Saturday, 07 October 2006

Demostinian Sympathizers

Ken Berwitz

A few months ago Gallup did a poll to determine whether the USA's sympathies were more with Palestinian Arabs, more with Israel or about even.  You may recall that the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and Judea/Samaria (the west bank) are those nice folks who have spent the last 58 years trying to obliterate Israel.  Earlier this year, they overwhelmingly voted for hamas, a terrorist organization committed to Israel's destruction, as their governing party.

The results were that the USA supports Israel by 59% to 15%.  Very heartening.........until you read the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Among Republicans, support for Israel was 77%.  Among Democrats it was 50% (NOT a typo).  That is a huge difference, and one that every Democrat ought to think long and hard about;  particularly Jewish Democrats who have this halcyon image of their party being something very different that what it actually has become.

And if that weren't bad enough, on July 20th the house voted on whether to support Israel versus the hezbollah terrorists.  Out of 435 members, there were 8 nay votes.  Seven of them were Democrats, and four of those Democrats will chair house committees if the Democratic party wins a majority of seats next month.

Democrats voting against Israel included Neil Abercrombie (Hawaii), John Conyers, Carolyn Kilpatrick and John Dingell (Michigan), Jim McDermott (Washington), Nick Rahall (West Virginia) and Pete Stark (California).

Let me say it again:  Four of this gang will CHAIR COMMITTEES if Democrats take back the house.

Over the past 10-15 years, more and more Jewish voters have come to realize that the Democratic party may once have been a safe haven for them, but is now increasingly the province of people who do not like them, or who they are, or that there is a Jewish homeland in existence.  But, to be blunt, it isn't happening fast enough.  How ironic would it be if Jewish voters were the difference in putting these people into power?

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