Saturday, 21 October 2006

Time for the President to Resign before we win and then put him in jail.

Barry Sinrod
Mr. President, why have we spent $300 billion and counting on Iraq when they have 20% of all of the oil in the world.
Even your father in the Gulf War got it done quicker and for ZERO dollars to us.
Why in the hell are we paying to help them when most of them hate us?
$300 billion dollars could be used in the US for so many things and still have much left over.
Start with New Orleans. They are still starving, dying and homeless.
Feed the hungry, homeless
Fix our roads and our school systems
Take unemployment down to zero
Stop giving away our jobs oversees.
Tax the rich
How about a few hundred million for research and science the two areas that you believe are make believe.
Stem Cell research dollars could save millions of people
Stop the drug companies from gouging us.
How can you allow the corporations especially oil companies to make such profits.
With your new laws you can do what ever you want whenever you want. What else can you do to cripple us?
18 days and counting till we start to get answers like Why? How? How come? Where were they? Where are they? Let me see your bank account? Let us see Cheney bank account?
How about secret meeting notes from Ken Lay? How about the Presidential papers from your father and you which you have conveniently locked away.
Why have you lied to your base?  What is your base?
The next two years will be hell for you and you deserve it.  I can't wait. 24/7 investigations and you will have to answer under oath or probably lie any how.  If Clinton lied about sex, why should you tell the truth about the WMD's and hundreds of lies.

Ken Berwitz As you can see, my co-author - a fine man in so many ways - is out of his gourd politically. Go through his list of what Bush should do and see if you think anyone - including saints and magicians, could accomplish a fraction of it,even WITH an opposition that would help him. Then remember that a lot of this is not even true. Among the examples........ -They are not starving and dying in New Orleans -School systems are not federal, they are state and local -No one has ever taken unemployment anywhere never zero and it can't be done, if for no other reason because there are people who refuse to work -No one is giving away jobs to overseas, they are leaving because people overseas do them far less expensively with far fewer regulations than in the USA -"The rich" are taxed up the wazoo in this country, read the percentages -Bush is the only president ever to put even one cent towards stem cell research. Clinton could have and didn't. etc etc etc etc etc Hating Bush, which Barry obviously does, won't solve any of this country's problems. And solving them is far more important than "getting" Bush. (10/22/06)

Voter ID and the 9th Circus Court

Ken Berwitz

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court overturned the 9th Circus Court on the grounds that they made some kind of procedural error, and ruled that Arizona could require photo ID's for next month's election.(Fascinatingly, they have not yet ruled on the constitutionality of ID's - that's one for the books).

In reading the Arizona Republic's article about this ruling, I was especially struck by the following paragraph:

The new voter ID rules were passed, in part, to keep illegal immigrants and other non-citizens from voting. Opponents have argued that legal voters, especially the poor and the elderly, might also be disenfranchised because of the rules.

Now I understand the first sentence just fine:  Requiring proof that you are a legal voter might inhibit people who aren't legal voters.  Good.  It's the second sentence that got to me. 

Look, I didn't go to graduate school and I have never claimed to be a voting expert.  So can someone explain why a poor person who is legally able to vote will be disenfranchised by showing ID which proves it? Can someone explain to me why an elderly persion who is legally able to vote will be disenfranchised by showing an ID which proves it?  What am I missing here?

I am neither poor nor elderly.  Would I be disenfranchised if I am expected to demonstrate that I'm me?  If the answer is no, how would being older disenfranchise me?  Suppose I have a financial reverse between now and election day.  Does that mean I'm disenfranchised if asked to show a valid driver's license, credit card or voter registration card?

You have to show ID for countless reasons every day;  for things as basic as writing a check at a gas station or department store.  If it's no problem when you need  $30 worth of regular at the local Exxon station why would it be a problem at a voting booth?

There is only one reason, of course, and it is entirely obvious.  The people who oppose voter ID's want illegals to be able to vote.  Period.

If you want to know who is behind this, all you have to do is determine which party benefits if illegals vote.  It's just that simple.  And the 9th Circus Court knows it as well as you do.  This should give you a pretty clear idea of what they're about and why I use the word Circus instead of Circuit.

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