Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Hurricanes and the genius of President Bush

Ken Berwitz

A funny thing happened on the way through the hurricane season (which is just about over).  There weren't any.  Not a one.  The closest we got to a hurricane this year was Ernesto, which devolved into tropical storm status by the time it hit our shores.

George Bush must be the greatest genius in the country.  He prevented the hurricane season!

Wait a minute?  What's that I hear?  Derisive laughter?  You think it's ridiculous to credit George Bush with preventing hurricanes?

Well, truth be told, so do I.  But, then again, I remember LAST year, when we we had the worst hurricane season in my lifetime.  Who did the Democratic party and much of the mainstream media blame for it?  Bush, that's who.

Remember those nonstop attacks about global warming and the kyoto fraud...er, solution?  Remember how Katrina decimated New Orleans?  Remember that it was because Bush didn't play ball with the people who wanted us to sign onto kyoto?  Kyoto, you may remember, was the treaty that would have increased pollution regulations on the USA while simultaneously giving dozens of other countries a free ride - no regulations at all.

Well, from this I can only conclude Bush learned well from his egregious mistakes of last year, corrected his policies, and staved off an entire hurricane season.  Therefore President Bush MUST be a genius....


the people blaming him for last year must have been so filled with irrational hatred that they actually blamed Bush for the weather - which any sane person would know he had nothing to do with. 

You tell me.

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