Tuesday, 03 October 2006

Only PAPER ballots../.. Guarantees fair elections.

Subject: Fwd: [e-USE] HCPB bill introduced in Congress!!!

What a surprise! Leave it to Kucinich.!

Note: forwarded message attached.


Subject: [e-USE] HCPB bill introduced in Congress!!!

Dennis Kucinich has just introduced a bill with 20 co-sponsors that
demands that all Federal elections be conducted ENTIRELY ON PAPER
This is exactly what we've been wanting!
The bill doesn't have a chance in this session, of course but it
will raise and focus the debate and it may build momentum.
His announcement brought tears to the eyes of more than one
veteran voting rights activist in the room at Cuyahoga Community College
today at the We Count conference.
Yeah, D-man!!

YeahRight In 2000 you were screaming about hanging chads and demanding machines. Now you're screaming about machines and want paper ballots. When do you stop screaming and realize you lost? (10/05/06)

Calling Mr. Foley

A conversation heard today.

Monica: I spoke to Mr. Bruce today and he told me that he has a pair of speedos that belong to MAF 54.

LucianneShthead: Oh, I don't handle Republican scandals call someone else.

Monica:  But who should I call?

LucianneShtHead:  Try David Drier, he is probably the next to come out. If he is not home speak to his asst.  He lives in David's apartment with him, same bed?? Get it?? And he only earns $150,000 a year as David's assistant.... Great job, Like Linda Tripp.

Monica: Hello, may I speak to Mr. Drier please, this is an old friend. 

The Asst:  I am sorry Mr. Drier is in the bathtub now, may I help you?

Monica:  No I will call back, just tell him Monica called.

The Asst:  Monica?  Why that dirty sob, are you that bimbo he has been telling me he doesn't see anymore for his nails.

Monica:  Goodbye

Monica: Hello is this Ann Coulter?

Ann:  YES!

Monica: Are you sure, you sound like a man?

Ann. Yes I am sure.

Monica:  I have a pair of speedos that MAF 54 wore when he was with my friend Bruce. They haven't been washed yet and I wanted to know if he wanted them back.

Ann:  Uh Uh Uh.... hold on for a moment

Ann:   Hello, Bill O.....I have got Monica on the phone and she has the DNA from MAF54. What do I do?

Bill O:   Tell her to wash them with a LOOFAH sponge.

Ann:   She won't she wants to call Keith Olbermann. She thinks he is cute.

Bill O:  Tell her that I will give her a good F....  and she can Bl.... me in the elevator and I will give her $10,000 not to call him.

Ann Ok wait a minute

Ann hello monica.....

Ann.  Oh no she hung up


Monica:  Hello Keith. First let me say I love you and your oddballs and your worst person of the day.  I have a pair of speedos that MKF54 wore with my friend.


Keith:  Stay where you are I am sending Tucker Carlson and Rita Cosby over right away.    bye now.




Wanted: DNA pants or shirts from Mr. Foley and his lovers.

It is our turn!  I had Foley pegged in 2000.  It is even in the book page 35.
Foley and one of his partners must have the equivalent of Monica's dress.
Bet it comes out (pun intended) before the week is over.   
Happy Bruce

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