Friday, 13 October 2006

Air America Chapter 11

Ken Berwitz

I never thought Air America would go belly up before the election.  Since it was a money loser from the git-go, I assumed solvency wasn't the key issue;  that it would be kept afloat for partisan political purposes.

And it appears I was right.  Air America filed chapter 11 today but will continue broadcasting, presumably through the election cycle.

Maybe they can find another boys and girls club as corrupt as the Gloria Wise foundation and expropriate an interest free loan from them too.  Hey, so many kids and elderly to crap on, so little time.....

The real question is how long they can keep Al Franken and Randi Rhodes on air.  While neither of them came close to saving this media abortion, they are the only "names" which haven't abandoned ship....yet.

Maybe Franken could use his Air America gig to run for the senate in Minnesota.  I can see the campaign literature now:  "What I did for Air America I'll do for Minnesota".  Of course if Minnesotans notice how the network did with Franken there, it might make them wish the human cartoon Jesse Ventura would make a comeback and run against him.   

What a senate race THAT would be!  You've heard of pomp and circumstance?  With these two it would be pompous and jerkumstance. 

You must see MAN OF THE YEAR. It is funny and Scary...Beware of the REPS.

Barry Sinrod    
Robin Williams with Barry Levinson's script is simply fantastic. The movie is very very funny. However, what I also got out of it is that we are destined to be screwed again as Congress has refused to give each and every voter a receipt for the vote. How can it possibly not have been changed in six years.
The movie will show you how easy it is for the electronic machines to be manipulated by ONE person so as to change the outcome of the election.
It is scary in the hands of Karl Rove and the administration who have gotten away with it since 1998 and the defeat of Max Clelland.

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