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Ken Berwitz

The current issue of Newsweek features an article questionning whether Rudy Giuliani has the temperament to be president.  That is a very fair question to ask about anyone running for the presidency.

But Hillary Clinton, who has given us an ongoing series of huge temper tantrums detailed by authors, secret service people, political operatives and even her husband?  No article about Ms. Clinton.  There are one hell of a lot more specific examples of Ms. Clinton flying off the handle than there are of Mr. Giuliani, but somehow Newsweek didn't think them to be newsworthy.

Then we have the case of officer Cesar Borja, a New York police officer who died of pulmonary fibrosis. 

Senator Clinton brought his son, Cesar Borja Jr. as her guest to President Bush's state of the union address and assured us that he died in the line of duty by breathing in noxious fumes at ground zero after the 9/11 attack.  Ms. Clinton used Borja's death as a basis for proposing a 1.9 billion dollar federal program to address health costs for 9/11 victims.  What compassion.  What poignancy.  What press!!  Isn't that Hillary the greatest? 

The problem?  It is virtually certain that Officer Borja's health problems had nothing whatsoever to do with his service at ground zero. 

The New York Times (credit where credit is due) has discovered that Borja wasn't even at the site until almost four months after the towers came down.  And his entire time there consisted of 8 shifts during which he pulled traffic and security duty.  Nothing related to sifting through dust and rubble. 

However, officer Borja was formerly a pack-a-day smoker and his regular duty involved the auto tow pound, a place no one goes to get a little fresh air.  Maybe, just maybe, that had something to do with his death.

In fairness to the Borja family, they never claimed officer Borja's physical problems had anything to do with being at ground zero.  His widow, Eva Borja, publicly stated it was "not true" that her husband died because of his 9/11 duty.  The family wasn't trying to phony this up.  Ms. Clinton was the one doing that.

Now let me ask you something:  Between the serial temper tantrums and the BS claims about officer Borja to sucker in voters, is there anything for mainstream media to be talking about regarding Hillary Clinton?  You think there is?  Well try and find it.

Hillary Clinton is a protected species.  Mainstream media in this country are not about to blow Senator Clinton's perceived credibility by telling you the truth about her horrible temper or her ignorance, intentional fraudulence or both regarding officer Borja. Not a chance.  

After all, who do you think she is?  Rudy Giuliani?


UPDATE:  The New York Daily News, which talked up the relationship between officer Borja's death and his exposure to ground zero more than any other NY paper, has a markedly different take on this.  You can read it at

However, within their article, they state that:  NYPD overtime records indicate instead that Borja served at Ground Zero for at least 200 hours over 17 days starting Christmas Eve 2001. Thus, while the number of hours is quite a bit higher, the timing (three and a half months after the 9/11 attack) is consistent. 


Ken Berwitz

If you associate hatred with the right, not the left, keep reading. 

There is a leftwing website,  Its owner is John Amato.  At one time I attempted (unsuccessfully as it turned out) to develop a relationship with Mr. Amato.  Obviously my politics do not coincide with his, but I try to respect all views.  I thought  "The Hopelessly Partisan Guide To American Politics", which looks at things from both sides of the aisle, might be a conduit to some kind of mutually beneficial relationship.  It wasn't.

Now, as I read the crooksandliars site each day, I am more and more relieved that this didn't happen.  Having viewed its material and especially the comments of its regulars, I have concluded that, like many other leftwing sites, is hopelessly infested with hatred. 

If you think I must be exaggerating, you may have a point.  I am probably understating.  Let me show you by providing an example -- one of many you can find there yourself.

Crooksandliars is embittered by the fact that two overtly anti-Catholic bloggers, Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan, have finally (way too late) been exorcised from John Edwards' campaign team.  On paper they both resigned.  But it seems clear they were forced out because of the firestorm their hatred - especially directed against Catholics - caused.  I blogged about Marcotte last Friday (February 9) and included a group of vile assaults on Catholocism she wrote.  I urge you to scroll back and read it.

In any event, crooksandliars apparently is furious at the terrible people who complained about Marcotte and McEwan.  Now try to follow this along:

-One of the most visible defenders of Catholicm, William Donahue, was on The O'Reilly Factor (which they hate). 

