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Ken Berwitz

I thought some more about Hillary Clinton's brave pronouncement about Don Imus, which I pulled off her presidential website yesterday that "I've never wanted to go on his show and I certainly don't ever intend to go on his show, and I felt that way before his latest outrageous, hateful, hurtful comments.".

My first impulse was to salute the courage it took to say nothing about Imus for all the years he has done such material and then hit him with heavy artillery between the time he was fired from MSNBC and then fired from CBS radio.  What a lady.  She must be made of iron.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I was driving back from a business meeting and put Sean Hannity's radio show on.  He was talking about how Ms. Clinton raised something like $800,000 at a fundraiser hosted by a rap artist named "Timbaland"  (actually his real name is Timothy Mosely in case you care).  Hannity was questionning how she could accept money from someone whose "music" lyrics were so much worse than what Imus said. 

Now I have to admit I know very little about rap and hip hop "music" beyond the fact that, to me, listening to most of it is a little like chewing on tin foil.  I knew, generally, that some of the lyrics are vile beyond belief, but I did not know anything about an "artist" named Timbaland. 

So I logged onto VH1 and checked out his "music".  The first album I came across was titled "Shock Value".  VH1 provides a playlist of its "songs" that you can see the titles to and hear clips from (

I read the playlist and noted "song" titles such as "The Way I Are" and "Kill Yourself".  Then I listened to a few of the clips.  After a short excursion through "nigga" and "I like your titties" and so forth, I decided that I probably had a pretty good idea of what Timbaland is about.

I wonder;  has Hillary Clinton ever heard what this "artist" provides to his audience (which I fully suspect includes members of the Rutgers women's basketball team)?  Does she approve?  Does she think it is outrageous or hateful or hurtful in any way? 

Is she giving back the money?  Is she demanding that he apologize to the children whose minds he is poisoning with filth like this?  Is she demanding that DJ's who play this filth - maybe even VH1 itself - be removed from the air like Imus?

Or is she treating him like the drug dealers and international power brokers who paid for sleepovers, when she was the lady of the house during her husband's presidency?  Take the do re mi and look the other way.

Maybe if she wins the presidency Mr. Timbaland can sleep over one night.  Compared to some of her husband's guests it might elevate the company.  But for the moment, shouldn't she at least say SOMETHING about what he is doing. 

Next to this garbage, Imus was reciting the collected works of Shakespeare.


Ken Berwitz

Sometimes I think they should make a category called Mega-BS.  That is, stuff that is so full of BS it goes beyond the normal garden variety.  Here is a case in point:

Imus, hip-hop different, non-profit says
NEW YORK, April 13, 2007 (UPI) --
Don Imus' racial slur against the Rutgers University women's basketball team differs from hip-hop, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network in New York said.

Chairman Russell Simmons and President Dr. Benjamin Chavis of the non-profit organization said in a statement Friday they wanted address "false comparisons" between Imus and hip-hop. Imus called the women's team "nappy-headed hos" in a broadcast last week. Since then, Imus has apologized and met with team members and "Imus in the Morning," was canceled by CBS and MSNBC-TV, which simulcast the broadcast.

"HSAN believes in freedom of artistic expression. We also believe, with that freedom, comes responsibility. Don Imus is not a hip-hop artist or a poet," the two said in the statement.

Hip-hop artists sing about the world around them and sometimes use language that may be uncomfortable for the listener. Because language is powerful, Simmons and Chavis said the intention must be clear.

"Comparing Don Imus' language with hip-hop artists' poetic expression is misguided and inaccurate and feeds into a mindset that can be a catalyst for unwarranted, rampant censorship," they said.

I urge you to look at my previous blog, to see an example of Ice Cube's "poetry".    Then go back to yesterday to see some of the "artistry" of the current top rap hits. 

If you buy Mega-BS like this, you will buy anything.


Ken Berwitz

The title of this blog (and it's going to be the shortest one I've ever written) has "Ho" in it and should therefore cause people to advocate for my removal from the blogosphere.

Except that Whoop/One Ho Productions is the name of Whoopi Goldberg's production company.  The same Whoopi Goldberg who, among other things, is currently doing a radio talk show just like Don Imus did.

You don't need me to make any point here.  If you don't know it you never will.


Ken Berwitz

Remember when al sharpton attacked "Ice Cube" for this song?  Neither do I.    See how you think the lyrics stack up versus someone saying "nappy-headed ho":


"Who Got The Camera?"

[Verse 1]

Drivin down the motherfuckin highway
the flyway hey bitch, you goin my way?
Now I got a passenger
I look at the miniskirt, now I'm askin her
Would you like to hit the fat bud,
or perhaps should I run your name through the mud
I mean, are you giving up the nappy dugout?
She said no, well then get the fuck out
Cause I know where the hoes be feinin'
plus your fat ass got my six-deuce leanin'
Bust a U on the avenue
why oh why there ain't shit to do
But then sir jinx played his mix
and you thought that shit played out in eighty six
Lookin for my dogs
looked up in the mirror being followed by the hogs
One time's on my motherfuckin line
why the fuck the swine had to get behind a nigga like me
They must thind I'm a gee
they both walk up with the g. l. o. c.
(Freeze! There was a robbery and the nigger looked just like you. Now
get out of the car with your hands up and legs spread.)
Started they investigation
no driver's liscence no registration
When I stepped out the car they slammed me
goddamn ya'll who got the camera?

