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Ken Berwitz

This one is for the people who still think the answer to world problems is to "let the UN do its work".

Lebanon has been used to attack northern Israel for decades.  Virtually every day, rockets have been fired on cities like Haifa and whatever smaller towns and villages were within range.  Innocent people have been killed and injured.  Property has been damaged.

By 1982 Israel had put up with enough and more than enough.  It invaded and occupied a slice of south Lebanon, staying there for 18 years.  Voila!  Virtually no more attacks.  But, unlike its neighbors who want nothing less than removing Israel from the map and stealing its land and assets, Israel did not want ownership of southern Lebanon.  Nor did the Lebanese want Israel there (hardly a surprise). 

The main force fighting Israel's occupation was hezbollah, a terrorist organization dedicated not to removing Israel from Lebanon, but to removing Israel from Israel .  Lebanon's government (I use that term very loosely) was certainly not about to stop hezbollah, which was engaging Israel in a fight the they were unwilling to make.  To the contrary, the Lebanese government helped hezbollah along.  What great pals.

After 18 tumultuous years, Israel left southern Lebanon and moved back within its borders.

You would think, you would hope, this was a chastening experience for Lebanon that would make them shy away from further attacks.  Instead, it was an incentive.  They gleefully pretended to themselves and the world that Israel's calculated de-occupation was some kind of military victory.  No shock there:  most countries would try to salvage some pride from a humiliating experience and Lebanon is no exception.

However, the withdrawal of Israeli troops could have been a lot more.  If the Lebanese government, which has been a puppet of Syria (thus Iran) for almost 30 years, had moved to prevent hezbollah from going right back to using the south as an attack point against Israel, there could have been peace.  Wouldn't that have been great? 

Well, maybe it would have been great to Israel, but certainly not to the Lebanese government.  They did exactly nothing to stop the renewed daily assault on northern Israel.  For SIX YEARS hezbollah attacked using the land Israel withdrew from, and for six years Israel did little other than fire back a few rockets. 


If Israel were militarily inferior to Lebanon, they'd have had to take it because they wouldn't have been able to do anything about it.  But Israel, as a superior military force, could have done something about it all that time and they didn't. 

What were they waiting for?  What did they think would happen if hezbollah was allowed to attack them every day?  That it would encourage hezbollah to NOT attack?  That hezbollah would say "wow, what nice guys those Israelis are to give us a free pass on this, let's all be friends"? 

The lesson here is that every country, even Israel can delude itself into thinking appeasement with an enemy dedicated to its destruction might work.  It never does.

So finally, last year, Israel re-invaded southern Lebanon and made mincemeat of much of that portion of the country.  Hezbollah's "leader", sayed hasan nasrullah, being the brave stalwart he is, went into hiding while his, fighters, died.  How many died?  No way to tell, since they were all classified as "civilians" when it happened.

What a scam THAT is.  If you don't wear a uniform and you blend back into the population after you attack, you can always be classified as a "civilian".  When Israel nails one of these cowards, inherently doing so within the civilian population where they hide, the world can then lament a) the civilian casualty and b) Israel's indifference to civilians.  Works like a charm.

But now the fighting is over.  Israel has again withdrawn from Lebanon.  And the UN is there to insure the peace. 

Yes, the UN, that beacon of neutrality, that great enforcer of good and right, the people who can MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

With that, I have posted a Reuters article from yesterday.  See if you recognize the UN I just described:


Protests paralyze Lebanon

By Alistair Lyon

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Protesters bent on toppling Lebanons cabinet blocked roads with blazing tires on Tuesday, sparking clashes with government loyalists in which three people were killed and more than 110 people hurt, police said.

The violence raised the stakes in a campaign by Iranian- and Syrian-backed Hezbollah and its Shiite and Christian allies to oust Prime Minister Fouad Sinioras Western-supported government and hold early parliamentary elections.

Lebanese troops tried to keep rival groups apart, but police said a member of the Christian pro-government Lebanese Forces party was shot dead in the town of Batroun, north of Beirut.

Two people were shot and killed in the mainly Sunni Muslim northern port of Tripoli. Police said gunfire wounded 45 people, many of them in the Christian towns of Byblos and Halba.

Siniora delayed plans to leave for Paris, where he is to attend an international aid conference for Lebanon. Officials said he would address the nation at 6:30 p.m. (1630 GMT).

Police said more than 110 people were hurt in a day of skirmishes around the country. Stone-throwing crowds fought in Beirut and Christian areas to the north, even though troops caught in the middle fired in the air to deter them.