-Donahue said something that they decided was anti-Asian (it wasn't). 

-keith olbermann (who they love) picked up on this and called Donahue one of the worst people in the world for what he clearly didn't say;

-So Amato blogged about it as if Donahue DID say it, and his "regulars" got to comment.

 With me so far?  Good.

Now I will show you what William Donahue said on O'Reilly.   He was having a debate about anti-Catholic bashing with a young person, evidently a college student, of Asian descent.  Donahue said:

"Look, just hold on here. You had your time. Look, the kid's a phony and here's why. I dealt with him earlier today on an MSNBC show, and I said we could hypothesize that there'd be a Columbia University ping-pong team made of Asians, and somebody goes out there and says "All gooks go home." So I I asked him about my gook joke. And guess what? Andy's Andy's sense of humor just collapsed. He found that offensive. You see what you are? You're a phony. You're a typical Ivy League little brat who thinks it's OK to dump on Catholics, but you don't like my gook joke. Now, what's wrong with a gook joke?"

As is 100% obvious, Donahue's intent was to turn the tables on the person he was debating and say "here's the parallel when it's anti what YOU are, how do you like it now?". 

I concede that Donahue's way of making his point was very raw and frankly offensive.  I would not have used the word "gook" as he did, even if it were only to demonstrate someone else's acceptance of prejudice.  But, that having been said, the fact remains that he was not using the word as a pejorative.

If there is any doubt about Mr. Donahue's intent it is ended further on, when he says (my bold print):

"Everybody knows the dirty laundry in every other group. And all I'm saying is this: Civility should rule. You ought to know that. You go to a fancy school. All I'd ask for you is show the same degree of respect for Catholics as would you for Asians. You don't like the gook jokes, I don't like them, either. So just wise up."

Donahue's obvious point - again - is that if if you don't like it when your group is attacked, don't be so fast to tolerate it for other groups.

So now that we've established that the premise for going after Donahue was ridiculous, let's see what the good folk who read and comment on Amato's writings have to say about it. 

I am about to post a number of the most vile, filthy, obscene disgusting things imaginable.  Every one is copied verbatim from the "comments" made by readers of  And, since the comments are censored (I know this for a fact, because the siteowner deletes some of them) these are all okay with Mr. Amato and/or his surrogates.  Spelling and syntax errors are theirs, I'm just copying.

Remember, this is in the context of protesting hatred against groups of people and comes after Donahue is accused by (presumably from olbermann's description) of "vulgar, trash-talking bigotry":

Hey, a phony cult/pyramid scheme that permits its highest ranking members to ass-rape nine-year-old boys NEEDS a defender as two-fisted as Bill Donahue.

From now on there will be one post per week about the vile scumbag Donohue.And...If yer ReighWing mouthbreathers and WhackJob Theocratid Liars wanna drop by...Be ready.We play rough.

Gravatar The enemy is within. Fascistic neocons have made fools of us. The time to lock these bastards up is NOW - BEFORE they nuke Iran. Sitting on your ass until this happens is going to put the last nail in your coffin - LITERALLY.

What I completely do not understand is why the Catholic Church tolerates this hate spewing fat slob.

Donohue = Fred Phelps

Gravatar Bill Donohue is a total scumbag.

Gravatar what an arrogant prick.

What happened here, did an altar boy turn down sex with Donohue?

Go back to molesting small children.

Donahue, we liked you better when you were hosting Oprah style talk shows in the 80's - (lol) - you scumbag idiot religo-nut!

As a grand finale, this piece of brilliance was posted among the comments you just read:

What I can't understand is how scum like Donohue get a platform by the media. They type of right wing bigotry and hate and vile just keeps on getting worst. Look at the hate Malkein and Savage, Drudge and Beck spew. Huffington Post, Think Progesss, TPMCafe, Raw Story and of course Crooks and Liars do not spew the stuff they do. You do not see a dem/liberal on Tv that spews the stuff that republics do.

Nah, crooksandliars would never spew anything like that.  I guess they're too busy spellchecking.

UPDATE:  There are more comments about Catholics and Mr. Donahue on the crooksandliars site.  I thought I'd share a fraction of these other ones with you.  Believe me there are a ton more where they came from:

Gravatar This guy makes me want to go bitch slap some Catholics.

