Tuesday, 09 January 2007


Ken Berwitz

Call it naivete on my part.  I thought we were pretty much finished with the human cartoon cindy sheehan.  I was wrong.

From the Associated Press:

Wives of jailed dissidents urge Sheehan to visit Cuba's prisons


HAVANA (AP) - Wives and mothers of Cuban political prisoners are urging northern California peace activist Cindy Sheehan today to visit the island's state-run jails during her week-long trip to Cuba.

Sheehan is in Cuba calling for the closure of the U-S-operated Guantanamo prison.

The so-called Ladies in White are a group of Cuban women demanding the release of their loved ones from jails there. They say the conditions in the jails are inhumane and they want Sheehan to help boost the profile of their cause.


If cindy sheehan had any interest at all in human rights, or any concern at all for women whose men (be they sons, husbands, fathers etc.) are in those prisons, could she possibly turn down this request?  The answer is no.

But cindy sheehan has no interest at all in human rights and no concern at all for these women.  Cindy sheehan is a mentally unbalanced circus clown who is being exploited by the left for everything they can get from her.  She would never insult fidel castro by asking to see his prisons.  It would jeopardize the insane love affair so many media elites and Hollywood's latte crowd has with him.  That would be unthinkable.

Let's talk real.  Sheehan and her puppeteers are not in Cuba to give a rat's ass about humanity.  They are in Cuba to attack the USA and George Bush.  Humanity has nothing to do with this. 

Who cares if Cuba's prisons make Guantanamo look like a resort?   Who cares if the so-called "ladies in white" are in agony because their men are being abused, tortured and murdered there?  What does THAT have to do with human rights or compassion?  It doesn't attack the USA or President Bush, does it? 

You can almost here her 'thinking' (yes, I am being very charitable here):  "If they ever put the USA in charge of fidel's prisons, do give me a ring.  I'll be there in a flash.  Otherwise, that's someone else's problem.  Now, where is the press conference being held?  Medea Benjamin gave me this great attack line about Bush and I can't wait to use it."  

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