Monday, 16 October 2006

Redoubtable Reid Revises Realty Revelations

Ken Berwitz

Reality may - MAY - be closing in on redoubtable Harry Reid.  Catch this, from the AP (which ain't exactly a charter member of the Republican fan club):

Reid Decides to Amend Ethics Reports

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid announced Monday he is amending his ethics reports to Congress to more fully account for a land deal that allowed him to collect $1.1 million for property he hadn't personally owned for three years.

Reid acted several days after The Associated Press reported the senator didn't disclose to Congress that he first sold the land to a friend's company back in 2001 and took an ownership stake in the company. He didn't collect the seven-figure payout until the company sold the land again in 2004 to others.

Reid said his amended ethics reports will list the 2001 sale.

"I directed my staff to file amended financial disclosure forms noting that in 2001, I transferred title to the land to a Limited Liability Corporation," Reid said in a statement issued by his office.

Reid said he believed the 2001 sale did not alter his ownership of the land but that he agreed to file the amended reports because "I believe in ensuring all facts come to light."

Reid blamed the AP story as a "latest attempt" by Republicans to affect the election. AP reported last week that it learned of the land deal from a former Reid adviser who had concerns about the way the deal was reported to Congress.

Reid also announced he failed to disclose two other land transactions on his prior ethics reports and would account for those on his amended reports.

If you didn't read this stuff you wouldn't believe he had the gall to say it.  An AP report is an attempt by Republicans to smear him?  That's roughly equivalent to bin laden saying that Al Jazeera is working with the Bush administration to keep him from issuing video tapes.
Harry Reid is dirty.  That becomes clearer and clearer every day.  He took tens of thousands from surrogates of Jack Abramoff.  He played games with not just this 1.1 million dollar BS land deal, but - based on that last paragraph - two other deals as well. 
If mainstream media cared one tenth as much about the actions of  Reid - who may be our next majority leader - as they do about Mark Foley, a congressman from Florida who held no leadership position and in any event has already resigned his office, they might reclaim their neutrality, thus their integrity. 
Don't count on it.

No More PC for DDT, OK?

Ken Berwitz

Here is a genuinely amazing column by the wonderfully gifted Jeff Jacoby, about DDT and malaria.  If this doesn't shake any belief you may have in second-naturedly accepting the word of doomsday "sky is falling" scare artists, you're impervious to change.



By Jeff Jacoby

TheBoston Globe

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Boston Globe Editorial: Chemist's Killer of a Cure


            The 2006 Nobel laureates are in the spotlight, but a recent piece of news -- an announcement from the World Health Organization -- calls to mind a Nobel laureate of an earlier era.


            When the Swiss chemist Paul Muller was awarded the prize in medicine in 1948, he was hailed "as a benefactor of mankind of such stature" that he would require "the humility of a saint" to inoculate himself against hubris. Fortunately, Muller was not given to arrogance. He described his great discovery as merely "a first foundation stone" in the "puzzling and apparently endless domain" of pest-borne plague. It had come as a surprise to him, he said modestly, to have discovered a chemical formula "so useful in the fight against diseases in human beings."


            "Useful" hardly began to describe it. As Time magazine noted, Muller's chemical "kills the mosquitoes that carry malaria, the flies that carry cholera, the lice that carry typhus, the fleas that carry the plague, the sand flies that carry kalaazar and other tropical disease." Thanks to his discovery, "the tropics are becoming safer places to live; because of it, typhus" -- a deadly scourge long associated with wars and disaster -- "was no serious threat in World War II." 


            The name of this miracle formula? Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane -- better known as DDT.


            To anyone who grew up in the 1970s or 1980s, the notion that DDT was ever celebrated as a lifesaver might come as a shock. The very initials now seem sinister. Ever since Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" was published in 1962, DDT has been stigmatized as a terrible environmental poison, more curse than cure.


            In Carson 's telling, DDT caused cancer and genetic damage in humans, and wreaked havoc not only on the insects it was intended to kill but on birds and other animals too. It was a poison that grew in concentration as it passed up the food chain, ultimately contaminating everything from eagles' eggs to mothers' milk. Carson recounted frightful tales of DDT's demonic power. "A housewife who abhorred spiders" sprayed her basement with DDT in August and September -- and was dead of "acute leukemia" by October. "A professional man who had his office in an old building" sprayed with DDT to get rid of cockroaches -- and landed in the hospital, hemorrhaging uncontrollably; eventually he too was dead of leukemia.


            But in retrospect, such alarming anecdotes seem little more than urban legends. In the words of immunologist Amir Attaran, a fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, "The scientific literature does not contain even one peer-reviewed, independently replicated study linking DDT exposures to any adverse health outcome" in human beings. Yet if Carson 's science was shaky, her influence was undeniable. "Silent Spring" galvanized the emerging environmental movement and fed a rising hysteria about pesticides and other chemicals. Within a decade, DDT had been banned in the United States . Eventually every industrialized nation stopped using it. Under pressure from Western environmentalists and governments, DDT was widely suppressed in the Third World as well.


