Thursday, 07 September 2006

My discussion with Rush Limbaugh

Ken Berwitz

Poor Barry.  A network is finally mentioning what everyone with a functioning cerebrum already knows - that the 9/11 attackers were recruited, trained, and placed here as sleeper cells during the Clinton administration.  And that none of the Clinton crew did a thing to fight terrorism throughout his two terms in office (unless you count scaring the hump off of a camel by bombing the empty tent it was standing next to).   

Rush and I don't agree on everything.  But when I was on his radio show Thursday, we agreed completely:  After 6 YEARS of amnesty for Clinton & Co., one network decides to mention their culpability and Democrats, collectively, are having an excrement hemmorhage over it.

I suppose I understand why they would be outraged. When you are used to every network acting as if it was a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC, bias eventually becomes a second-natured expectation.  And if one of them, one time, falls off the wagon and presents an alternative view?  Heresy of the first magnitude.  String 'em up from the nearest tree.

The most obnoxious whiner of the bunch, bar none, is sandy berger.  This man (if you can use the term) used his top-secret clearance to go into the national archives, steal original documents, destroy those documents, and then lie about the fact that he did it (video taping did him in).  If there were any justice, berger would be rotting in jail for the next ten years, instead of being given the same kind of free pass Clinton gave bin laden.

The Reign In Spain

Ken Berwitz

I hate this.  The blog is barely up and I'm going to be gone for a week and a half.  Heading for Spain, the home of those wonderful folks who answered an al qaeda attack that killed almost 200 Spaniards, by electing the government al qaeda preferred just a few days later.

I wonder if they actually think that appeasing the bin laden set is going to keep them safe.  Can they be that obtuse?  Well, at least I know I'll get good tapas, and the weather will be nice.

keith ohbrothermann

Ken Berwitz

My grandmother would have nailed this guy with two words, one Yiddish and one English.  A farbissoner puss.

Some people are so farbissoner (sour, negative, killjoyish) that they even look angry when they're trying to look happy.  And if a hall of fame is ever built for people like this, ohbrothermann will have his own wing.

Does he EVER do any material that is optimistic, positive or uplifting?  If so, it's news to me. 

Does he EVER present both sides of an issue?  If so, that's news to me too.

In the world of ohbrothermann, a centrist is someone who wants to impeach and jail Bush instead of hang him.

This man is to happiness what Michael Moore is to anorexia

Flipster I think Keith Olberman is one of the most honest, articluate newscasters on air. Period. Plus, he's pretty funny...something the two of you can certainly appreciate! (09/13/06)

Jack Fisk Keith Olberman is the ONLY as in ONLY ONE on television who tells it like it really is. He is the only newsperson who criticizes the administration. He does it with FACTS. He does it with FACTS against OReilly, Hannity and Limbaugh. He does the news every night by evaluating the lies of the administration and so this Ken guy who says he is a "right wing Republican" doesn't like him. I challenge Ken to note one single item that is not FACTUAL from Keith. And in case you haven't noticed there is not a single, not one news channel or news report that is not mostly negative. That is what the media dwells on. They only want to tell us about mistakes, errors, murders and things that are bad. Kidnappings, child murders, Jon Benet, The Crocodile guy, criticize Tom Cruise, Rosie ODonnell. etc. I don't know what news you watch that is positive and FACTUAL. It does not exist except on Keith Olberman's show. - (09/08/06)

Democrats & Republicans and SEX!

SEX! What a way to start our "political blog".
We asked Democrats and Republicans what is their favorite time of the day to have sex?
                                       Democrats          Republicans
No Favorite time                    32%                    25%
6am to 6pm                           17                      24
9pm to midnight                     37                      35
Rest of the day                       14                      16
Ken (R) says: "The biggest difference is that Democrats are more likely to have "anytime" sex than Republicans. This makes a lot of sense. If Bill Clinton taught us anything, it's that you can't schedule sex; you have to be ready for it when the opportunity arises. You never know when a pay-to-be-there moneybags arrives and expects a few personal moments for $50,000.
Barry (D) says: Sex anytime is true for Republicans because they have sex ONLY when required by the party leaders. Democrats are in fact more likely to have sex anytime as you can see (32% vs.25%). We have no favorite time. Republicans do have more sex between 6am and 6pm. This is probably true because so many of them don't leave the house until after 9pm to go to "party meetings" (wink, wink, hookers).
What do you think?

Ronald S. Schacht It is a good start - Looking forward to reading your book Ron (09/07/06)


Hey ABC!  How can you show a movie that uses the real names of people and is full of documented lies.   Do not show it!

Valerie I heard Ken with Limbaugh this afternoon. He had some really stupid reasoning for ABC to show the docudrama. Several hours have passed since he was with Rush and it is all over the networks and cable. 9-11 Commission members say the movie is "fraught with lies" and could make ABC and the writers liable for defamation. (09/07/06)

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