Saturday, 16 September 2006

The President continues to lose his mind.

This President continues to act like a mental patient gone crazy.  Now he wants Congress to pass a law retroactively so that his illegal wiretapping will be legal.  He wants to forget the Geneva Convention and torture our own way.  Meanwhile, Colin Powell has finally come out of hiding and his firmly against the President and his idiotic ideas.  How much more can we take of this guy.  He is worse than Nixon at his worst.
He is now going against his own people and his own party. Only 50 till the mid term elections.   Please please Republicans.  Try to actually think before you cast your vote and Democrats all we need to do is show up and vote straight democratic. We must take back the house and the senate so that we can ask the tough questions.  Most people don't realize that we have ZERO power to even call a meeting until we have the majority back in the house.  The entire Administration must be held accountable for their actions. 
O and one more tidbit.  The Senate Foreign Intelligence committee released a report about three years ago regarding 9-11 and Kaleek Sheik Mohammed  was the key person who we captured and tortured. It was his words that led us to war against Iraq.  That is what torture really does to you. You tell them what they want to hear.  When the report came out 20 pages about the Saudi's were completely redacted. BLANK BLANK BLANK.  The President said it was for National Security purposes.  Now it turns out that this guy mentioned 6 Saudi Royal's who were part of 9-11 via money, arms and whatever was necessary for Bin Laden.
Of the 6 he reported.   One a Prince who was in charge of the aviation in the Royal Kingdom was killed in a plane crash, Another Prince was killed in a one car accident, and believe it or don't two disappeared, and one died of "thirst", the guy died of thirst!   All of that was redacted from the report. These are our allies and buddies of the Bush family. What a coincidence!

Tommy G It is a sad state of affairs when the Democrats' only hope is to focus on opposing tools and programs that have proven to keep Americans safe. The electronic surveillance program was very prominent in foiling the airline bombing plot in the UK just recently. Give me your plan for acheiving the same thing. Ooops, I forgot, you have no plan, just "Oppose Bush." Ken often says, and he's absolutely right...... The single, best, hope that the Democrats have is damage to and failure of the United States. Are you proud that this is what you must have to succeed as a party? (09/17/06)

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