Donahue is Catholic like Hitler was Christian.

Wanna hear my fat, stupid, rosy-faced, bloviating four-eyed balding-but-still-doing-a-combover, whiteman, Catholic joke, Bill?
You're it!

Gravatar As a lapsed Catholic, I want to regurgitate onto Donohue's shoes all the communion hosts I ever took in my life.

Gravatar What do Marines and Catholics have in common?
Anyone who survived parochial school won't have any problem with boot camp. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk

as a former choir-boy and former seminary student who never had any interest in waking up next to strange priests or strange altar-boys, i can honestly say that Bill Donohue is definitely a load his mother should have swallowed. To call the guy a douchebag is an insult to vinegar, water, and plastic dispensers in general.
I won't even call Donohue an asshole because at least the average sphincter does serve some useful purpose (otherwise we would all be as explosively full of shit as Bingo Billy himself)

Remember, these comments are what Mr. Amato and his cohorts CHOOSE to allow.  They edit out the things they don't want there.  And, again, this is in the context of complaining that Donahue is a source of "vulgar, trash-talking bigotry": 

Some things you have to see to believe.


Ken Berwitz

I am posting this transcript of a conversation between richard armitage and Bob Woodward to end for once and for all any doubt of any kind regarding who "leaked" valerie plame's name.

It is followed by a dead-on-target analysis from that anyone who actually cares about "plamegate" (apart from just hoping it will bring down president Bush and his administration) should read and think long and hard about. 

Here it is:

Woodward: Well it was Joe Wilson who was sent by the agency, isnt it?
Armitage: His wife works for the agency.
Woodward: Why doesnt that come out? Why does that have to be a big secret?
Armitage: (over) Everybody knows it.
Woodward: Everyone knows?
Armitage: Yeah. And they know cause Joe Wilsons been calling everybody. Hes pissed off cause he was designated as a low level guy went out to look at it. So hes all pissed off.
Woodward: But why would they send him?
Armitage: Because his wifes an analyst at the agency.
Woodward: Its still weird.
Armitage: He hes perfect. She she, this is what she does. Shes a WMD analyst out there.  
Woodward: Oh, she is.
Armitage: (over) Yeah.
Woodward: Oh, I see. I didnt think
Armitage: (over) "I know wholl look at it." Yeah, see?
Woodward: Oh. Shes the chief WMD?
Armitage: No. Shes not the
Woodward: But high enough up that she could say, "oh, yeah, hubby will go."
Armitage: Yeah. She knows [garbled].
Woodward: Was she out there with him, when he was?
Armitage: (over) No, not to my knowledge. I dont know if she was out there. But his wifes in the agency as a WMD analyst. How about that?.

According to Woodward, this exchange took place "nearly a month" before Bob Novak wrote his column referencing Ms. Plame.

I didnt transcribe the beginning of the exchange. But in it Richard Armitage brags that "we" (at the State Department) are "clean as a whistle" regarding the yellowcake claims.

When Woodward asks him why the reference had been included in the State Of The Union address, Armitage notes it had been removed from an earlier speech. He then blames the White House. He then adds that "Condi" "doesnt like to be on the hot seat."

So it is abundantly clear Mr. Armitage was on Joe Wilsons side in this argument. He was certainly not out to "punish" Joe Wilson by leaking the name of his wife or her job at the CIA.

In fact, Armitage claims "everybody knows" about Valerie Plames work at the CIA thanks to Mr. Wilsons phone calls.

This substantiates what I have posited all, along. That Wilson told every reporter he spoke to at the time about his wifes job, to try to enhance his credibility.

And remember, Wilson pitched his story to numerous reporters before he got so frustrated by their soft-pedaling of his amazing scoop that he had to come out from behind the curtain and write his history-changing editorial for the New York Times.

A thousand lies later we learn that a compatriot of Wilsons was the first government official on record for "leaking" this deep dark secret that "everybody" knew.

And we now know that Mr. Fitzgerald knew all of this even before he began his multi-year, multi-million dollar witch hunt.

Now, explain to me why richard armitage is not indicted for leaking valerie plame's name.  And explain to me why patrick fitzgerald is not indicted for sitting on this information for over two years while media had a field day accusing everyone else.

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