Oh please, oh please, oh please, just gimme just one more hit
Oh please, oh please, oh please, just gimme just one more hit
who got the camera?

[Verse 2:]

No lights no camera no action
and the pigs wouldn't believe that my slave name was Jackson
He said don't lie to me
I'm lookin for John, Matt, or Spike Lee
The motherfucker called for back up
I guess they planned to beat the mack up
He called me a silly ass thug
and pulled out his billy ass club
Tearin up my coupe lookin for the chronic
goddamn nobody got a panasonic
Found an empty can of old gold
came around and put my ass in a choke hold
Fucked around and broke my pager
then they hit a nigga with the tazer
the motherfucking pigs were tryin to hurt me
I fell to the floor and yelled lord have mercy
Then they hit me in the face ya'll
but to them it ain't nuttin but (a friendly game of base ball)
Crowd stood around I said goddamn ya
Who got the camera

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]

I knew when I saw that deputy smirkin'
that they were gonna put some work in
Mr. law had to hit me in the jaw
cause I called them faggots with guns and badges
They played rat-a-tat-tat on me head
but if I had the gatty-gat-gat they'd be dead
A victim of a big fat 187
and little devils don't go to heaven
Last night there were eleven but they were'nt scarin me
so they tried the flashlight therapy
I looked at the black one and called him a traitor
I don't give a fuck if you got a beta
Just take my fuckin picture
so I can go downtown and bitch and pitch ya (?)
The one that called me a spook
his name is officer David Duke
If the crowd weren't around they would've shot me
tried to play me out like my name was rodney
Fuckin police gettin badder
but if I had a camera the shit wouldn't matter
(bitch), uh who got my nine, who got my nine
Ya'll done did it this time, uh
who the fuck got my nine

Incidentally, this "music" is from the album, "Predator", which was released 15 years ago in 1992 and has other songs that are even worse. 

Now, how many times did Al Sharpton attack "Ice Cube" for being racist and insulting?  He had a 15 year head start over "nappy-headed ho's" to do so. 

When it comes to judging people on low-down material, racist or otherwise, al sharpton has about as much sincerity as a Christmas card from your mortgage company.


Ken Berwitz

Here is another of my periodic glimpses into the future, if we lose the war on terrorism and wind up under shari'a law:-

Pak-Taleban shave wedding singers heads, moustaches
Web posted at: 4/13/2007 10:1:29
Source ::: AFP

PESHAWAR, Pakistan Taleban extremists shaved the heads and moustaches of a troupe of Pakistani singers, then clashed with a marriage party and took six hostages, officials and witnesses said yesterday.

The Islamists intercepted the musicians overnight near the conservative northwestern town of Lakki Marwat where the group was due to perform at three weddings, local police said.

After beating the troupe and smashing up their instruments, the militants then shaved the performers heads and moustaches, a witness said.

Early yesterday the angry hosts of one wedding went after the Taleban and a clash erupted in which two local residents were wounded, police said.

The militants then took some six people hostage, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, they said. Lakki Marwat lies some 160km south-west of Peshawar, near the lawless South Waziristan tribal district where the Pakistan army has fought pitched battles against Al Qaeda linked militants.

Pro-Taleban militants have bombed music and video shops and barred hair salons from shaving beards in a bid to impose strict a Islamic code as in neighbouring Afghanistan during the 1996-2001 Taleban era.

The practice of shaving peoples beards and hair is designed to humiliate them and is often used as a punishment in the devoutly Islamic tribal zones-

I've said this before and I'll say it again:

If we fight radical islamic terrorists they will fight us and we may win or lose.   If we don't fight radical islamic terrorists they will fight us anyway and we will definitely lose.   And if we lose, this is how we will live.

Remember that when you decide who will best protect us.  Election day is never far off.


Ken Berwitz

A few days ago I promised that I would try to dig up the old audio tapes I had of Al Sharpton and play some of his, er, wit and wisdom.  I found one and here a deep philosophical offering by the left reverend (did you think I'd call him the RIGHT reverend?):

Here is sharpton's view of The Village Voice, which had published an article that was critical of him:

"Well I think clearly there is an orientation in that paper that has been clear for years, that they want to select Black leadership. You must remember, The Village Voice is a hippy, all hippy, yippy type operation.  And all yippies and hippies are is White folks that failed at being White so they try to lead the Black community because they can't lead their're not a successful White guy so you try to be a super Black...."

This is the guy who is shocked about racial material from Don Imus.

More to come....

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