            The results were catastrophic. As the most effective weapon ever deployed against mosquitoes and malaria was taken out of service, the mosquitoes and malaria returned. In Sri Lanka, for example, the spraying of houses with DDT had all but wiped out malaria, which shrank over a decade from 2.8 million cases and 7,300 deaths to 17 cases and no deaths. But when American funds to pay for DDT-based mosquito eradication dried up, malaria surged back, to half a million cases by 1969.


            Today, the global malaria caseload stands at more than 300 million. The disease kills well over 1 million victims yearly -- some estimates run as high as 2.7 million -- and the vast majority of its victims are children in Africa . "Such a toll is scarcely comprehensible," Attaran and several colleagues have written. "To visualize it, imagine filling seven Boeing 747s with children, and then crashing them -- every day."


            The demonizing of DDT, albeit with the best of motives, ended up causing tens of millions of deaths from malaria. Rarely has the law of unintended consequences operated with such lethality.


            Now, at long last, that may change. In a historic shift, the WHO last month reversed its 30-year-old ban, and strongly endorsed the indoor use of DDT to control the mosquitoes that spread malaria. (The use of DDT on crops, which Carson had linked to the thinning of bird eggs, remains prohibited.) The WHO emphasized that DDT presents no health risk when sparingly applied to the inside walls of homes. And it urged environmentalist diehards to abandon their opposition to a proven lifesaver.


            "I am here today to ask you, please help save African babies as you are helping to save the environment, implored Arata Kochi, director of the WHOs global malaria program. "African babies do not have a powerful movement ... to champion their well-being."


            Sixty years after Paul Muller's great achievement was honored with a Nobel Prize, its potential may at long last be realized. A "silent spring" more hellish than anything Carson envisioned -- a million children dying needlessly every year -- may finally be coming to an end.


(Jeff Jacoby is a columnist for The Boston Globe.) 



This has to be true....getting ready for war crimes charges....

Barry Sinrod

October 15, 2006

US President Bush Makes Massive Land Purchase In Paraguay Ahead Of Expected War Crimes Charges By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the American President s daughter, Jenna Bush, has secured on behalf of her father, the American President, and the Bush Family, the purchase of nearly 100,000 acres of land in the South American Nation of Paraguay, and which is also confirmed by the Latin American News Service, and as we can read as reported in their article titled "_Bush Buys Land in Northern Paraguay_({EBA55617-2676-4091-ABBC-20650EB6FEE1}&language=EN) ", and which says:

_"An Argentine official regarded the intention of the George W. Bush family to settle on the Acuifero Guarani (Paraguay) as surprising, besides being a bad signal for the governments of the region. Luis D Elia, undersecretary for the Social Habitat in the Argentine Federal Planning Ministry, issued a memo partially reproduced by digital, in which he spoke of the purchase by Bush of a 98,842-acre farm in northern Paraguay, between Brazil and Bolivia."_({EBA55617-2676-4091-ABBC-20650EB6FEE1}&language=EN)

The American Presidents daughter had used the cover of a United Nations group to cover her mission to Paraguay to arrange this massive land purchase, and as we can see confirmed by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "_Jenna Bush joins UNICEF program in Paraguay_ ( ", and which says:

_"Jenna Bush came to this poor, landlocked South American country to take part in a UNICEF program for young professionals who volunteer in its activities here, the U.N. organization announced Monday. UNICEF released few details about the program involving the 24-year-old daughter of U.S. President George W. Bush, citing security concerns."_ (

These reports suggest the these actions being taken by the Bush Family are in response to the expected War Crime Charges being filed by the International Committee for the Red Cross, and which we had reported on in our October 15, 2005 report titled _War Crimes Portfolio against United States President, Vice President and Defense Secretary Opened By International Committee of the Red Cross Charging Crimes Against Humanity_ ( , and wherein we had stated:

_"Kremlin sources are reporting today that the International Committee of the Red Cross, based in Switzerland, has opened a War Crimes Portfolio charging the United States President, Vice President, Defense Secretary, United States Military Commanders and the majority of United States Senators and Congressmen with Crimes Against Humanity over what the United Nations has declared as an illegal war in the Middle Eastern Country of Iraq, and where the innocent civilian death toll is nearing 30,000. _ (

_This is reported to be only the second time in the International Committee of the Red Crosss history where a War Crimes Portfolio has been opened against the Civilian and Military Leadership of a sovereign country, with the first being opened in 1943 against the Nazi German Empire and its Chancellor, Adolph Hitler, and various other civilian and military leaders of that country."_ (

The ties between the Bush Family Cartel and Paraguay predate the current American President and have their roots going back to his grandfather _Prescott Bush_ ( , the top American financier for the German Nazi Regime.

These ties between South America and the Bushs were further solidified during the 1970s when the current American Presidents father, George Bush Sr., was director of the American Central Intelligence Agency, and working with

Yeahsureright The land parcel is right next to judge Crater's property, and across the way from Jimmy Hoffa. (10/16/06)

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