basketball team.  Don Imus, a shock jock with a history of making racial and ethnic "jokes" about people made a stupid, vile and racist joke about them.  Imus has been fired from MSNBC and his radio show, thus he and his entire staff are now out of work.

The players?  They have spent the last two weeks being supported by just about everyone everywhere.  They have not spent a penny in legal fees.  Their names have not been raked through the mud (in fact you almost  certainly don't KNOW their names, which is why I left them blank above.  Can you fill in any?  Even one?)  It's a good bet that offers for things like book and movie deals are streaming in to them.  

These young women are VICTIMS? 

The Rutgers players were insulted as a group - not by name but collectively - just one time.  An average rap or hip hop record insults Black women as a group multiple times per song, with immensely worse stereotypes than Imus used.  How many rap and hip hop tracks with this kind of material do you think the Rutgers players have purchased and are currently in their CD collection?  That's a question you won't hear many people ask, but wouldn't you love to know the answer?

Bottom line:  For who knows how long - maybe always - Finnerman, Seligmann and Evans will be remembered for the rapes they did not commit.   But today, if one of the Rutgers 8 walked into a store in New Brunswick, NJ (where the school is located) and said "I'd like to buy this dress", the person behind the counter wouldn't have anything to say except "Will that be cash or charge?"  They are ANONYMOUS.

Meanwhile, michael nifong is still the Durham DA and Crystal Gayle Mangum - the liar who desroyed those young men and their team - not only is barely mentioned in the media, but Jesse Jackass has pledged to pay her college tuition.  She is REWARDED. 

It's a strange and wondrous world we live in.


Ken Berwitz

As the godawful horror show at Virginia Tech continues, here is the headline from, one of the more lunatic-fringe mega-moonbat left sites:

At Least 31 Killed In Va. Tech Massacre. Deadliest Shooting in U.S. History. A Tragedy Borne of America's Love Affairs with Guns -- and the Stranglehold of the NRA and the Profiteering Gun Lobby on Our Elected Officals. This is the Domestic Terrorism That Bush Aids and Abets by Supporting the Gun Industry.

Got that?  We do not yet know the name of the shooter, where the guns were procured, whether he owned them legally or owned them at all (maybe he just stole them), what his legal and/or mental history is, etc.........but this is PRESIDENT BUSH'S fault. 

These are the people who have the ear of many Democrats.  And they are who those Democrats think they have to please.  Remember it well -- election day is never far off.


Ken Berwitz

What a horror.  So far, 22 known dead and 28 known injured (bet on both rising).  Initial reports are that there was one gunman - college aged and Asian looking - who is said to have been killed.  Maybe this is so and maybe not -- initial reports are notorious for inaccuracy.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families.  I assume yours does too.

UPDATE:  Now, horrifically, the death total is at 32 - and probably will rise higher.  There was a fatal shooting at one of the dorms two hours before this rampage and it is hard not to at least consider that the same person or persons were responsible.  If so, how could the school's security possibly allow normal activities to go on, with a murderer on the loose within the campus.  Also, there are now reports that Virginia Tech had bomb threats last week.  Is this related?  Maybe. 

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