Thursday, 14 September 2006



Spain So Far

Ken Berwitz

Four days into our trip to Spain and no one can say it hasnt been interesting......

We checked into the hotel in Madrid, went to lunch, and within ten minutes we watched a street thug grab a womans camera and make a run for it.  He didnt succeed, though.  A patron closer to the action than we were ran after him and managed to get it back.  I envy the heros physical capabilities (certainly his running speed) if not his common sense (he could have faced a gun or a knife).  No justice, though;  without any police in sight, the would-be camera snatcher sauntered off unpunished.  Ola, and welcome to Spain!!!

Barry e-mailed that I should "keep your purse in your underpants" here, but there wasnt enough room.  Ill leave it to you to figure out whether I was trying to stuff it in the front or back.  Instead Arleen, Moey and Ilene (yeah, the Moey and Ilene who are in the book) have been holding onto wallets, bags, etc. for dear life.  So far so good.

The rest of our time in Madrid, I have to admit, was very enjoyable.  We managed to see a great Picasso exhibit at the Prado, Guernica at the Queen Sophie museum (I know the Spanish version of Queen Sophie is more mellifluous but Im from Brooklyn), then off to Toledo for half a day (magificent) and finally to Seville.

Seville is full of culture and history.  Translation:  my wife is walking my "%$(@"&%$ legs off.  She seems to think this is beneficial to me.  My calves disagree and my ankles second the calves.  But ive always found it best not to argue with my wife on vacation.  Please note that I didnt say I dont do it, only that its best not to. 

The hotel TV here is abysmal.  In Madrid I got Fox and CNN from the USA, and that was great.  In Seville, however, the one English channel is CNN international, which is so relentlessly anti America and anti Israel that it could have been a joint venture by that deranged maggot ahmadinejad and his twin, bin laden. 

If that wasnt sickening enough, this afternoon they ran Larry Kings interview with jimmy carter.

Carter is the single most failed president of my lifetime (from Truman on).  12% inflation, 20% interest and his handling of the Iran hostage crisis made us the laughingstock of the world.  But that doesnt stop him from giving an idiotic, naive opinion about everything the USA is doing to protect itself and its culture from people who TELL us in so many words that they intend to violently eliminate both.

The media love jimmy carter because hes NICE and he builds houses for poor people and he hates Bush.  Me?  I wish he would slither back to Georgia, shell a few goobers, sit on the front porch of his Plains "mansion", enjoy the sunset, and just shut the hell up.

Ill try to blog once more from Spain.......

Until then hasta la aching calves.

Ken B

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