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Ken Berwitz

When politicians and their pals in the media want to sell you something, one of their techniques is to create a name that makes it sound like the only good choice.

One example is the "peace process" in the middle east.  You HAVE to be for a peace process, don't you?  If you're against it you must be in favor of war, which means you want people dead and mutilated.  That would make you an ogre, a ghoul or even worse.

Unfortunately a great many people are easily manipulated by this technique.  For them, the term "peace process" is an alternative to having to think about what the "process" entails, who is pushing it and what their agenda is. 

In reality, the "peace process" entails Israel giving up tangible assets (land, improvements on that land, settlements and money) in return for nothing tangible at all.  Illustratively, Palestinian Arabs have negotiated a promise to recognize Israel over and over again to get tangible assets.  Then they ignore the promise, do not recognize Israel, and resurrect the promise of recognition in the next round of negotiations, to get additional tangible assets.  This has been an ongoing fraud for decades. 

So why does Israel, which certainly knows this is happening, allow it to continue anyway? 

The only thing I can come up with is that some Israelis have conned themselves into believing the only way to move Palestinian Arabs to a real peace process is to keep this going so that as they continue to teach their children that Israel is nonexistent as a state, as they continue to glorify suicide/homicide bombers and as they continue to celebrate the most murderous terrorists among Arab Muslims, over time they will gradually move in small increments toward the right path and someday they may start to see the light and........are you barfing yet?  I'd be.

If you're interested in reality instead of the verbal vomit I just typed, I suggest you go to a site called Palestine Media Watch.  This site does what USA mainstream media will almost never do, because they're too busy selling you the "peace process" fantasy.  PMW tells you what is reported in Palestinian Arab media, so that you can know what they really say rather than what USA media parses out to you on their terms. This can be found at

If you go there right now, you will read, among other things, that:

-Palestinian authority TV showed a movie with staged (i.e. phony) scenes showing Israeli soldiers killing Egyptian soldiers who were bound and unarmed;

-A street in the municipality of Yaabid was named after saddam hussein.  The street was paved using US aid;

-The palestinian authority has named a soccer tournament in honor of saddam hussein;

-And finally, this lovely story which I am copying in full (go to the site and see the video):


Palestinian leader to Al-Qaeda:
"We hate the Americans more than you!"
"Do to Bush whatever you want and we wish you success."

[Palestinian Authority TV]

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook- Jan. 3, 2007

A former Palestinian Authority (PA) Minister from Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party has wished Al Qaeda success in its attacks against the US, and in its targeting of President George W. Bush. The Fatah leader, Abu Ali Shahin, said in an interview on official PA TV: "Do to Bush whatever you want, and we wish you success... We are fighting the Americans and hate the Americans more than you!"

Shahin was responding to a statement by Al-Qaeda's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, criticizing Palestinian Fatah leaders for contacts with the US.

It is noteworthy that Shahin's statement that Palestinians hate the US and wish Al-Qaeda success in terror is in line with the sentiments of the Palestinian population even before the Hamas election victory. According to a December 2005 public opinion poll, "65% of Palestinians support Al-Qaeda actions in the US and Europe." [Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies Norway, Survey Dec.

The following is the relevant text from the Shahin interview:

"Oh [Al-Qaeda] brother, leave us and focus on your business. You have Bush! Do to Bush what you want, and we wish you success with Bush, even more. I, Abu Ali Shahin, wish you success with Bush...

Whoever is interested in creating a split in the Palestinian camp, is not serving anyone but the Americans and their protg, the Zionist Imperialist Project. We are fighting the Americans and hate the Americans more than you!

We know we are described as enemies of the Americans. About Americans, we say, publicly: the central, head enemy to the Arab Palestinian people and to the national struggle, is this American leadership embodied by the White House and this George Bush sitting there.
[PA TV, January 1, 2007]


There, after all these years and decades,  is the current state of the "peace process".  Maybe it proves the theory I mentioned earlier:  after all you can't get more gradual than this, can you?

And if you think the "peace process" is gradual, think about when media in this country will ever get around to reporting where it really is.  Think about the 12th of never.

Whether we're talking about the "peace process" or US politics, when it's not on THEIR political agenda, YOU aren't supposed to know it exists.   A reality that is well worth remembering.

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