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Ken Berwitz

On Monday I showed you the remarkable fraudulence of Al Gore, who tells us to forgo our lifestyles for the sake of energy conservation, while he lives in a mansion that uses more than 20 times the amount of energy an average house does.  (This does not count his other homes and the private jet he tootles around on, that's an added attraction.)

It almost goes without saying that Tuesday morning, after this story hit all the cable news venues, including MSNBC, the (NBC) Today show did not report it.  Instead they did a big wet-kiss puff piece on Gore to give their, viewers the warm fuzzies about him. Hey, we can't talk about Gore's world-class hypocrisy when we've already got a paean to his wonderfulness edited and ready for airing, can we?

In any event, I thought this was the extent of the story - that is, Gore's fraudulence was clear and there was nothing else to say about it.  But I was wrong.

Here is the key excerpt from a report in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, that takes Gore from world-class hypocrisy to the HEAD of the class.  Get a load of this:


The Color of Money

Thursday, March 1, 2007 2:40 p.m. EST

Tennessee blogger Bill Hobbs picks up the story of Al Gores voracious household energy use, which we noted Tuesday:

The Tennessean reported that Gore buys "carbon offsets" to compensate for his home's use of energy from carbon-based fuels. As Wikipedia explains, a carbon offset "is a service that tries to reduce the net carbon emissions of individuals or organizations indirectly, through proxies who reduce their emissions and/or increase their absorption of greenhouse gases."....

But how Gore buys his "carbon offsets," as revealed by The Tennessean raises serious questions. According to the newspapers report, Gore buys his carbon offsets through Generation Investment Management:

Gore helped found Generation Investment Management, through which he and others pay for offsets. The firm invests the money in solar, wind and other projects that reduce energy consumption around the globe ...

Gore is chairman of the firm and, presumably, draws an income or will make money as its investments prosper. In other words, he "buys" his "carbon offsets" from himself, through a transaction designed to boost his own investments and return a profit to himself. To be blunt, Gore doesnt buy "carbon offsets" through Generation Investment Management--he buys stocks... 

Meanwhile, Gore runs around the country and the world trumpeting "climate crisis" and blaming man's use of carbon-based energy-burning thousands of gallons of jet fuel as he goes. His efforts have served to put climate change at the top of the national and even global agenda, driving up the value of the stocks and companies viewed as "green" or environmentally friendly. Companies like those his investment management firm invest his own and other peoples' [sic] money in. (You can see a list of Generation Investment Management's holdings here, courtesy of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. .... 


Allow me to simplify:

---Al Gore wildly overuses energy, consuming multiples upon multiples of what normal people use;

---Gore rationalizes his behavior by assuring us that he buys "carbon offsets".  This is supposed to make you forget his gluttonous overuse of energy (Does it?  I hope not for your sake);

---Gore has an OWNERSHIP in the company he is buying these offsets from.  That means he isn't buying carbon offsets, he's selling them to himself -- as he goes on his merry way gluttonously overusing the energy that he is telling us we should conserve, at the expense of our current lifestyles.

Wow.  Next to Gore the Ponzi scheme was a carnival game.  He is truly in a class(less) of his own.

Now, try and find this story on the network news.  You certainly didn't see it on the Today show this morning.  It certainly wasn't in the news section of my copy of the NY Times this morning.  In a word, it is buried.

So, again, it is seen that if you have the positions mainstream media approve of you get their imprimatur and become a protected species.  And Al Gore is just that. 

A couple of months ago we had the sad story of Ted Haggard, a bible thumping preacher who railed against homosexuality and, as it turned out, was sampling it on the side.  That was front page news for days, complete with feature after feature on the Today show and every other broadcast, print and cyber medium. 

They nailed Haggard eight ways from Sunday.  And they SHOULD have.  Haggard was an important man who many people looked to for guidance.  For that reason his hypocrisy was news, plain and simple.

But Al Gore, a conservation thumping preacher who rails against profligate energy use but is found to be a huge offender, and who "offsets" his energy profligacy by paying himself?  Mainstream media couldn't care less.  Who do we think he is anyway? A Republican?  He's AL GORE, baby.  Take a hike.

Let me end this piece by repeating a paragraph I wrote yesterday on a different issue.  While the issue is not the same, the conclusion is identical:

One other thing:  these are the same media who report your political news, folks.  Never ever think it is without an agenda.  And never ever think their objective is giving you the whole story.  If this doesn't prove it, nothing will.



Ken Berwitz

As the Lewis Libby jury continues its second week of debate, I thought it would be useful to show Mike Ramirez' take on this fiasco.  Ramirez is the editorial cartoonist for Investors Business Daily (IBD). 

I think he encapsulates things very nicely.  What do you think?

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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