Thursday, 19 October 2006

The Today Show For Idiots

Ken Berwitz

After watching the first 15-20 minutes of the Today show this morning I'm wondering if I even need to write a commentary, or if the headline is enough.

In "Hopelessly Partisan" I call senator Reid of Nevada "Harry the corpse".   Little did I realize that his fiscal activities smell worse than a real one.  We're up to three real estate deals that he is amending, one of which netted him over a million dollars.  And we now have him reimbursing his campaign thousands of dollars because he illegally used contributions from, supporters to tip the staff at his luxury hotel residence in DC.  

But not one word about it - again - from Matt and Meredith, the M&M tandem of Today.  Unlike Republican scandals, Harry Reid's growing mountain of corruption is invisible to them.   And because it is invisible to them, it is invisible to their viewers as well.

Then we have George Soros, a convicted inside trader who contributed $20,000 to the defense fund for lynne stewart.  lynne stewart is the USA hating pig who illegally helped a murdering terrorist to communicate with his network, presumably to carry out more terrorism. 

George Soros is the Democratic party's single biggest contributor.  The fact that he has contributed tens of thousands to a woman who aided and abetted terrorist murderers?  No time to report it, not even in passing. 

But Today did have a report that there were combat deaths in Iraq (a daily feature of the show, as if combat deaths in a war were somehow unexpected and we didn't know they occur). 

And there was a nice long colloquy between Lauer and born-again Democrat Tim Russert about how gloomy Republican prospects are for the midterm elections - with a tone that suggested this was fresh news instead of what they have reported with various degrees of glee for months. (Breaking news!!!  Last week we reported that Republicans are in trouble.  Yesterday we reported they are really in trouble.  Today we are reporting they are REALLY  in trouble!!!).

The bottom line here is that if you watch Today and think you are getting news, you are, in the words of Linda Ronstadt, being cheated, mistreated, put down and pushed 'round.  And because Today is simply eliminating the parts they don't want you to be aware of, most viewers probably don't even know it's being done.

There is an old, not very nice, marital expression that I am happy to say is not used much anymore -- something about keeping a wife "barefoot and pregnant".  If it offends you (and it should) how offended are you that, news-wise, the Today show keeps millions of viewers exactly that way?

Starbuck Tom The question that is obvious to me, but is never properly posed, even by conservative commentators, is this: If Liberals believe that their positions are so enlightened and correct, then why do they not provide the public with all of the information? If the the Liberal viewpoint is so obviously correct, then what harm could come if people knew all the facts (ie. George Soros - Lynn Stewart connection, etc.). The fact that Liberals try to manipulate the news in the media in a concerted effort to have the public come to pre-conceived conclusions based only on half of the information amounts to unmitigated brainwashing. So to all the Liberals out there, what are you afraid of? If you're positions on all of these issues are so obviously correct, only "dumb" people wouldn't get it . . .give us all the news . . .and let's see what happens. My guess is that they're afraid that most Americans would see that the Liberal agenda is a disaster, and as such, would run not walk away from it. The Liberal media knows this, and therefore wants to keep the American public in the dark. Disturbing, isn't it? (10/23/06)

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