Black smoke billowed over Beirut as demonstrators shut main roads, including those to the port and international airport, to enforce a general strike called by Hezbollah and its allies.

Several airlines canceled flights. About 300 passengers were stranded at the airport because nearby roads were closed.

"This government only understands force and today is only a small lesson," protester Jamil Wahb told Reuters in the Shiite southern suburbs. "We will stay here until they give in."

The army, which has been guarding government offices in central Beirut since the opposition began protesting there on December 1, has few extra troops to deploy. It is already stretched after moving thousands of men to south Lebanon and the Syrian border following Hezbollahs war with Israel last year.

One Christian leader said Tuesdays protests were tantamount to a coup attempt.

Siniora has rejected opposition demands. Instead he has announced an economic reform plan to be presented on Thursday to the Paris conference, where foreign donors are expected to pledge money to help Lebanons debt-laden economy.

"We (the United States) will make a long-term financial contribution to help Lebanon rebuild itself," said Under-Secretary of State Nicholas Burns at a seminar in Dubai.

Such support would help thwart those trying "to overturn a democratically elected government through mobs."

Hezbollahs deputy leader Naim Kassem told Al Jazeera television that the unrest would continue.

"We will do our utmost to maintain control of ourselves and our supporters but I share with you the concern about the other side, which has no such controls," he said.

Many shops, schools and businesses were closed in Beirut, in some areas because people supported the strike, in others because they could not get to work past barricades.

Pro-government figures condemned the protests.

"What is happening is a revolution and a coup attempt," Christian leader Samir Geagea told al-Jazeera television. "This is direct terrorism to paralyze the country."

Opposition sources say protests will last for several days.

"Our campaign will escalate day by day," Suleiman Franjieh, an opposition Christian leader, told al-Manar television. "As long as they wont listen to us, we will not let them rest."

The opposition campaign has raised tension between Sunnis and Shiites in Lebanon, still recovering from a 1975-90 civil war.


There you have it.   A full-blown civil war between the "government" of Lebanon and the terrorist group hezbollah, which - with its puppetmasters Syria and Iran - stands a very good chance to take over and dominate the entire country. 

Now, what didn't you see in that article.  You didn't see even one reference to the great, effective, decisive peacekeepers of the UN.  Their presence in Lebanon is resulting in.................nothing.  Nothing at all.  They are feckless, useless and might as well be right back where they came from.

If things continue this way, hezbollah will soon rule part or all of Lebanon....which means Syria and the lunatics in Iran will be running the show.  It insures that attacks on Israel will continue and intensify.  It means Israel will be forced to go back in there and, this time, do far more to stop the insanity than they ever did before.

THAT, folks, is what happens when you "let the UN do its work".  The lesson could not be clearer.  Remember this the next time some starry-eyed leftwing dreamer tells you the UN would have succeeded in Iraq.

Face the facts MR. BERWITZ, Cheney, Rove and poor Libby LIED. NOT Wilson.

Barry Sinrod
For more than two years my good friend, Mr. Berwitz has called Ambassador Joe Wilson every name in the book and accused him of being a liar.
Yesterday amidst the State of the Union address the opening statements in the Libby trial, Mr. Fitzgerald stated quite convincingly that Mr. Wilson and his wife were the victims of a lie that ruined Ms. Plame's career and put the lives of many people in jeopardy.
In essence he confirmed that he has proof that Mr. Cheney was the culprit in this matter along with Carl Rove. They leaked the information on purpose to Libby who has had to fall on his own sword.
Cheney did it not once, not twice but three times he went out of his way to leak the information to several people along with Rove to destroy yet another person who went against the administration.
Impeachment of Cheney will now not be necessary because he may still yet face criminal charges and be forced to step down as Vice President.
Thank you Mr. Berwitz for being wrong still again.  More to come.   

Ken Berwitz Another partisan attack from Barry - based, as usual, on a combination of hatred and wishful thinking instead of facts.  Does it ever end? Allegations are not facts. But in the world of "get 'em", they're anything you want them to be. Joe Wilson is a liar. Period. That's not me talking, that's the 9/11 commission talking. They showed that he not only lied about his wife getting him the Niger assignment, but his assessment of saddam's attempts to buy yellowcake uranium from Niger actually STRENGTHENED the conclusion that saddam was doing so. That makes wilson's article on the New York Times op-ed page transparently BS. Add in the fact that he was a Democratic operative (until his lies became a problem, he was on Kerry's payroll), and you have a man whose word is meaningless. I wish Barry were more concerned about the people who want us all dead or under shari'a law than in "getting" his political bogeymen. (01/24/07)

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