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Ken Berwitz

"I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word "faggot," so I so kind of an impasse, can't really talk about Edwards.":

Ann Coulter, March 2, at a Conservative Political Action Conference meeting.

I've quoted Ann Coulter here in the past.  She often writes insightful commentaries that make excellent points.

But there is some kind of chip missing in this woman, that causes her to also say obnoxious, outrageous, disgusting things with disheartening regularity.

The quote you see above is the latest of them and it makes me want to throw up.

This is what you expect to get from haters;

This what you expect to get from people perfectly willing to forgo intelligent discussion and, instead, substitute sensationalist filth which is guaranteed to raise eyebrows and lower discourse.

This is what you DID get from Ann Coulter.

That speaks for itself.  Disgustingly.  And the people (some in the audience, not all) who applauded her filth are just as disgusting.




Ken Berwitz

Do you know who julio "assad" pino is?  You almost certainly do not, because he is exactly the kind of person mainstream media will not tell you about.  So I will.

pino is a tenured professor of history at Kent State University in Ohio.  He is also a jihadist who gleefully roots for muslim radicals to violently take down the United States.  In print.  And, because he is a jihadist who gleefully roots for muslim radicals to violently take down the United States, he is a protected species on that campus. 

Want examples of what I'm talking about?  Sure. Here are a few, courtesy of the Akron Beacon-Journal (bold print mine):


Kent State denies ties to jihadi site

Department head says professor contributed news but isn't creator

By Carol Biliczky
Beacon Journal staff writer

An Internet story on Wednesday identified a Kent State faculty member as the author of a jihadist news service on the Web.

The Drudge Report story accused Julio ``Assad'' Pino of posting ``Global War'' at

Pino, 46, a Muslim convert and associate professor of history at KSU, did not return phone calls seeking comment.

His department head, John Jameson, defended him as a good teacher and said the allegations in the story appeared to have been blown out of proportion.

He said Pino told him he provided news stories to the Web site but didn't accept any ownership of it.

The Web site does not name the originator, but a photo of a bearded man there is not of Pino, the description of the originator does not fit Pino and none of the postings on it can be tied to Kent State, Jameson said.

While Pino did operate a pro-Palestinian Web site in the past, he told Jameson he gave it up ``when the hate response got to be too much,'' Jameson said.

The jihadist Web site ``doesn't have any connection to Kent State,'' university spokesman Ron Kirksey said. ``We object to our name being used in connection with it.''

The turmoil began Wednesday when a column by Mike S. Adams on conservative, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, was posted on the Drudge Report, a collection of news stories from throughout the world.

``All we want is to get Allah's pleasure,'' the jihadist Web site reads. ``We will write `Jihad' across our foreheads, and the stars. The angels will carry our message through the world.''

Adams accused Pino of ``drawing a paycheck from the people of the State of Ohio while trying to launch a jihad against people like me.''

One recent posting on the Web site was, Crusaders Can't Take Anymore in Afghanistan, Adams said.

Pino is a specialist in Latin America and has a doctorate from the University of California at Los Angeles.

He joined Kent State in 1992 and a few years ago received tenure -- in essence, lifetime employment -- for his research and writings. At Kent, he has taught courses such as The '60s + A Third-World View and Comparative Third-World Revolutions.

He is no stranger to controversy.

Last year he was the target of an Internet petition that labeled him a ``walking, talking time bomb'' and sought to get him fired with comments like, ``Remove this traitor from our educational system'' and ``Get this murderer out of the country!''

In a 2005 letter to the student-run Kent Stater, Pino responded to students who questioned why Muslims were burning American flags.

``You are a nation that permits the production, trading and usage of drugs, gambling, the sex trade, spreads diseases that were unknown to man in the past, such as AIDS, and turns women into commodities for sale,'' he wrote.

``The ill done to the Muslim nations must be requited. The Muslim child does not cry alone; the Muslim woman does not cry alone; and the Muslim man is already at your gates.''....

....The Web site attributes three other postings on its speech page to the unidentified Lover of Angels, one of which reads, ``Bush, why don't you tell your people that your soldiers are committing suicide, taking drugs and hallucination pills to make them sleep? By God, your dreams will be defeated by our blood and by our bodies.''

In another letter that year, he called Bush a ``cocaine cowboy''... ``who has added an extra 100,000 corpses to the pile of brown-colored corpses, collected like Indian heads in the Old West.''

In 2003, Pino was charged with disorderly conduct at an anti-war rally at Kent State. He said the charges were an attempt to harass protesters.

The most controversial incident may have been in 2002, when he wrote a column in the Kent Stater that eulogized an 18-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber. He said he was trying to explain why suicide bombings occurred in Israel.

KSU English professor Lewis Fried took offense and urged then-KSU President Carol Cartwright to fire Pino. She refused, saying the university supported free speech.

``A university stands for the sustaining of life and not of murder,'' Fried said Wednesday. ``I'm not opposing free speech, just murderous free speech.''

Kirksey said the university had received about 100 calls and e-mails, some of them threatening Pino, in the most recent incident. University police had been notified, he said.........

........By Thursday night, Kent State had received a flood of calls and e-mails calling for Pino's dismissal, spokesman Ron Kirksey said.

The university issued a terse news release distancing itself from the extremist Islamic Web site and said that Pino's views did not represent those of the university.

The Web site is a collection of stories, columns and poetry that provide ``battle dispatches, training materials and jihad videos to our brothers worldwide.''

The blog includes a head shot of Ahmed al-Haznawi, one of the hijackers of United Flight 93 on Sept. 11, 2001.


I repeat:  this jihadist, who loves muslim violence against the USA and suicide bombers who kill innocent civilians in Israel, is a tenured professor at Kent State University.  And, as per usual at schools like Kent State University, his statements are defended in the name of "free speech". 

I've found that "free speech" is the standard response of choice for these people - who wouldn't defend someone on the right if their lives depended on it.  David Horowitz has put out article after article showing the insanely imbalanced representation of Democrats versus Republicans, left versus right at colleges and universities in the USA.  There are stories upon stories of political conservatives on college faculties being denied tenure and/or being harassed out of their teaching positions altogether for daring to BE conservatives.  In the interests of not making this blog overly long (as may already be) I will give you specific examples in a future commentary. 

In my opinion, when free speech means a USA hating jihadist can teach HISTORY to college students, maybe it has gone a bit too far.  (Think of it as the educational equivalent of screaming "fire" in a crowded theater).  But if, on the other extreme, the same university hired nazis and White supremacists as well, while it would sicken me I would have to concede that at least there was consistency on both sides.

When you find a few lunatic rightwing instructors at Kent State University, with tenure, and with an administration defending their right to "free speech", let me know.

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