Sunday, 08 October 2006

Our newest poster here in Florida...

Jersey Prideless

Ken Berwitz

Robert Menendez is as dirty as Derek Jeter's uniform after a three-steal game.  It embarrasses me that he is my senator, albeit my appointed senator, put in this office by the reprehensible liar jon corzine.

Logic would dictate that I therefore am rooting for Tom Kean Jr. to unseat Menendez.  And, in the narrow context that I don't want Democrats in charge of the senate, that would be true.

But I also have a problem with Tom Kean Jr.  It is that he is a pandering little weasel who, I suspect, would sell out anyone and anything to win.

About two weeks ago I got a canned phone message from Kean Jr. telling me he wants Rumsfeld out.  Is he entitled to that opinion?  Sure he is.  But the tone and the verbiage of his message was exactly what I would have expected from Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, or howlin' Howard Dean.  It sounded, for all the world, as if what he really was saying was "honest, I only am RUNNING Republican, but I'm really a good little Democrat so if you're a Democrat you can vote for me and I'll be juuuuuuuuuust the same as Menendez, honest, I promise"   The pandering tone of this call frankly sickened me

Now, in the midst of the Foley situation, Kean Jr. is doing exactly the same thing with speaker Dennis Hastert.  Kean Jr. is not waiting to find out all the facts, there's not enough time until the election.  He wants Hastert to resign as speaker.  And the prescribed, rehearsed script he's using on TV tells me that his position is not from the heart, it's from a very different organ with a very different function.

Kean Jr. leaves me with the sense that if he had to toss his father, wife, kids and country overboard to win this election he would hesitate just long enough for one of his campaign toadies to script a rationale for doing so.  Then, over they would go. 

So, yeah, I want a Republican to win in New Jersey because it might prevent a Democratic takeover and because Menendez is such a skunk.  But it does not change what a sickening excuse for a candidate Kean Jr. is. 

In a world where standup guys are harder and harder to find, this little boy is sitting down with a vengeance. 

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