Thursday, 05 October 2006

Foley Fallout

Ken Berwitz

It is the evening of Thursday, October 5, 2006.  The information that would make me right about what I'm going to say here has not yet been published.

Every fiber of my not inconsiderable gut is screaming to me that the well timed, beautifully orchestrated Foley scandal is going to backfire on Democrats. I do NOT have any knowledge of what would make it do that.  But this gut is very rarely wrong. 

It could be the emergence of one or more Democratic names to go with Foley, as predators of the congressional page staff.  It could be the naming of Democrats who sat on information about Foley for months or even a year or more so it could be sprung at an opportune time (which would make them every bit as much enablers of Foley as Republicans who sat on this information).  It could be something else.  I don't know.

One way or another we'll see how well the Berwitz gut is working very soon. 

Macacawitz: No, it's not a kosher wine.

Ken Berwitz

Want to see PC gone completely wild?  Read this, from today's Washington Post:

Democratic Organizer Quits After

Calling Allen 'Macacawitz'

Thursday, October 5, 2006; B02

A field organizer for Democratic congressional candidate Al Weed resigned yesterday after it was discovered that she referred to Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) as "Macacawitz."

In an e-mail sent last night, Meryl Ibis asked Democratic supporters to protest "George 'Macacawitz' Allen" during a Republican rally in Danville.

The term "Macacawitz" is an apparent reference to Allen's use of the word "macaca" and the recent discovery that he has Jewish heritage.

Weed spokesman Kurt Gleeson said the staffer "made a mistake in her language that was not sanctioned by the campaign." Weed is challenging Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr. (R-Va.) in the Southside district.

Dick Wadhams, Allen's campaign manager, said Ibis's e-mail "fits a pattern of anti-Semitic behavior" by Democrats. Wadhams said Allen's opponent, Democrat James Webb, should be held accountable for Ibis's e-mail because she also was one of his volunteer organizers.

Kristian Denny Todd, a Webb spokeswoman, said Wadhams sounds desperate.

"I've never heard her name," Todd said. "She is a Weed for Congress staffer, and they took care of it right away."


The truth?  I think the "Macacawitz" line is as funny as hell.  Great pun that bites deep and takes a chunk out of Allen for his use of the apparently offensive term "macaca" as well as his lame publicizing that there is Jewish ancestry on one side of his family.  But in today's supercharged PC environment, I'm not supposed to laugh at this or appreciate the politically effective humor.  Sorry, but I do. 

Allen is more than likely going to win his senate seat again.  But that big mouth has probably cost him any realistic shot at the presidency.  He's got a lot more to worry about than a campaign organizer's clever pun.

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