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Barry Sinrod
who knew that Rehnquist was heavily on drugs during is confirmation to be Chief Justice.
If you look at any of the hearings before the Supreme Court and now they are going to find some because very little was allowed to be videoed but they are all taped.
His words were always slurred and people were told it was due to an illness like parkinson's.. NOT TRUE
He also wore those GOLD stripes during the Clinton Impeachment hearings because he liked them and thought they made him look regal. He got the idea from Pirates of Penzance
But back to one of the lowest of the lowlives in the administration John Bolton. He was the head of the death squad in Iran Contra, where ever he has been sent death and stolen money follow his trails. That is why he has been rejected over and again for UN Ambassador until Nixon simply did one of his sign in jobs to appoint him.
In new records released today, his job was to intimidate anyone who was to testify that Rehnquist was not qualified to be on the court. Nixon threatened anyone who dare come forward and he had the blessings of the late and great Hoover.
There are still 300+ pages of documents that are not being released.  

Ken Berwitz One other thing: John Bolton was born in 1948, and was still an undergraduate student at Yale in 1970. He got his JD degree in 1974. If he was working for Republicans as some kind of blackmailer in Washington DC then, I'd like to know how he did it. Again, the rush to attack and denounce has trumped facts and reality. Not good. (01/06/07)

Ken Berwitz This is too looney for me to even try to address. But can we at least agree that Nixon wasn't the guy who appointed Bolton. The rush to attack and denounce was so important that there was no time to check for accuracy. (01/05/07)


Barry Sinrod
Nancy and Harry have sent a letter to W today.  "They will not support any additional troops for surge"
It is a serious mistake and most military people feel that it is not justified.  It is nice of W to change the leaders of the military today so that those who disagree with him will be replaced with the SS who want to lose more of our boys for nothing.
Let the hearings begin.  Why did we get into this? Where are all the papers that the Republicans refuse to turn over to the intelligence committee.   Mr. Rockefeller will not stand for this. 
More self destruction so that by 2008 there will be ZERO or close to zero Republicans in Congress unless they do the right thing and turn against W. 
"It will be a serious mistake for a troop surge".

Meredith Viera Gets Her Come-uppance

Ken Berwitz

Let me start by saying that I'm no fan of Donald Trump's.  I consider him an arrogant bully with an ego roughly the size of the Milky Way.

That aside, however, it was a pleasure watching him dismantle the obnoxious hypocrite Meredith Viera on yesterday's Today show (you can see the entire segment at  The trouble started when Viera, who was supposed to be interviewing Trump about the new season of "The Apprentice", instead challenged him about his catfight with Rosie O'Donnell.

Meredith Viera is one of these media people who postures as being neutral but, in reality, is entirely ideological.  Illustratively, she is an anti-war activist who is now charged with "neutrally" interviewing people on both sides of the Iraq war.  She also appears to be one of these "neutral" commentators who drools over Nancy Pelosi's ascent to speaker of the house from the standpoint that it was a major gain for women, while barely giving Condoleezza Rice the time of day as the country's first ever female Secretary of State.

In truth, this is nothing new for the Today show.  As an overall entity it has been overtly biased for many years.  Anyone who has endured the "objective news analysis" of former Democratic operative Tim Russert and former (?) Democratic operative Chris, Matthews, certainly knows what I'm talking about.

For these reasons, it is nice to occasionally see one of these hypocrites taken down a peg or two --  even if the taker-down is a guy I don't much care for.


barry sinrod Ken, we are the perfect couple. We cannot agree on anything. I watched and re watched the interview with Meredith and Donald and saw it the other way totally. For someone like him to stoop as low as he has is disgraceful. He is the John Gotti of Billionaires. Who would care what anyone, anyone would say about him? ONLY Mr. I am the best, my show is the best, it is the greatest, I am the greatest. Rosie is a comedian and Trump has been fodder for jokes his entire life. What got him was the talk of money, money, money. How dare anyone say he went bankrupt. No technically he didn't go bankrupt himself, he just screwed about 10,000 bond holders 3 times with his casino dealings. If you were a bond holder and his company filed for bankruptcy taking all or nearly all of your money would you not blame him? He was the only one to get out of it scott free. His words are disgusting. What does any of this have to do with Rosie with his personal attacks. Not worth repeating. And true to the Trump way, now he said "We are seriously considering an offer from Playboy" while firing Miss Vegas for expressing herself in what he considers a vulgar manner. He is the judge and the jury. and don't forget three wives, three cheating episodes and children with each of three wives. Nice clean cut morals to be the judge. Don't you have anything more important to write about then this crap. How about a Chief Justice on drugs for many years while making historical decisions of life and death. Drugs that impair judgement, a man who should not have been confirmed as Chief Justice, in fact he should have been removed from the court. that is more important. Think he knew he selected W to be president or did someone fill out the forms for him. (01/05/07)

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