Thursday, 21 September 2006

More Spain

Ken Berwitz

Whew!  Back from Spain (Tuesday) and off to Chicago (Wednesday).  Trust me, there is a discernible difference between the windy city and, say, Seville or Granada.  But they're both nice in their own ways.  If nothing else, Chicago has streets wide enough for two normal-sized people to walk down side by side.

Some final thoughts, in no particular order:

-Whatever you think of their political courage, the people of Spain are wonderful.  A joy to be with.  Friendly, courteous and patient with people (like us) who don't speak the native language.

-Seville is magnificent.  Steeped in culture and history.  Come to think of it, that also describes year old yogurt.  But I mean it in an entirely positive way.

-Granada has the Alhambra.  Need I say more?

-Marbella has beautiful sites, wonderful hotels, and lots and lots of topless women (Women who don't wear the tops of their bathing suits, that is. Topless women has a gruesome connotation, doesn't it?)

-My wife is the best packer in the world.  Happily, she shoos me away and does almost all of it by herself.  This serves two functions:  1) it gets the clothes packed beautifully and 2) it gives her a chance to complain that I don't help, even as she tells me not to. 

-Arleen also has this maddening habit of saying "I'm ready to go, I just have to_______".  If you're ready to go you DON'T just have to ________.  And the ________  is what makes us late rather than on time.  However, since my maddening habits are far more annyong then hers, she gets a free pass.

-The end of the trip was marred by the fact that someone apparently left an opened bottle of perfume, or bath oil, or some damn stinky liquid in their suitcases, which opened and poured over one of ours.  Fortunately, Continental Airlines is willing to have the suitcase in question cleaned at no cost to us.  So it goes........


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